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  1. How to raise Bomei
    Mo Mei how to raise Bomei. In real life, the type of dogs of Bomei are very smart. They are friendly to people, so many people will choose Bomei when they are raising pets. Then I will share with you how to raise Bumei.
    How to raise Bomei 1. Poor constitution. It is necessary to take regular vaccines
    If for the safety of Bomei puppies, it is necessary to regularly vaccine and deworming. Otherwise, the puppies are easy to get sick. In addition, puppies who have just injected after the vaccine should not go out.
    The deworming split inside and outside the body, usually once every month in vitro, once every March in the body. The method of deworming is feeding insect repellent and dripping. It is recommended to match probiotics when feeding. This is not so great to the gastrointestinal damage to Bomei.
    . It is easy to bark. You need to train
    Pome's personality sensitivity and fragile. If you are frightened, you will make a loud and sharp barking sound, which is easy to disturb the people. Training, exercise its guts.
    It often strokes and comforts it to enhance its sense of security. When it was called, he patted his mouth lightly and signaled it not to bark. Once it stopped, it should be rewarded in time.

    3. Bathing properly, frequently combed
    Bomei has long and fluffy hair. It looks very cute, but if you want to maintain it, the owner will have to worry about it. Combing hair every day can help promote blood circulation and have great benefits to the growth of hair.
    The number of attention should be paid when taking a bath. It cannot exceed 4 times a month, otherwise it is easy to produce skin diseases and use a shower gel dedicated to dogs. Bomei is very afraid of cold, pay attention to dryness and warmth.
    4. It is easy to fracture, proper calcium supplement
    Ome is very small, but they are very naughty. They usually like to bouncing, so the chance of injury will be relatively large, so you must avoid it usual. They jumped off from a height and performed violent exercise.
    It just bending daily, activities at home can meet their daily needs. Occasionally feed some calcium tablets or goat cheese, which can supplement calcium and strong bones.
    5. Do not eat too salty, it is easy to have tear marks
    . If Bomei eats too salty and greasy, tears will easily appear, leaving two ugly tear marks on the corner of the eyes, which affects the face value. Therefore, it is necessary to raise Bomei and eat light diet. If necessary, you can feed some duck meat and purple potatoes to help reduce fire.
    This Lord usually helps to cut the hair around Bomei's eyes, keep the eyes around the eyes, and massage the position between the eyes and the nose, which helps to clear the nasal tube.
    How to breed in Bomei 2 1. Regular life
    The regular life is not for dogs. Many people will say why I have a dog, and I still have to change my daily life and rest. I may have some large dogs. The shoveling officer needs to change the daily routine, because raising large dogs may have to take the dog out every day to excrete the size of the size. Wait.
    but raising these small dogs may not need to be required. You only need to specify the dog's life and rest, such as when the dog eats dog food every day, where to go to the toilet every day, etc. These are all training. Yes, especially during the period of dog puppies. Because if the dog is an adult, the dog's acceptance of these training will become more difficult to obey.

