What should I do if the cat can't find it for three days?

I did n’t use scissors Dafa. I also used to find a sterilization male cat several times now?

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  1. 1. Find it near the first time. Because the cat is cautious and timid animals, when you find the cat in the home, do not rush downstairs to find in the community. The staircase and all channels, cats are likely to walk around the stairs, or hide in a corner of the stairs. When looking for the cat's name in the corridor, the cat is scared.
    2. Search nearby at night. If there are no cats in the residential building, you must consider that the cat has run outside, but the cats who have not been out of the door will not run far even if they run. Retrieve it near the community, even if the cat really becomes a stray cat, it is generally wandering near home. The cat's quority, so the best time to find a cat is at night, near the home, such as the trash can in the community, the green space grass, the bicycle shed, the garage, etc. Cat's name.
    3, use cat food bowls at the door of the house every day, put on cat food or other things it loves to eat, and must not interrupt, because this will make the lost cat attracted by the taste of the food. Sometimes If you can't find your home, you may find the way home when you smell it. If you find that the food in the bowl is gone, it proves that a cat has come, but it may be eaten by other stray cats. However, it is a good guidance for cats who are lost in the floor.
    4, the best way to find cats to find cats is to find cats. The theme must be clear that the four characters of "Cat Find" must be eye -catching. Be sure to put a large photo with a clear feature of a cat so that people can recognize it. It is best to describe the main characteristics of the cat in the revelation. In addition to the color, the cat's personality characteristics can be described. Finally, you must indicate your contact information, and sincerely please help everyone. If you have the conditions, it is best to add a little bonus to increase attractiveness. At the same time, we must say hello to the security guards in the community, especially at night security, because the security guard can better understand the movement in the community. If they find that cats must ask them to keep the cats and contact themselves as soon as possible.

    You can click on the following Abang cat to go to my column to see more detailed introduction. In the cat's breeding, there is a "How to find a cat who run away from home?" "

  2. Alarm or advertise to find.
    In when a cat was found in the home, you need to gather your eyes near your home at this time, such as corridor, nearby grass, basement, sewer, etc. If you are not found, the cat is not found at this time. At this time, cats are not found. The probability is to lose, but at this time we still have to maintain an optimistic attitude. Put some cats that cats love to eat at the door of our home and contact the surrounding neighbors. Will return home by yourself.
    Pet cats will return home here with their own memories, but most of the cats who have lost them can no longer go back to the original home. Unless the owner can find it smoothly, the owner is usually at home. To prevent it, such as locking doors and windows, pay attention to whether the cat comes out when you go out.

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