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  1. Naughty dogs like to run around everywhere, especially if the dog comes out of the suburbs and the countryside, it will fly in particular and make it very dirty. Although the dogs themselves will also lick the hair and clean it, it is not enough for the dog, and we still have to take a bath regularly. If you take a bath for the dog, you must pay attention to the water temperature.
    The temperature of the dog bathing for the dog is depending on the season. 36-37 degrees in spring, lower in summer, between 30-35 degrees. The temperature of bathing water in winter should be higher, but not too high, about 40 degrees. It should be noted that dogs who have not been vaccinated within 3 months cannot take a bath, and can only take a bath after vaccination. Then the dogs who are just taken home should not take a shower. Only after adapting to the environment can it be cleaned.
    How to wash the dogs, apply the shower gel to the back and start massage, from the back to the hip to the whole body forming foam. As for the choice of bath liquid, it has been said before that due to the different skin acidity, skin structure, and bathing composition, human shampoo or shower solution is not suitable for dog skin, so it is gentle and non -irritating. Special pet bath is the best choice.
    The thorough cleaning of the dog's head, ears, chin, around the anus, limbs, feet soles, etc., be careful not to flush the foam into the dog's eyes. The direction of rinse is from the dog's head, and gradually rinse backwards and extends to the limbs. Always ensure that any residual bath liquid on your dog is completely rinsed out without omissions. If the bubble of the bath liquid is left on the dog, it is easy to stimulate the skin and cause skin allergies. We know that the dog's skin structure is very fragile. Therefore, it is recommended to use conditioner each time. The acid -alkali balance is conducive to completely cleaning the residual bath liquid on the dog.
    It how long the dog takes a bath, it is best to clean it by itself. Licking hair and cleaning is an instinct. This is not enough for dogs, and you need to take a regular bath. If the weather is hot, you can wash it every 10-15 days. If the smell is strong, you can wash it once a week. Bathing for dogs should be carried out in the morning or noon, not when the air is humid or rainy. Immediately after washing, wipe it with a hair dryer or towel. Do not put the dog directly in the sun after bathing.

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