    . How to feed
    The feeding dogs is not simply feeding dog food. For dogs, dog food is indeed an important element, but in the follow -up of the dog Some nutritional supplements also need to pay attention to, such as in the process of dog feeding, especially dogs such as Bomei must not feed Bomei to eat salty foods or leftovers and leftovers, because too salty food and leftovers leftovers will be. Causes the dog's diet problems, and causes the dog to have tear marks, decreased hair quality, and so on.
    In daily life, dogs can eat less meals, but there must be no less water, because each bowl of water is very important for dogs. If the dog fails to drink water in the hot summer, it is very easy for some physical habits of the dog to get angry. After the dog gets angry, some physical fitness will decrease and the immunity will decrease.
    3. Dog cages
    This families in the choice of dog cages, many families will not choose dog cages, and many families will choose dog cages. Some families think that dogs are not convinced of discipline. You will buy a dog cage. Whenever the dog is disobedient, the dog will be closed into the dog cage to reprimand. In fact, the appearance of the dog cage is not to reprimand the dog, especially now that pet dogs do not need a dog cage, because if the shovel officer puts the dog cage at home, every time the dog makes a mistake, the dog scolds the dog. Go to the dog cage.
    It, it is easy to make the dog fear the cage, so that there will be some resistance to the dog's psychological problems, so if you prepare the dog cage in the home, try to let the dog adapt to the dog by themselves. Cage, don't take the dog to the dog cage every time you blame it, so that the dog will have a psychological shadow on the dog cage.
    4. Bathing care
    For small dogs such as Bomei, bathing is still more convenient, but after taking a shower, the next hair blowing is required. Time and energy. Because after all, not every shoveling officer has the energy to take a dog to take a shower with a dog. Occasionally, it is okay to wash it once.
    So in order to make the dog's hair soft, the shoveling officer must clear the hair of the dog's hair in daily life, because the dog's hair is tied, and the problem of dredging the dog's blood vessels will also be. There will be a significant decline. In addition, in the daily life of dogs, the shoveling officer touched the dog's hair.
    How to raise 3 Bomei how to raise
    , feed
    Pme dogs are more likely to have serious hair loss. Some owners will eat a lot of meat, liver and other foods for dogs, liver Or feed the dogs with leftovers and eat more meat. This is easy to cause dogs to picky food and partial eclipse, thus malnutrition and uneven nutrition, which causes hair loss. In addition, dogs have too many salt and large amounts of oil for a long time, which can easily cause endocrine disorders, which can cause hair loss.
    So the dog owners must pay attention to the diet of dogs. Can't feed more salt, large oil volume, many additives (ham, canned food, etc.), foods that people eat, eat more meat, etc., try to feed some low -salt, low -oil ingredients with natural dog food, and the best choice of some of them. With deep -sea fish oil components, it has certain benefits for hair. You can eat supplementary foods for Pomeranian, such as goat milk powder, fish, chicken breasts, porridge and other foods. But try not to eat snacks for Bomei dogs, so as not to eat well, but you can prepare some as a reward to eat it. For example, it performs better during training, or it is very obedient at home.
    . Nursing
    S. When Bomei is about 2 months old, it will start to change teeth. At this time, it grows permanent teeth. Whenever this time its milk teeth are particularly sharp, the owner can prepare a towel to wet with ice water and let it bite, or give it some toys that can be bite. And it is best to sort out hair for Bomei dogs every day, and regularly take a bath, repair, trim nails and anal gland for Bomei dogs.

    three. Sports
    P. Pomeranian is a small dog, so the required amount of exercise is small. As long as there is a small piece of place in daily life, it is enough, or you can take a walk for half an hour a day, so that it can meet its amount of exercise. Bomei dogs have slender limbs, so they should avoid jumping from high places to cause accidents such as fractures. You usually need to replenish the calcium to the dog, you can feed some calcium tablets or dog food with high calcium content.
    How to train Bomei
    First of all, the time of training Pomeranian should not be too long, but you need to adhere to training every day. Generally speaking, Pomeranian dogs can be trained 2-3 times a day. Each training time should be maintained at about 10-15 minutes, and the best training time is about 1 hour before the dog's diet.
    Secondly, training Pomeranian needs to slowly transition from simple to difficult, from behavioral habits training to strong skill training. For example, during a dog, you can train it to develop the habit of eating, sleeping, and excretion in a fixed place, training Bomei dogs, back and forth, and so on. Wait until the Bomei dog's bones are mature, and gradually transition to skills training such as running, jumping, standing, and flying.
    Third, during the training, the trainer needs to use a unified, clear and clear instruction, and once the instruction is formed, it cannot be changed at will. At each training, the trainer needs to clearly convey the instructions, and then Let Pomek do the right behavior.
    Finally, training Pomeranian dogs should make reasonable adjustments to the plan according to the actual situation. Throughout the training process, the trainer should do well in rewards and punishments, and timely rewards and punishments should be done in a timely manner. It is necessary to achieve fair rewards and punishments according to the actual characteristics of Pomeranian. It should be noted that during training, they cannot abuse Bomei randomly and beating Bomei. The trainer should also give Bomei sufficient trust and self -esteem, so that it can fully complete the entire training content.

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