Do you know that there is a bear in the pet dog? Let me introduce it.

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  1. First correct the errors of the two LS:
    Prinks and ladies are the same dog species. It is said that it is Teddy Bear
    Bidie Bear and VIPs are two completely different dog species. Whether from the body structure or development history, it is not a big Karma

    R n alias: lady dog ​​
    shoulder height: divided into 4 types
    English name: poodle
    weight: Definite
    fci number: 172
    Function: function: function: Partner dog
    Life expectancy: 12-15 years
    For the standard, mini, toy-type poodle, the standards of various indicators are the same, except for the height. The shape, posture and state of Poodle are very active, off -the -board, and elegant actions. They have a good physical proportion and healthy movement, showing a confident attitude. After the traditional way of trimming and carefully sorting out, the poodle will show the innate and noble temperament.

    The historical poodle can also be called “rolling dog”, which is a very smart and like hunting dog species. This dog is one of the most loved varieties now. The exact origin of the historical poodle is unknown. There are four hundred years of history in Western Europe. This dog is versatile and can show a noble manner in any environment. In the field, the French poodle will retrieve the birds found in the water. In the circus, its striking appearance, loyal service, and positive personality make it have many dog ​​fans. Founder is divided into three types: standard type, mini type, and toy dog. The difference between them is that the size of the body is different. Wonderful nature, lively, excellent temperament, and easy to be approachable. It is a loyal dog species. In general, standard poodles are generally the healthiest puzzles of the standard poodles. The mini poodle body is between the standard dog and toy dog, the most popular in the 1950s. The toy poodle does not need to cut off the curly hair for the poodle. But to sort it regularly, don’t let it last too long.
    has a smart personality, lively, excellent temperament, and is very approachable. It is a loyal dog species. Very agile, smart and elegant dog, square structure, proportional proportion, strong and confident steps. It is necessary to trim and be careful in traditional ways to make him have a distinctive look and unique noble attitude. The poodle also retains its ability to be a hunting dog, and swimming is very good. Smart and easy to learn, it is popular in the occasions and circus that must be obeyed. This kind of dog is happy and docile. It is a good pet of the family and requires appropriate activities. If you have enough time to serve, he is also a good ornamental dog. Although he can also be trimmed into a lion -shaped, many people like to cut him into lambs (the head hair is as long as the hair).
    FCI standard overall appearance: A medium proportion, a dog with a coordinated body, has a unique rolling hair with curls or tied specials. The appearance is smart, vigilant, lively, and well -proportioned, giving people an elegant and noble impression.

    behavior/habits: known for loyalty, willing to learn and receive training, thus becoming a particularly flattering partner dog

    head: significant, straight line type, in a straight line, in a straight line. Proportion to the body. The length must be slightly larger than 2/5 of the height of Malon. Don’t be too heavy or too large, but not too fine. The edges and corners under the skin are clear.
    The head cover bone area:
    Ol skull: obvious shape; half of the width less than the head (the middle shaft forms a shaft angle of about 16 to 18 degrees). From the perspective, the entire skull is elliptical on the vertical direction, and the outline is slightly raised. The vertical axis has a slight dispersion.
    The arch of the eyes; appropriate, covered with long hair
    The front forehead wrinkles: the two eyes are wide, and the direction of the pillow bone is narrow, which is very obvious (the mini type will not be obvious) r
    Zhi: Like a medium -sized dog, it is almost obvious.

    The face:

    Nose: obvious and well -developed, perpendicular to the pillow; open nostrils. The color of black, white and gray poodle nose is black; the color of the brown poodle nose is brown; the color of the apricot poodle nose is brown in the entire dark brown range, or black. Accept, but avoid possible fading.

    This: The upper contour is a straight line; the length of the tone is about 9/10 of the skull length. The two branches of the lower jaw extended almost parallel. The lower Hubei instead of outlines the outline of the exit kiss on the edge of the upper lip.

