What pet dog is best to raise, obedient and clean

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  1. The character of the Chinese pastoral dog Chinese pastoral dog is relatively docile and generally does not actively attack people.
    . They can support them very well. As long as they eat, they can survive, and they are also very humane. They are very popular households in the countryside.
    Basic profile
    The Chinese pastoral dogs are very similar to early wolves, Chinese wolves, and grassland wolves, short mouths and flat forehead. Chinese local dogs are mainly distributed south of the Great Wall and east of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau, and low -altitude areas centered on the central region.
    The wide existence in rural China and Southeast Asia, and now urbanization is also widely regarded as pet dogs. Chinese pastoral dogs are the products of China’s farming society for thousands of years. They are the activated stone of history and culture. They are called “Chinese dogs”.

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