Where can I buy dogs in Guangxi? I ​​want to buy a pure Du Gao dog

2 thoughts on “Where can I buy dogs in Guangxi? I ​​want to buy a pure Du Gao dog”

  1. Hello friend. I am glad to answer questions for you.
    It Guangxi does not seem to have a wife’s professional Du Gao dog farm.
    Ib cultivated Dugao dogs for many years, professional and formal, and can be shipped in the country. Essence
    [[veteran, dog house. Essence ]
    I Gao Dog, also known as Argentine mastiff or Argentine Dogo, its Latin name Dogo means bullfighting dogs in Spanish, and is one of the excellent dogs cultivated in South America. In the 1920s, a Argentine Breeding, Dr. Antonio Risa Martinnz, in order to defend the manor defense, hunting fierce American lion, and the guard dogs and hounds of wild boars flooded in the Americas (Argentina is an agricultural country, wild boars and American lions often allow The Argentine people suffered losses and dangers, and Argentina did not produce American leopard). At first the cultivation of this fierce and impressive variety was for a group of hunting. Dr. Martinnz uses a Spanish dog, Spanish mastiff, Dan Dog [1], an ancient Bull Sircolochrus, a bull dog [2] and a punch lion dog [3]. Du Gao has very strong endurance, and its white is reflected by the hair instead of absorbing calories. Dog fighting activities are still popular in many parts of South America and around the world. Du Gao Dog is very attractive to the organizers and enthusiasts of dog fighting.

  2. Pure breed Du Gao should pay attention to distinguish between Du Gao and many deafness and blindness. Essence Hereditary is very serious. Essence
    It the purebred Dandan of the Dandan dog can follow

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