How to match the transition period of cat food

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  1. How to match the transition period of cat food. First, choose the appropriate new cat food
    During the process of changing food for cats, the first thing to do is to choose a suitable cat food in advance. Cats are carnivorous animals. When choosing cat food, try to avoid cat food with high grain content. Try to choose no grain cat food, and the raw materials indicate clear products, and prepare new cat food to be replaced in advance.
    . Reserved an appropriate amount of old cat food
    In order to avoid the unsuitable situation of cats because of the gastrointestinal and intestines caused by the sudden change of food, try to provide a period of transition adaptation for cats. The time for cats to adapt slowly, while reserving enough old cat food and new cat food to change the grain according to a certain proportion.
    The transition period of three or 7 days is mixed according to the appropriate ratio
    In 1-2 days, 90%of old cat food 10%of new cat food can be mixed to feed cats; About 70%of old cat food about 30%of new cat food; on the seventh day, you can start with about 70%new cat food 30%old cat food mixed with old cat food; on the 10th day, you can completely feed cats new. Cat food.
    It changing cat food is best to use in a step -by -step method. The amount of new cat food is a little bit more daily than the previous day. Generally, the seven -day food change method can be used. The specific method is the first to 3 days. Mixing 75%of old grains with 25%of new grains to cats. On the 4th to 6th day, half of the new and old grains are mixed at a ratio of 1: 1, and then replaced with 100%new grains on the seventh day.

  2. What cat food is the cat in 2 months?

    It just feed qualified cat food.

    The Answer:

    0-1 February age cats are collectively called kittens. The kittens around 2 months are generally weaned.

    2-4 months old cats should choose cat milk cake. According to research, there is no digestive enzyme in the kitten saliva system at the age of 0- to April, and the digestive and immune systems have not yet matured. The kittens around February are facing weaning, and new tests will usher in after weaning. In order to make the kitten safer to spend the breasts at this stage, it is correct to choose a cat milk cake.

    It cat milk cakes are like children's food. The nutritional components contained are high and reasonable, which can better meet the nutritional needs of the kitten at this stage. At the same time, cat milk cakes are generally added to The probiotics and prone digestive proteins can better protect the lax cats with weak digestive systems; and, cat milk cake particles are small, they are not so hard, and they are highly efficient water and sex. It is more convenient and easier to chew.
    How to feed cat milk cakes?

    mad more cat milk cakes so that the kitten can be eaten at any time.

    The Answer:

    The cat milk cake for kittens must be fed regularly. Essence

    The supplement:

    1. As the kitten increases, the appetite will increase, and the amount of milk cake can be appropriately increased per month.

    2. At the age of January of the kittens, if the baby cat has insufficient milk or actively foraging, you can feed cat milk cakes in advance. But at this stage, it is recommended that the cat milk cake is soaked to the kittens. The kitten will be more convenient for chewing, and it is easier to digest and absorb.

    This cat milk cake method:

    a. Bubble with water.

    b. Use cats for cats with a special goat milk powder.

    This Reminder:

    The cat milk cake at the same time is applicable to a cat at the age of February (cats develop quickly, depending on the specific situation of cats to adjust); this method is also applicable In the sick cat (the sick cat's mental state, digestive function, chewing ability, and appetite will become weaker).
    4-1 December of February kitten can also feed cat milk cakes? Should I change kittens?

    . Cats eat cat milk cakes and have been eaten well, continue to feed cat milk cakes.

    . The cat has reached the stage of eating kitten food and changed the kitten food directly.

    The Answer:

    4-1 February of February kittens to feed kitten food, but do not change food directly!

    The cats are not like humans, and contact with a new food may cause gastrointestinal discomfort. It is recommended to slowly transition to kitten food on the basis of cat milk cakes, mixing cat milk cakes and kitten food. (For example: 80%of cat milk cakes in the first week of food changes, 20%of kitten cat food, 60%of cat milk cakes from the second week, 40%of kitten cat food, 45%of cat milk cakes in the third week of the third week %, Then 25%of cat milk cakes in the fourth week of cat milk cakes, 75%kitten food, 100%kitten food in the last fifth week). The length of time for changing food to the mix of cat food can be adjusted according to the situation of each kitten itself.

    It supplement:

    It hopes to make the kittens have more comprehensive nutrition. At this stage of April to December, you can also choose to feed kitten food cat milk cake, but the amount is only dosage To be appropriate, it is recommended to mix with the ratio of more cat milk cakes in the cat food (for example: 70%of the kitten grain 30%milk cake).

  3. Cats, like humans, are different from each growth stage. Therefore, cats of different ages should also be selected according to the corresponding age group. If you want to choose a dog food suitable for TA, shovel officers can look at my suggestions.

    In younger years
    1 weaning transition period
    The cat enters the weaning transition period from 3 weeks. At this time, you can feed cat food appropriately. Cat food chose kitten food or milk cake food, and feed it softly.

    2 The younger years after weaning
    The cats are generally weaned completely at 8 weeks. At this time, the staple food of TA can be completely replaced with kittens. What needs to be noticed by shoveling officials is that the cat has not feeded soft cat food since March, so as not to form double teeth.

    . What is the difference between kittens and adult cat food?
    (1) Kitten food, higher protein content

    In young cats are in a critical period of growth and development. At this time, TAs need more and richer nutrition. Ta feeding inappropriate main food will have a certain impact on the bones, body and intellectual development of TAs. The nutritional content of kitten food is relatively high, which can be described as tailor -made for kittens.

    (2) Kitten food, which is more likely to digest and absorb

    It is suitable for chewing, and it is more helpful to digest and absorb cats.

    The cats entered into adults when the cat was in December! The body development of adult cats has been basically completed. At this time, it is OK to feed TAs.

    In old age
    As the cat grows age, the TAs will also usher in the seniority. The cat will enter the seniority around 8 years old. The reduction of cats that enter the elderly is more likely to be obese, and the ingredients of the elderly cat food will reduce the calories and avoid the cat obesity. Therefore, the shovel officer should replace the exclusive elderly cat food for the cat at this time.

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