    Lips: slight development, quite tight, medium thickness, the upper lip is located on the lower lip, not exceeding the lower lip. The lips of black, white and gray dogs are black; the lips of the apricot dog are the entire brown series, which may also be black. There is no best color and acceptable. The corners of the mouth must be obvious.

    N to teeth: normal position and strong teeth. When judging or breeding choices, the upper Hubei lacks first or second grinding teeth, and the lack of second or third grinding teeth in the lower Hubei will not be punished.

    The cheeks: not significant. The shape of the cheek bone outlines. The outline of the outer eye socket is clear but it is just a little bit. The chewing muscle and cheek anatomy base develops slightly; the cheekbones are slightly arched.

    The eyes: with eager expression, at the horizontal position of the stop, slightly tilted. The contour of the eyelid makes the eyes into almond -shaped. The eyes of black, white and gray poodles and apricot poodles are black or dark brown; the brown poodle may be dark amber color.

    Ear: Long, drooping along both sides of the cheeks, located on the extension line through the upper ends of the nose, flat, the back of the ears wider, the tip of the ears, and the long rolls are covered with a long roll. hair. The ears of the poodle have not reached the corner of the mouth and are not “excellent”.

    The neck: strong, slightly arched behind the neck, medium length, good proportion. Enough to make the head be high. No vertical meat. The neck intersects oval; the length is lower than the length of the head.

    The trunk: The overall torso of the poodle has a good proportion, and the length of the trunk is usually greater than the height of Malon’s shoulder.

    This shoulder dragon: Moderate developed

    Backs: short and harmonious backline. Neither arched nor collapsed. The height from the ground to Malon’s shoulder is almost the same as from the height from the ground to the hip.
    waist: solid, muscle developed
    hips; round but not tilt.
    The chest: drop to the elbow level, the width is equivalent to 2/3 of the depth (from the spine to the sternum). From the measurement of the chest length from the shoulder, at least 10 cm higher than the height of Malon’s shoulder.
    ribs: ribs oval, width of the back.
    The front chest: medium -sized dogs are normal size; the end of the sternum must be slightly prominent, located in a very high position, and lift it up with high high heads.
    The abdomen and ribs: Fold it but not excessive
    Tail: It is quite high at the waist level. Trimching at 1/3 of the body, or cutting the Rolling -Rolling Pork dog at half of the natural length of the tail. But the long and up tail is not lost. Core velvet Vaplet can retain the entire length of the tail. The tail tilted up during exercise.

    The front body: the front leg is very straight, parallel to each other, elegant, muscular, good bones. The height from the elbow to the ground is 5/9 of Malon’s shoulder to the ground height.
    shoulder: tilt, muscle developed. The scapula and the upper limb form a 90 ° ~ 110 ° angle.
    The length of the upper limbs corresponds to the length of the scapula.
    Plastic bone joint: continuous forelimb online.
    This: Strong, but not huge, the outline looks almost straight.
    The palm of the foot: quite small, thick, ovate. The toes are obviously arched, strong, compact, and tight, tightly on the hard thick foot pads. Black -gray two colors, black dog’s toenails are black, brown dog’s toenails are brown, and the toenails of white dogs may be the entire horny series of dark to black, which must be consistent with its hair color. White toenails are still lost. The color range of the toenails of the apricot dog is dark brown to black, without the best color, and the color is acceptable.
    The back of the back: From the back, the hind legs are straight, the legs are parallel to each other, the muscles are developed and very obvious. The flying joints have obvious angles. The angle of the waist section-femoral bone, the angle of the tibial-femoral bone, the angle of the tibial-cymbal bone must be very obvious, so as not to cause the hip tilt in the case of upright legs.
    The thigh: muscle developed, strong
    flying joints and flying festivals: vertical. The poodle should not have wolf claws when they are born.

    The gait/exercise: easy, brisk, never flow and extension.

