What are the people who call pet dogs “son” and “daughter”?

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  1. Dogs are human loyal friends. We all know that the life of the dog is only a short ten years. It is almost a dog who has been with the owner for a lifetime. It is absolutely docile. As it is said, there may be many pet dogs in a person’s life, and the dog’s life is accompanied by the owner, bringing loneliness to the host and bringing joy.
    Is when the dog pays everything for the host, the relative we humans are also rewarding them, eating dog food, bathing, combing hair, buying toys, etc., which is completely comparable to a child’s treatment. In this process From the perspective of paying, it is equivalent. How much you pay, how much you will get, some may have a material aspect, but the harvest is spiritual. I only saw the material effort, and then sprayed a dog raised person. I think this is unreasonable.
    has done so many pavement, and then we will enter today’s theme. We can often hear a lot of dogs who call dogs as sons and daughters. So what kind of mentality is these people? There may be several reasons through the analysis of Xiao Li:
    1. The reason for interest, some people are in a good mood, when the interest comes, there may be some love names for dogs, such as babies, sons, daughters, etc. Wait, just like men and women get along, love each other’s secret titles, some owners are also described for such a title. This is a kind of pleasure that others may not be able to understand. Friends who raise dogs may understand.
    2. Mother love broke out. Many people do everything for dogs during the process of raising dogs. Yanran is like taking care of a child. In the process, the feeling of being a parent. The relationship between the time surpasses the master and servant, more like a relationship, and the dog is private to the owner. This is just a manifestation of love.
    3. Self -perception of seniority. In many cases, raising dogs starts from the dog when he was a child. It takes care of the dogs, shit, feeding and other processes. Raising it, so many people think that dogs are their own juniors, and the role played by their own process is more like a parent. These people call the dogs as children, just a generation of generations than dogs. Raising big dogs, I think it ’s very rare as buddies.
    4. Find a more intimate replacement. The only one of the pet dog as the owner is to distinguish others. Although there are names, it is to show that the owner and the dog are closer, so you will choose the name of children. Dedicated, it is definitely not the same as others. This can also be understood as a kind of possessiveness, just like the title between a woman girlfriend. The relationship is very good. In order to show close, it is rarely called. So this is understandable.
    The above is Xiao Li’s summary and insights. In life, we will meet many such people. Those who do not raise dogs may not understand that feeling, but please do not make a fuss if you encounter it. Choosing is just a simple title, so as not to excessively solve the meaning of it.
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  2. Haven’t you raised a dog, right?
    The soft and furry animals, the parents and sisters who left it, left its familiar environment, and came to you.
    . It is only as small as the slap, and it is not very stable to walk. It is very scared at a new home, but as long as you hug it, it will not hum and shake, it depends on you wholeheartedly.
    W you eat dog food every day, for fear of hungry and afraid of supporting. Teach where to go to the toilet, you worry about it, will you eat dirty things, will you hit a headache at the table, and you will go to work at work. When you are concerned, you can see a small thing as a toy as a cute little thing as soon as you go home and run towards you. Shaking your tail welcomes you, your eyes are full of you.
    You suddenly regret not to dinner today, you have friends, but this little thing is only you. You are late, and it still welcomes you warmly.
    In you worry about it to eat and drink Lazar, watch it lying on the sofa next to you asleep, the small belly is drumming, the first thing to wake up is to find you, watch it in the small bowl Eat in it, look up at your hand after eating the first thing.
    When you go out to play, it will be lazy and not walking, and you will be afraid of other puppies. Sitting on the ground and watching you look at you brightly. Essence
    It, you are getting familiar with it, it has grown up, and it is still at the feet of your feet. You look at its back, remembering that it is cute when it is big.
    What is the difference between this? You care about it like your parents, worrying about it, worrying about it. It loves you wholeheartedly to rely on you. It is a child except you can’t speak.

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