What should I do if the dog is drunk and drinks white wine?

5 thoughts on “What should I do if the dog is drunk and drinks white wine?”

  1. What to do if the dog is drunk
    If the dog is drunk, you can take the following measures:
    1. Apply it with a wet towel on its forehead to keep the dog sober; It is best to lying on the side without supine to avoid vomiting;
    3, drink more water for dogs, eat more starch -rich foods, such as steamed buns, bread, etc. Try not to drink carbonic acid drinks Drinks will promote alcohol absorption;
    4. If the symptoms are more serious, they should be sent to a pet hospital for treatment immediately. Dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings. Alcohol will cause damage to it. Try not to let the dog drink.

  2. Was drunk? Dogs should not drink. But if you drink and drink too much, then you will not stand up. You can feed some vinegar. But dogs may not drink when they smell it. So you can add some dog food. Add a little sugar, what sweet things. This dog will eat. Then let it sleep for a while. It should be better

  3. What happened to me when I was drunk? Drinking liquor, what happened to me when I was drunk in this situation? Drinking liquor. In this case, you do n’t care about the dog, just do the shading work for it, and put it in a ventilated place, although he will wake up after his half day.

  4. If the landlord’s dog accidentally drink too much, then in this case, he can only let him sleep for a while. After sleeping for a while, he slowly wakes up and should be solved.

  5. Dogs and dogs are drunk and seek medical treatment in a timely manner. They can be checked under the guidance of professional doctors and use related drugs for treatment. If there is no condition to seek medical treatment in time, it can be improved by drinking a lot of water, accelerating the metabolism of alcohol, and promoting alcohol to excrete it with the urine. If the relevant symptoms of dogs have not been eased, it is recommended that the owner attract attention. Do not observe blindly. Do not feed the dogs with alcoholic foods and drinks every day.

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