    The skin: soft, not relaxed, and color. Black, brown, gray, and apricot poodle’s skin color should be consistent with their hair color, white, silver skin tone acceptable, but the skin color must not change the color of the hair. There are also light -colored skin spots on the white poodle, but it is limited to the inside. This phenomenon often occurs, but there are other parts of the body. Usually, the color is darker in the following parts: eyelids, noses, lips, tooth beds, upper palate, mucous membranes, navel, scrotum, and foot pads. The skin of black, white and gray dogs must be black; brown dogs are dark brown; apricot dogs must be darker as much as possible with the entire color range of dark brown to black. Fading.

    The hair
    • Rolling Mao Muchi: a large amount of delicate hair, wool -shaped and curly, elasticity can resist the pressure on the head. The hair must be thick, dense, uniform in length, and often sort out to form uniform curling. If the hair is touched, it should be returned to the required texture.
    • Core velvet Valing Dog: A lot of delicate hair, wool -shaped and curly, forming a unique length of fine light core furry hair. It should be at least 20 cm long. The longer the hair, the more popular. The core fluffy hair on both sides of the head can be tied to the ears with a ribbon, and the hair on the body is divided into both sides to avoid being unpredictable by the hair.

    The participation pruning criteria
    Lion -shaped pruning: Whether the poodles are curly or light -hearted fur, the hair should be trimmed up to the ribs.
    It pruning: mouth, above the lower eyelid, and below; cheeks, front legs, retain the wrist guards or bracelets and selected graphics on the hind legs. Essence
    Modern pruning: It can only be retained in accordance with the provided specifications:
    1.-should be trimmed:
    a) The lower leg of the front leg, from toenails to wolf claws, lower legs of the hind legs Trim to the equal high position. In addition to the toes, use machine trimming.
    b) The trimming of the head and tail is as mentioned earlier. The type of pruning is particularly allowed:
    • The thickness of the hair below Hubei is not more than one centimeter, and the line is parallel to the lower jaw. The goat -shaped mandibular hair is not tolerated.
     • Press the hair ball at the end of the tail (but this will slightly reduce the level of the hair)
    2. -Star the hair: In order to show the ripple (silk light) effect on the torso, the hair should be kept at least 1 cm long. Mao should grow correspondingly around the ribs and above the limbs.
    3. -In rules
    a) The helmet (top) on the head of the head should be reasonable. The back of the neck is down to the horse shoulders, and the front of the neck is continuously down from the upper chest of the front chest. To the area that has been trimmed on the feet. The hair on the upper part of the ear is 1/3 of the maximum ear, which can be cut or shaved with scissors in the direction of the hair. The lower part is left, the length of the hair increases from top to bottom, and the length of the end of the edge can be adjusted.

    b) In the limbs, the hair of the foot was shaved, and the “pants” had a clear transition. The length of the hair is continuously increased, and the shoulder and thighs are straight hair. The length is 4 ~ 7 cm. It is proportional to the size of the dog, but the phenomenon of soft and loose should be avoided. The “pants” on the back of the leg must be a typical angle of identifying the poodle.
    The fancy pruning that does not meet these standards is an elimination type. Regardless of what kind of appearance is dressed, it will never affect the grading during the display, and all dogs of the same level will be judged together.
    British pruning: The trimming of the back body refers to the lion -type trimming, such as bracelets and wrist guards. Head: Leave a headgear. Beard can be trimmed at will. It is allowed to be divided by the back of the back. The headdress is a random type.

    It color: curls or lamp heart velvet hair Vaporion’s hair should be: black, white, brown and apricot
    ● Brown: must be pure, equivalent?).
    ● Gray: Must be unified. The gray classification is neither black nor white.
    ● Apricot color: The uniform color must be neither close to the beige nor the cream color. Neither should be close to red or reddish brown nor the brown or derivative.

