What is the correct way to teach cats and dogs?

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  1. Many people now like to raise some kittens and puppies at home as pets, which can not only bring fun to their lives, but also have a place to be safe.
    but there are many problems in the education process of kittens and puppies. After all, we are not the same category. There is no way to communicate on our faces, but we can also take the correct ways they can accept to teach cats and dogs.
    First of all, when cats and dogs make mistakes, they must teach them in a timely manner. On the scene where they make mistakes, tell them that these are wrong. Cats and dogs can understand what it means.
    Secondly, when it is not obedient, the owner can make a temper appropriately, with a harsh expression, and can pretend to raise his hand to punish cats and dogs, so that they will have a sense of fear, and naturally understand what they are. The behavior is wrong, and it may not be committed again in the future.
    This hosts are particularly distressed by their pets. They are reluctant to fight, reluctant to scold, and finally have no way to manage pets. They can only let them destroy things casually. In fact, this does not have any benefit to their pets. Still teach them appropriately so that they can make them better get along with humans.

  2. The most important thing for cats and dogs to train is to make it memories, that is, to do something reflected in memory conditions.
    In this process, some people may use the pain memory method, which means that the pets are memorized by fighting. For example, training dogs should not urinate at home, so one way is to say that the dog is pressed at the place where it shit and urine, so that it can understand that it is related to his shit and urine. Over time, it will form conditional reflex.
    It this process is like training babies. For example, when the baby does not control his consciousness when he was born, he cannot control his urination, but after training and teaching, the baby will gradually learn to control his urination.
    The is also artificially coordinated by the physiological habit of pets. For example, my dog ​​will take it downstairs at a fixed time every day. When shopping, it will solve the physiological problems in the grass by itself.
    but this method is actually not suitable for cats. Since my family only raises dogs, I know how to train cats. Listening to my cats who raised cats said that cats are a kind of creature that really revenge. You should not even talk to it loudly. Maybe you just spoke to it this morning. When you go home at night, you find that your bottle and cans are down.

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