Has anyone used the little water -soluble puffed soil cat litter?

After using the meow little cat litter, can I really throw it directly in the toilet? Will it block the toilet?

5 thoughts on “Has anyone used the little water -soluble puffed soil cat litter?”

  1. Yes, in the toilet directly, the cat litter of the meow is much better than the other pussy cats I bought. There is almost no dust, and it can be dissolved by water and directly rinse the toilet. The garbage classification is saved. Black Technology 666

  2. It's super convenient to block the toilet. The cat litter used directly into the toilet! Compared to other pussy soil I used before, the meow is too small, and it will not be everywhere. It is also very good to deodorize.

  3. The little cat litter is pretty good ~ The water -solublein soil series, I also fell in love with the first use. Easy -to -save, use cat litter directly into the toilet! Depending on the test, there will be no toilet, and the water is dissolved.

  4. For two years shovel, I always mixed the pussy soil and tofu cat sand before, but it is really a bit troublesome ~

    I did not expect to give me the stunning of Meow Xiaoxia. Water -soluble, solve the problem of dusty dust in the soil, and integrate the advantages of powerful breath and fast clumps. It can also directly solve the toilet. The point is that I no longer need to manually mix cat litter. Do it directly ~ Ba Shi ~

  5. Coincidentally, I have just entered their cat litter. I took some dripsticks and tried it. The water dissolved quickly. I hope my master will like its new cat litter, hahahaha ~

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