Long mouth small long hair dog, what is the scientific name of this dog?

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  1. Gree dog. The speed of more than 60 kilometers per hour, up to 70 kilometers, is the fastest -running dog in the world. It has an elegant temperament, a beautiful body structure, a keen on the police, and rich feelings.

  2. The most common one for long -haired small dogs is a butterfly dog. This kind of dog with a very limited body shape and height. Its origin is in France, because the ears are named after butterflies, and they are one of the oldest varieties in Europe. In particular, there are some butterfly dogs with ears stand upright, covering the upright ears, as if the butterflies dancing are dancing. The weak butterfly dog ​​that looks very weak is not only very easy to get close, but also very smart. The physique is actually quite strong. It is also a lively dog.

    It is a Pomeranian, which is a very common long hair small dog. One of the German fox dogs, the sharp mouth seems to be a fox. Their hairs are divided into thick bottom hair and thick batch of hairs. The fluffy ones seem to be the tail of the squirrel and are therefore called a squirrel dog. This kind of dogs also have many years of history, and there are relatively many colors. However, the most popular is the white Pomeranian, which looks like a white snow.

    Malzis dogs are also a small type of small dogs. It is also one of the oldest dog species in Europe. A long time ago, because of the luxurious and charming appearance, it was very popular among the nobles of the palace. The long hair makes them look like a demon angel, which is now another individual name for them. Malzis: around 1500
    Bomei: around 800
    Shi Shi (now it seems that it is basically not found): 1000 below
    Xusheti (very smart): 1000 to 1500
    Butterfly Dog, this can't be said, many are impure. It's not easy to find. I don't know now.
    The long hair murmur and long hair sausage are very cheap, hundreds of.
    It the best thing I think is Bomei and Xithi ~

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