    • Large poodles: above 45 cm to 60 cm, and the deviation of the front and rear is 2 cm. Large VIPs must be the growing variety of medium -sized guest breeding, and maintain the same character.
    • Medium -sized poodle: 35 cm or more to 45 cm
    • Mini type Varina: 28 cm or more to 35 cm. Its overall appearance must be as narrowed in the medium -sized poodle, and maintains the same body ratio as the medium -sized VIP as much as possible, and it looks short.
    • Play -type VIPs: below 28 cm (the ideal height is 25 cm).
    This -type poodles maintain the same appearance and physical proportion as mini -type VIPs as a whole, which meets the content required by all standards. It can’t look short, and only the top of the pillow bone can not be very obvious.

    F defects: Back off with any point above should be regarded as defects. The severity of determining the defect should be proportional to its level.
    • The lack of stop or stop is not obvious.
    • The nose is small and the nostrils are not obvious, or the nose is too large. The nose is colorless or spots, and the nose is pink.
    • The mouth is too thin or too sharp, and the nose bridge.
    • The jaw protruding bite is lost, and it must be punished according to its severity. If the yellow teeth are arranged neatly due to warmth, it does not constitute a grid. The proportion of the severity of the teeth is not neat or the severity of the deletion of the tooth; Punishment; lack of 2 front molars (2 first front molars): maximum “excellent” qualifications; lack of 3 front molars (3 first front molars or 2 front molars and 1 molar (1st Molymoles or No. 2 molar) or lower Hubei lack a molar (2nd molar or 3rd molar). The ears are too short, too narrow or folded.
    • The hip tilt
    • The tail curls exceed the back, too thin or low. Straight.
    • Travel or explore during exercise
    • Inappropriate overall color, eyelids off color (glasses eye)
    • Mao around the eyes. R n • The color is not clear or uniform. There are some white hairs on the chest.
    • All dogs that are affected by shorts cannot be listed as “excellent” level. Apple head), the lack of pillow bone emerge, the stop is too obvious, the eyes are too prominent, the tone is too sharp, too short or the body rolls, the lower Hubei retraction, no lower Hubei.

    In elimination class:
    • Anesthesia or too shy
    • The head lacks expression

    • No tail
    • Sarmeles of wolf claws or wolf claws in hind limbs
    • Poor color (non -single color)
    • Height exceeds 63 cm
    • The poodles that are not trimmed in accordance with the standard requirements (as long as they look like this), whether or not they meet the requirements in reproduction .

    The dogs that are obviously abnormal in any body and behavior should be listed as lost

    ————————————————————– ———————————————-

    Full name: Rolling hair than male dogs
    shoulder high: not more than 30cm
    English name: Bichon from
    Weight: No more than 5kg
    fci Number: 215
    Function: partner dog
    Life expectancy: 14 years

    The rotary hair is a petite, strong white puff -type dog with a cheerful temperament. His temperament is rolled behind his feathers like his feathers The tail and curious eyes can be reflected. This variety does not have any heavy or incompetent places, so his gait has no reason to be uneven or incomplete. Local is defective and needs to be based on the departure Deduct the degree. The flaws of the structural structure of the rolling male dog are the same as other varieties, although these may not be described in detail in the standard of the breed.

