How to identify whether the puppy is a native dog or a pet

I bought a puppy and someone said it was a native dog

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  1. The soil dog has the following characteristics:
    This head: The head characteristics are closer to the appearance of its ancestor wolf, the tip of the mouth, the mouth is short, and the forehead is flat.
    This: High ears, small and upright or semi -upright, semi -upright ears are half -drooping in front of the head. (Unlike other dog breeds, the ears are large and the ears collapse on both sides of the head.)
    Tail: The tail is raised upwards, especially when walking, it will be raised high, mainly with money tail and sickle tail. (Obviously different from the tails that are more straight and drooping in Western dogs)
    The hind legs: When standing stand still, the hind legs are obviously straight and vertically on the ground, and the ankle joint is not obvious. (Especially compared with most Western dog breeds, the hind legs and ankles are obvious.)
    Mao: Main hair, thick hair, and easy to keep clean. The color is yellow, white, black, and mixed.
    body shape: the body is well -proportioned and compact; medium size, the body length to the shoulder height ratio is about 1: 1, plus the hind legs straight and almost perpendicular to the ground to make the entire body form a square.

  2. Others say soil dogs, you think, you like him, you can say that he is a senior dog, you don’t like that kind of soil dog, all dogs, can the soil dogs be a pet dog? As long as the training is good, it is still a senior dog, and it is glorious to go out.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe earthen dog’s forehead wolf is as low and flat, and the same tall and round forehead as many pet dogs shows a huge difference. The inner hair of the soil dog’s ears is like a wolf, which is not as dense like a mixed fight (a fierce dog like a bit). The shape of the ears of the soil dogs appears slightly half -moon -shaped like a wolf, and there are obvious curved curved surfaces on the outside of the ears. There will be no donkey ears that rush to the sky or big and weak bat ear. Note: This is not suitable for “cat ears” and other natural ears of ears (the cause of this ears does not understand. Japanese and South Korea’s native dogs do not have such ears, and Japanese and Korean earth dogs and Chinese native dogs There are no differences in other appearance characteristics). However, the ratio of such local dogs is very low.nAsk what is Labrador puppies like?nThe answer to whether the Labrador hunting dog mainly takes a look at four points: first point: the Labrador dog with purebred species on the shoulder, the shoulder height of the males in adulthood should be around 22.5-24.5 inches. About 21.5-23.5. And if the error exceeds 0.5 inches, it is lost. The second point: The body structure of the pure species of the body structure is still very special. The pure -collapse head is wide, the head lines are clear, the cheeks do not have a lot of flesh, the outlines below the eyes are clear, and the cheeks are not prominent. Nose mirror is wide and the nostrils are very developed. The teeth are strong and neat, cut -like bite. These are the physical structural characteristics that purebred Labrador dogs should have. Third point: To know whether the Labrador dog is pure species, you should pay attention to its fur. The normal hair color of the Labrador is black, yellow, and chocolate. If it is black, it is all black, of course, a small piece of white hair on his chest can be allowed. If it is yellow lalas, the color range is also allowed in red -brown to whipped cream. Fourth point: The movement of the Labrador Hounds of the feet stretched and relaxed. When observing a dog who came to himself, there was no sign of outward. More accurate, the elbows and legs are relatively neat and neat, but they are closer. Straighten forward, there is no pace or walking. A straight line formed on the leg, all parts move in the same plane.n1 morenBleak

  4. Since you buy it because you like it, don’t care about what others say, as long as you like it. You are good to it, it knows all. I also bought a puppy, and after raising it for a while, I saw that the variety was impure, but what is the relationship between this? I just hate dog dealers very much, but it is smart, healthy, and cute. Isn’t it enough? It brings many happiness to our family! We all love it!

  5. Turkish dogs are just soil dogs, ignorant of people. I used to pick up a puppy, and others called it as a grass dog. I said it was not, it was beautiful, I did not throw it. Later, when I grew up slowly, everyone said that my dogs were very beautiful and looked like girls, so if you like it, don’t care what dogs it is, and now the general dogs are hybrid, very much, very very good, very very good, very very good. It is difficult to say who has no herbal dog’s descent. I hope you love it well. The dog is very pitiful. It depends on others. If you think he is not good, he will inferiority, I wish you together 🙂

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