What is the observation method of cat bite?

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  1. Ten days of observation method refers to the bite and injury of suspicious crazy objects (only dogs, cats, and ferrets) for ten days after bite and caught injury (in the epidemic area where rabies are popular (China needs to inject vaccines in a timely manner before Observation), if animals remain healthy during the ten -day observation period, or by reliable laboratory diagnosis technology to confirm that the animal does not carry rabies virus, the remaining vaccine can be stopped.
    The expansion data
    The judgment method
    1. Due to the incubation period of rabies, typical symptoms are rare, and it appears in other complications.
    2. This virus belongs to a dangerous virus that is dedicated to neurotic and rarely enters blood. It cannot pass the traditional PCR examination. Most of the hospitals do not have the ability to diagnose laboratory diagnosis. Only a few scientific research institutions can be checked.
    3. At present, the direct evidence of virus infection can only be found through the corpse test to find the direct staining mirror examination of the virus infection, such as containing the body.
    4, the ten -day observation method is also applicable to China.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia -10 -day observation method

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