How to open a cat shop without experience?

2 thoughts on “How to open a cat shop without experience?”

  1. How to open a cat shop without experience? Follow the cat and take a look. Regardless of the number of pets in our country or people's consumption power, the prospect of opening cats is very good. Cat shops do community consumption, radiation will not be too wide. As long as the surrounding customers can take care of it, the cat shop makes money. It is a good choice to open a cat shop now. Let ’s take a look at how to open a cat shop:
    The is important for opening the cat shop site, supply, and customers. Many experienced people know that opening a cat shop can decorate, find the supply, and choose the site. However, most of the site selection does not have certain data based on the supply of market reflection and the sources of finding, and it is not competitive, and more customers cannot be obtained.
    The cat shop should pay attention to local laws and regulations and people's awareness of consumption of cat shops. Some services of the cat shop must be specialized. Be sure to keep the pet shop hygiene. You cannot let the road smell the taste of the nose from coming.
    The cat shop has two ways and ways. One is independent entrepreneurship, and the other is to join a pet brand. It is a great challenge for a novice with no newborn experience in the pet industry. How can it be invincible in the competitive pet industry, it is better to open a cat shop for novices or invest in a pet brand.
    ICS investors need to have a comprehensive understanding of the industry. We must combine the market's needs to reasonably plan open stores and take serious management and management, so as to create more benefits. Cats have home, cats!

  2. Opening a pet store, just like opening a supermarket and opening a store, you can open it, mainly depends on which one you want to open and how much investments.

    If you invest millions, it is a business super store. The supermarket store is mainly live sales. The most important point is that the supermarkets are drinking with people. The purpose is to be tired of visiting the mall. When you drink drinks in the store, watch cats by the way, etc., it is the most useful to drain.
    If you only plan to open a small community pet shop and invest from 100,000 to 500,000, it mainly depends on how large you are ready to open.
    The characteristics of pet shops in the community are very different from Shang Chao stores. Community stores are preferred to service. Essence Of course, the most important thing is living, after all, cats' profits are the greatest.

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