What does the dog come to menstruation for the first time?

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  1. For the first time, the dog’s menstruation mainly shows that there are some expansion of the outer genitals. The vulva secretion has blood secretions, which will last for several days.
    In the growth and development of the female dogs to a certain period of time, began to express sexual behavior, with second sexual characteristics, reproductive organs and reproductive functions have reached mature, have the ability to reproduce, and began to appear normal estrus and ovulation. Sexual maturity.
    The first love period refers to the period when the female dogs begin to appear in estrus. At this time, although the female dogs have estrus, their reproductive organs are continuing to grow and develop. The estrus and estrus cycle are abnormal and incomplete, and the proportion of false estrus and interruption is high.
    The first love period is just a precursor of sexual maturity, and it can reach sexual maturity after a period of time. During the initial love period, the relevant physiological mechanism of the lower part of the mound, the anterior pituitary gland and the gonadotrans of the gonad, and the external factors also had an impact on the initial period through these organs.
    Generally speaking, the initial love period of large dog varieties is too late than small dogs; dogs living in high temperatures should be early; Essence
    The laws of the estrus period:
    1. The mating period of the female dog is usually 8-10 months after birth. There are also exceptions. For example, after two years of birth, the male wolf dogs are better to mate after a year and a half.
    2. After maturity, the mating period must appear during maturity. With their own fertility ability, the descendants are reproduced.
    3. When the female dog is close to the estrus, the special smell of the female dog’s estrus can cause excitement to complete the mating. There will be a regular cycle of estrus in the month or 6 months.
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  2. For bitches, the signs of the first estrus are usually accompanied by loss of appetite. As the estrus process continues, the dog’s vulva starts to edema and congestion, and a small amount of secretions may occur. Smooth.

    For male dogs, most of the male dogs are mostly stimulating estrus. When the first estrus is for the first time, the male dog will have obvious riding and mental state. There are obvious declines, and there will be a performance that I want to go out and play. When I walk outside, I will sprint up madly when I see the bitch, and sniff the vulva parts of the bitch, and then the riding behavior will appear.

    Once the dog is in estrus for the first time, it is reminded that the dog is sexually mature and has the ability to fertility. If the owner does not need to breed, he can bring the dog for sterilization as soon as possible.
    1. If the indoor environment of the indoor environment is not done well, puppy can easily be taken advantage of the external dirty organs because the body is weak at this time, so the dog owner should clean the indoor environment. You can use a vacuum cleaner to take away the dust on the floor first, and then use vinegar or disinfectant to disinfect the puppies, toys, clothing, etc. at the same time. Inner stay. 2. Supplementary nutritional water puppy will be more likely to lack water during menstruation. The dog owner can add its favorite honey to its drinking water to make it more like to drink water. You can also prepare some liquid food to supplement nutrition for puppies. You can feed goat milk powder, rice porridge, or feed the dog food to the puppy, which can also increase the appropriate amount of nutrition cream supplement. If the owner is free, he can use some pieces of strawberry watermelon to give the dog as a small dessert after meals. 3. Cleaning shame, timely, youth, youth mucus during menstruation during menstruation, etc. It is best to clean it in time to maintain local dryness. When cleaning, the dog owner should pay attention not to use cold water, and use appropriate warm water to clean the dog. After cleaning, you need to put on physiological pants in time, and the room is easier to maintain hygiene. You can also reduce the entanglement of male dogs when you go out. 4. Taking seriously, preventing the puppy from running up is very fond of being with the male dogs, but the first time the menstruation puppy is not suitable for breeding.

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