What is the dog in the world that is more powerful than the Tibetan mastiff?

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  1. The dogs in the world are more powerful than Tibetan mastiffs: the most fierce dog in the world-bitch.
    is also known as bullfighting dogs and American bullfighting stalks. It is a fierce dog breed breeding and breeding for dog fighting dogs. It is the most powerful dog in the world. Bit dogs are generally 46 ~ 56, weighing between 15 and 35kg, although they are not large. However, its head is slate, with strong jaws, strong muscles, strong bite force, long endurance, and amazing perseverance. 2 shepherds can be killed in 3 minutes.
    mart Bull Dogs also have a talent skills for fighting. Bit dogs are not afraid of pain when fighting. Bit dogs secrete the testicular hormone faster than other dogs during fighting. High -concentration testosteria hormone makes it not afraid of pain, so it can fight for a long time. This also makes it a god of war. And Bitter’s IQ is generally higher than other dog breeds, which is very suitable for training.
    The Bit dog originated in the 19th century. Bit dogs are mainly cultivated by the American Stuff dog and American bullfighting dogs. For more than 100 years, Bit dogs have been respected by love dogs from all over the world as excellent multifunctional partner dogs, dog fighting dogs, guard dogs, climbing dogs, heavy dogs, door dogs, competitive dogs, search tracking dogs and so on. The personality of absolute patience and longing for human beings is destined to become an excellent partner dog. The tenacious will and amazing endurance make him the best working dog again, a fighting dog with a competitive dog and a smelling color.

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