    The historical produced in the Mediterranean region, may be the descendants of the Babit dog (also known as the Balubo dog) and water hunting dogs. The dog was originally known as the Barbinborn dog, and the later shrinks into a bear. Bargers have been divided into 4 categories: Malrabuko, Polonna Bien, Bear Havara dogs and Bienalov dogs. The dog first reproduced the Tene-Riffe of the Ghana Islands (), and then transferred from one continent to another with the Spanish sailor. In the 13th century, Italian sailors discovered that this kind of puppy took them to the European continent, thus becoming a pet of the noble class. France was introduced in Fermis I in 1515, and the dog was in its heyday between 1574-1589. In several elegant works of Spanish painters, they can see the lifelike style of Bichon dogs. At the end of the 18th century, it declined, and had to go to the streets with the artist’s wind meal. But in the 20th century, the Bear dog was flourishing and swept the world again. The dog was officially introduced to the United States in 1956, recognized in 1972, and made its debut at the Crufugz Dog Fair in London in 1980.
    MANA, Belgium
    The personality is cheerful, lively, smart, brave, pilot, rich in feelings, strong adaptability. It is loyal to the owner, but also has a strong personality. Mild and observing the rules, sensitive, naughty, and love. A pleasant attitude is the characteristic of this variety, and it is easy to be satisfied because of small things. Although it is small, curls are better than bear dogs, lively, lively, free -hobbies, and can bring endless fun to the owner. It needs to be trimmed by the soft rolling hair to show its beautiful black eyes and the circular characteristics of the body and head. When the posture is still, it looks like a white, furry toy; it is moving, it looks like the sprayed marshmallow. To maintain its best form, the curl -rolled bears need to be sorted out daily and regularly trimmed. Of course, this care also includes a regular bath and dry hair to make them fluffy. Rolling Biebelle has high requirements for the living environment, and often requires someone to accompany them. This requires special attention.
    FCI standard overall appearance: cheerful and interesting small dogs, lively gait, medium length of tone, long hair and fluffy hair, very like Mongolian goats. High head, dark eyes, lively and expressive expression.

    head: coordinate with the body.
    The skull:
    Ol skull: It feels flat, but the hair makes it look round. The skull kisses longer than the mouth.

    The face:
    Nose: round, black, spotted, smooth.
    : It must be thick and heavy, not long. The wrinkles between the eyelid arch are slightly visible.
    Lips: thin, relatively oblique but not as good as the Shuberch dog, drooping and only covering the lower lip, but not heavy and protruding; usually until the corners of the lips are black; Loose, you cannot expose the mucosa when the mouth is closed.
    This/jaw: The bite is normal, that is, the incisor of the mandibular jaw is posted on the back of the teeth in the upper jaw.
    : Ping, not very strong.
    Eye: black, as dark as the black eyelid, round shape, non -almond -shaped eye; not oblique; lively, not too big, no white. It is not as much as Gelifen dogs and Jingbao; eye sockets cannot be prominent. The eyeballs should not be highlighted too much.
    Ear: drooping, covered with slender curly long hair. When the dog pays attention to the concentration, it will get forward, but in this case, the forefront will touch the skull and the ears will not be too separated; the length of the ear cartilage cannot extend to the nose like a lion dog. Essence Ears are not as width and thin as lion dogs.

    The neck: the neck is long and high. The nearby skull is round and thin, gradually widening and naturally connected to the shoulder. The length is about one -third of the length of the body (for a male dog with a height of 27 cm, the ratio of the two is 11 cm to 33 cm), and the top of the scapula is close to the bottom of the neck at the bottom of the neck.

    The body:
    waist: wide and muscular developed, slightly arched.
    hips: slightly round.
    The chest: good development; sternum; the bow ribs are round and the end does not show the Tangye. The chest is deep in the horizontal direction.
    waist fossa: The abdomen naturally folds up, and the skin is tender and loose, making its appearance look very dexterous.
    tail: The position of the tail of the lion and dog is slightly lower than the back line. When lifting it normally, you will be bent happily and the same spine on the same line without curling. Can’t be cut short, cannot touch the back, but the drooping hair can touch the back.

    In front body: From the front of the front, the front leg is straight; the bone shape is beautiful.
    : The shoulder is oblique, not sudden, the appearance is equal to the length of the upper arm, which is about 10 cm.
    The upper arm: The distance from the body is not far away.
    The glue bone: look short and straight from the front; look a little oblique.

