5 thoughts on “How to massage the dog comfortably?”

  1. Generally speaking, whether to touch the dog, whether it is familiar or unfamiliar with dogs, should start with the unsightly back and head of the dog, and slowly touch the fragile and sensitive parts, such as abdomen, ears, tails, toes, etc. The movement should be gentle and slow, so that the dog is completely relaxed. If you have not established a close trust relationship, do not stroke the dog where you don't want to touch you.

  2. Massage the dog's back. Back to the middle of the shoulder, then slowly massage along the back. The fingers are massaged on both sides of the spine. Some dogs don't like to be touched. If the dog retracts, take your hand and massage the next part. If it likes you touch your legs, you may wish to go further to see if it likes your massage. Continue to massage to the tail roots. Massage the dog's hind legs gently. If the dog likes you to lift its legs, you might as well massage your paws.

  3. Massage the dog's neck. Massage below the head with your fingertips. Press gently, don't be too hard, so as not to be uncomfortable. To treat puppies with small amplitude, treat big dogs with relatively large amplitude action. Don't press the dog's body too hard, so as not to shrink from pain. Remember, this is not a deep organization massage. You only want to massage your body gently, calm it, and build feelings with it.

  4. Choose to massage at the most peaceful moment of the day. Massage when you and dogs are easy and leisurely, such as completing work and using dinner. In this way, dogs are easier to relax under your touch. If the dog is excited for this or that, it is best to wait for it to calm down. Do not massage immediately after the dog is done, let it rest for about half an hour. If the dog is uncomfortable, don't press it. You can touch it gently, but it may not be suitable for acceptance.

  5. If your dog is older and is tortured by arthritis, massage can help it. Gently kneading around the affected parts to help relieve pain. Don't press too hard, don't directly massage the affected parts. You can also gently flex and stretch the dog's limbs to help reduce pain. Some dogs like you to do this, and some don't like it. If the dog retracts, stop the massage immediately. Forcing the dog not only has no help, but it feels more painful.

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