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  1. If the dog is lost, you can find one more nearby, leaving the owner's items at the end where the dog is seen, so that the dog is also convenient to find a place.
    For the dog, the owner's items have its familiar smell, it may not necessarily smell the way home, but if you smell the owner's items, you may stay next to this item , Waiting for the master. The familiar smell will make it feel security and build a temporary rest station for it.
    The relatives and friends should go out according to different routes as soon as possible, calling for the missing dog. Where the dogs may go often, the dogs are more concentrated to find.

    This dog prevention method:
    . The way of the dog is familiar with home
    It when you take the dog out of the house, take the dog around your home around Let him remember the way home! In case he sneaked out to play, he could find the way home and returned home smoothly.
    . Indeed, do the training of recall
    Mustor must be taught to teach the dog to hear the owner's name of the dog's name, and immediately rush back to the habit of returning. When the crisis occurs, this is the most useful.
    . Let the dog's socialization
    If often let the dogs and other dogs meet at home, to know other dog friends, it will be greatly helpful to enhance the socialization of dogs. In this way, when you are taking your dog and your baby to go out, you will not get the dog out of control due to the stimulation of the external environment.

  2. You can go back to the lost place to find, go to the dogs that dogs like, open the dog's notice, use the heterosexual dogs to find, find experienced people to help find.
    In the dogs are lost, you need to find it as soon as possible, and then go to the dog's daily favorite place to find it, and find the name of the dog while looking for the dog. If you can't find it, you can post a dog's notice and let the people around you help discover it. If it is a period of estrus, you can also use heterosexual dogs to attract it.
    If attention
    6-8 hours is the golden time of looking for a dog. During this time, the dog's movement scope will not be too large, and the physical strength has not been exhausted. Usually dogs are constantly finding a way to find the way home. Even if it can't find it, it will be seen when panic. Therefore, in this period of golden time, find it positive and efficient, and the chance of finding is very high.

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