How to determine whether the cat has rabies disease

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  1. The mortality rate of rabies virus is 100%. Whether cats have rabies, we can also make judgments from the status of the cat.

    1. If the cat is infected with rabies virus, there is no performance at the beginning of the period. There will be some special behavioral characteristics in the front -drive and symptoms.

    2. After the cat is infected with rabies virus, it will cause manic during the symptom period. It may be very different from the previous temperament. And aggressive.

    3, after the mania period, there will also be convulsions, dysfunction, unable to stand, and difficulty breathing. If this is the case, the cat's life will not last long.

    Although the cat itself does not bring rabies virus, the cat itself likes to walk around, and it may be infected with the virus outside. The owner can pay attention to observing whether the cat has rabies.

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