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  1. There are many dogs with long ears, big ears, such as Big dogs, Baggi dogs, US Coco, sausage dogs, and Malzis dogs. However, because the ears are relatively large and the ears are covered for a long time, it is more difficult to take care of it, and the ears are prone to inflammation and infection with ear mites. Therefore, it is recommended to clean up the ears regularly to prevent ear diseases. It is generally better to clean up once a week.
    1, Big dog
    general refers to the MiGlu hunting dog. The MiGlu Hunting Dog, also known as the "Big Dog", is one of the world's famous dog breeds and is a hunting dog in classification. It is a very ancient variety. Historically, the Big Big Dog was used to hunt and is one of the smallest hunting breeds.
    2, Baggi Dog
    This is a quite ancient variety, which is directly evolved from the blood dog. The real rumor of the Baggi Dog has appeared at the Paris Dog exhibition in 1863. It was popularized in 1883, spread the British, and was recognized by raising dog clubs. It was recognized by the American dog breeding club in 1964. Its face always maintains a sorrowful expression, but its actual personality is lively, cheerful, soft, obedient, obedient, understanding, loyal and cute.
    3, US Coco Dog
    AMERICAN Cocker Spaniel, also known as Carda, Chicken Bad, Chicken Dog, Card Long Mao, Hunter Hound. Native to the United States. Height: 36-38 cm of male dogs; 34-36 cm of female dogs. Weight: 10-13 kg. Black, brown, red, light yellow, silver, and black and white mixed colors.
    4, Malzis dog
    English name Maltese, also known as the Mala dog, or translated into "Ferren". Height is 20-22 cm and weighs 2-2 kg. It is the oldest dog breed in Europe. The British territory of the Mediterranean -Mala island, which is named.
    has a history of nearly 3,000 years. In ancient times, it was deeply favored by the ladies with its dignified and elegant gesture in ancient times. In handicrafts and art works along the Mediterranean coast, the lifelike artistic image of the Malzis dog is often seen.
    5, sausage dogs
    (dachshund) is a short -legged, long -body hound. Its name originated from Germany and originally intention "Digo". This variety has been developed into animals with sniffing, tracking, and killing crickets and other caves. Interestingly, although "Dachshund" is a German word, it is not commonly used in Germany. The Germans usually call it Dackel or Teckel.

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