    The back body: pelvic bone width.
    legs: wide and muscular, naturally tilted.
    Flying festival: Compared with the lion dog, the angle of the flying festival is greater.
    : Strong and powerful. Toenails are best black, this is the ideal requirement, and it is rare.
    This: The color of the white below hair is best black, and the genitals are black, blue or beige.

    is hairy

    hair; slender, silk, and loose, like the quilt of Mongolian goats. It is not rope-shaped, 7-10 cm long.
    Cleaning: The feet and tone of the male dog should be cleaned.
    color: pure white.
    : The height of the horses should not exceed 30 cm, and the size of the size is a factor of winning.
    The defects: Any departure from the above points is deemed to be defective, and its defects are strictly proportional to its level.
    或 Lower or upper jaw slightly
     平, wavy, rope or too short
     skin tone extends to the hair and forms rust -colored spotted patterns.

    In elimination defects:
    • Pink nose
    • Pork color lips
    • Matta and upper and lower incisors cannot be exposed
    • Eye color talk r r r r r r r r r
    • Tail curls or distorted into spirals
    • Black spots on the hair

  2. Biens
    Rotten hair Big Bear is a petite, strong white puff -type dog with a cheerful temperament. His temperament is rolled from his feathers like his feathers. Can reflect.
    has no heavy or incompetent places, so the gait of Bear dogs has no reason to be uneven or uncomfortable.
    The ideal rolling biobu dogs described in the departure standard is defective, and the points need to be deducted according to the degree of departure. The structural defects of Rolling Bear Bargers do not need to be as needed as other varieties, although these may not be described in detail in the standard of the breed.

  3. German Bear Dog
    Introduction: According to relevant foreign information reports, a dog raising expert in Germany has been mating with Santa Bernab and Shepherd for many years to cultivate a rare new breed dog. It is very similar to the teddy bear with fluffy toys. The expert claimed that the dog he cultivated was actually a long -established German bear dog.
    The dog breeding expert Kaibak said that the number of dogs will not exceed 2,500 in the world. Their appearance looks similar to another rare shepherd, but it should belong to a separate variety. It is said that the German bear dogs were extinct two thousand years ago. By the 1980s, after the mating of the San Bernard and Shepherd in Kaibak, they gave birth to a group of puppies that seem to be new. Kaibak believes that these puppies should be the long -awaited German bear dog again. Because of the genes of the German bear dogs in Santa Bernab and Shepherd.
    It don’t look at the petite look of this group of bear dogs. When they grow up, they can reach 80 %, and the weight will be about 80 kilograms. This kind of dog is very precious. At present, the market price of a puppy can be sold to nearly 10,000 yuan.

    This dogs seem to be fierce and fierce. In fact, the dog has a smooth personality and is good and friendly. However, this dog may often hurt other dogs due to the strong fighting heart. The bull head stalk, which is only known as “Bincha”, made a record of driving 500 mice in 36 minutes and 26 seconds.
    History: In the 18th century, it was called ” Bull and Terrier’s fighting dog, later with British toy stalks and Wabit dog varieties, produced fierce, fast and agile dog breeds. In 1860, dog merchant James Hex added this dog to British hunting The variety of Damaicho dogs, Spanish Boeing Dada, after many varieties improved, the current white, flat face, strong, limbs are shorter than their ancestors. In 1920 , Have been added with other colors. In the 19th century, the white bull head stalk was well received among those who love bullfighting.
    Nature: Careful and considerate, although it is aggressive and take care of it. Fully activity can become a loyal family dog.
    Head: Long, strong, egg -shaped, slightly bent, high in the middle. Nasal mirrors are black, and the tip is down. Both ear intervals are narrow, upright.
    Eye: triangle, the corners of the eyes, the depression, the color is black or dark. : Short, muscle -developed, thick chest and wider.
    The hair: short and hard, smooth and shiny, hair color is: pure white, red, mustard, black and white and yellow brown, etc. Color and pork liver color are more popular.
    : Straight limbs, thick bones, parallel feet, strong thighs. Short, fine tail, low tail roots, and keep the tail balance.
    Height: about 35 ~ 45 cm

  4. Are you talking about a bear?
    I person thinks that its appearance is a bit between the ladies and VIPs. The whole body is white, but it looks better than them. It’s very comfortable when you lick you! Kawaiia!

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