Which kind of hair color is better, is it easy to get rid of hair color? How about the bite period ...

Which kind of hair color is better, is it easy to get rid of hair color?

3 thoughts on “Which kind of hair color is better, is it easy to get rid of hair color? How about the bite period ...”

  1. Ango -Lu's pet mink is raised without trouble. It does not overeating. Generally, as long as the food is prepared, it will "plan to dine" by itself, and the breeding cost is much lower than the dog; The daily sleep time is 18 hours without biting furniture. When you go out to work, you can rest assured to let it sleep at home, and you can play with it happily when you come back.
    The method of raising Angoru pet marten is correct:
    . Ango Lu feeds appropriately: plant feed generally accounts for 20%-25%of the amount of food. Among them: Grain seeds must be crushed and steamed at high temperature, and then feed Angorulu vegetables to wash.
    . The weaning of Ango Luzi mink should be weaning at 40-45 days after the birth of Anguluzi marten. After breeding for 1 week, we will be raised alone to prevent food, bite, and infectious diseases.
    What do you need to pay attention to when breeding Ango Lu pet marten?
    . Ango Lu's pet marten likes to run with the owner eastward. However, it should be noted that pet mink should wear special slippery pet mink ropes and plain bands when outdoors, or place them in the play bar. At the same time, please pay attention to other pedestrians and animals. If you live in a dense area, you can consider using a pet mink to carry a backpack.
    . Angoru young marten like puppies and kittens. They like to play with teeth and explore the surrounding environment during the period when they change their teeth to practice independently to chew food. During this time, you must look at the behavior of the young marten with the right mentality. At the same time, these actions are not an aggressive phenomenon, but when it bites hard things, you should immediately educate to correct it. The way to correct is to light the nose of the marten and tell him that the behavior is wrong. Training and educating puppies and kittens can also be used on young marten. They have good learning ability. Under patient teachings, pet mink will be able to meet the owner's expectations.

    . If the food provided to Ango -Lu's pet mink is insufficient, it will also produce a bite behavior. Because they see the owner anxious to ask for food, and then bite the owner as a hint, they must supply dry feed and drinking water all day. The young marten must also provide an additional wet feed twice a day for licking.

    . The digestive system of Angulu's pet mink is very short. When raising pet mink, you should use pet marten feed. If pet minks eat other pet feeds such as dog food, cat food, etc., it will cause long -term nutritional disorders. Pet mink may get sick without eating special feed. Pet mink is a carnivore. It requires high -meat protein feed to promote the metabolism of its short digestive system. Be sure to choose feed for pet mink feed and suitable for all ages.

  2. Chinese long -haired panda/Itachi white/long hair flames are more powerful hair color

    The long hair marten personally thinks that it is the most special, let people know that it is pet instead of "mouse rats at a glance

    Marts will not get rid of hair but there will be a hairy season, but it will be much more than a year in two seasons a year in two seasons. What you want to consider is that their appreciation rather than bite. Bite is the temporary taste that is the taste of a lifetime that makes your whole family have their tastes that they can't wash away. This is why all the forums related to mink and post bar They are selling mink rather than discussing the cause of the marten

    The bite is more out of time, so it is recommended to buy the mink from 6 months to 1 year old. The two of my family are second -hand ones

  3. Coninet has the personality between cats and dogs, and is more biased towards dogs. They like to play with people very much, chasing the owner walking around in the room, curious about everything. They also have a high learning ability. When they make mistakes, they only need to play their noses gently, and at the same time tell them "no". After several times, they know that this is wrong. Understand.
    Buy Angru Mink and communicate with the marten friends

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