There are black spots on the cat's nose?

In the past few days, my cat has several black spots on my nose. It turned out to be no. What is going on?

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  1. There may be the following reasons on the cat's nose:

    The first case may be that the cat is not cleaned in the place of the cat, because the nose is wet, and it is normal to stick something up. In this case, the specific removal step is: While he was quiet, grab a pinch of hair behind his head and neck with his hands, and raise his body. On the thighs, this is relatively easy. Parents prepare cotton signs in advance. With small ones, be careful not to pick a lot of cotton sighs around the cat's nostrils and inner walls. Cotton signs are stuffed into the nostrils, which will not only destroy the internal tissue of the nostrils, but also annoyed cats.

    The second case, if the cat's nose repeatedly appears black and dirty things, it may be that the cat has mild folliculitis. The proportion of oil and fat will ensure that it will not deepen the condition again. If it is a kitten for less than two months, you must pay attention to the air circulation in the room in summer, and keep it cool. Because the air does not circulate in summer, and the temperature is too high, it is easy to breed fungi. For kittens, the resistance is not so strong. If the room conditions are not good, it is difficult to heal. If it continues to develop, it will endanger the life of the kitten. Essence

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer the cat's nose suddenly. It is a mole. The scientific name is simply freckles -like mole. It is a benign pigment skin disease.nQuestnAnswer simply freckles -like moles will not affect cat health. They will not change badly. Except for the uncomfortable symptoms such as itching or pain may be reduced. Methods and prevention methods.nWill the question disappear?nAnswer hello, I won't disappearn3 morenBleak

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