What is the difference between domestic cats and pet cats

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  1. Pure breed cats refer to pure pet cats. For generations, they have been raised and loved by human beings. Therefore, their temper is better than a group of domestic cats. The most obvious two points are that the paws will not stretch casually, and the cry will not be so loud. Meight sticky people, quiet and lazy, without losing naughty and cute, is an ideal home pet.

    The purebred cat body is reflected on the blood margin. There are strict restrictions on the breeding, and the established principles need to be complied with.

    This cats have learned to eat cat food from childhood, using cat litter, have good hygiene habits, relatively, poor environmental adaptability, and low immunity, so generally do not take the door.

    Thebbing cats generally have some internationally recognized varieties, such as British short -haired cats, American short -haired cats, Garfield, puppet cats, Siamese cats, and so on. And each variety has several types of hair color, such as gradual colors, red copper, blue, dual -color, cream, tabby color, and so on.

    Different types of purebred cats will have different characteristics on the fur. The same species often have the same color and shape characteristics in the same position.

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