What is the development prospect of plant tissue training?

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  1. The main listed companies in the plant extract industry: Borui (872404.NQ), Kanglong Bio (872213.NQ), Huacang Bio (870480.NQ), Yueda Bio (834891.NQ), Natural Valley (833760.NQ) , Oukang Pharmaceutical (833230.NQ), Red Star Pharmaceutical (832045.NQ), Kang Enbei (600572.SH), Chenguang Bio (300138.SZ), Rhein Bio (002166.SZ), Hyeraga Pharmaceutical (60026777 )
    Core data of this article: Chinese plant extract policies, import and export data, market share, market concentration and other data
    industry overview
    1, definition
    plant extracts are based The raw materials, according to the needs of the final product for extraction, through the separation of the physical chemistry extraction, the product is directed and the products formed by a certain or more effective ingredients in the integrated plants do not change their effective structure. Plant extract is an important part of biomedicine.
    2, analysis of the industry chain: The industry is affected by upstream raw materials
    Pylast extraction is generally based on agricultural labor -intensive agricultural products as raw materials. After high -tech processing, healthy food and medicinal raw materials are widely used. , Cosmetics, health products, food and beverages and other production areas, so the regional distribution of the entire industry chain in the industry is extremely wide.
    The analysis of the various links of the industrial chain. The upstream of plant extracts is mainly the field of plant raw material and plant extract production inspection equipment. Among them, the field of plant raw materials directly affects the development of the plant extract industry. In 90%, the development of the industry was very affected by the price of raw materials, and the industry had a low bargaining ability to negotiate upstream raw materials. When the raw material of the upstream plant fluctuated or the price fluctuated, the plant extract industry would be greatly affected. In contrast, the plant extract industry has relatively strong bargaining ability to discuss equipment. Because there are many plant extract equipment manufacturers, the industry's choice has a large choice, the range of choices can be widely selected, and the buyer's advantages are more obvious.
    Plants extract is an important raw material for the production of products in various industries in the downstream, such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverages and other industries. The impact of comes is small, and plant extracts have strong bargaining capabilities on downstream industries. At the same time, as the scope of plant extraction increases, its fields in the downstream application are also expanding, and the demand for plant extracts in the downstream will increase. In recent years, as people's attention to natural plant extraction has increased, the market demand of plant extracts may usher in a large increase, which will bring great benefits to the development of the industry.
    Pounding specific analysis of the industrial map of the plant extract industry, obtaining the production and processing of plant extracts and processing companies mainly include Chenguang creatures, Rhein creatures, etc. The representatives of the downstream applications include Guilin Sanjin, Baode Biology, Shuanghui Development, etc. enterprise.
    The industry development process: The industry is in the golden development period
    The plant extract in our country originates from the traditional Chinese herbal medicine industry, and the overall development time is relatively late. In the 1970s, some Chinese medicine plants began to use mechanical equipment to extract plant components, but only as a part of production, without forming an independent industry; with the rise of the international "return
    natural wave" and the rise of my country's foreign trade in China In the 1990s, my country's plant extract industry entered the starting period; by the 21st century, with more advanced plant extract technologies such as enzyme extraction, ultrasound extraction, supercritical extraction, membrane separation technology, microwave extraction and other technologies, Plant extraction efficiency has been greatly improved, and my country's plant extract industry has entered a period of gold.
    The industry policy background
    Plant extracts as raw materials for large health products, which are widely used in industries that are closely related to public nutrition and health health in health foods, and drugs. In recent years, for the purpose of improving national physical fitness, The state government has introduced a number of policies in the fields of health food, raw materials and other fields, and has also promoted the standardized development of the planting industry.
    The development status of the industry
    1. Those who affected by the new crown epidemic affected by the industry have decreased
    As of 2021, the number of Chinese plant extracts and the total number of enterprises in the industry is 10,144. From 2011 to 2019, it showed an increase year by year. Affected by the epidemic in 2020, the number of registered companies declined, only 1261, a year-on-year decrease of 37.63%.
    2. Analysis of foreign trade
    -The influence of the epidemic situation has fallen for the first time. According to Chinese customs data, the import volume of my country's plant extraction industry from 2010-2019 has always increased year by year, 2020 2020, 2020 The annual outbreak was greatly affected, and the total imports of plant extracts were 770 million US dollars, a year -on -year decrease of 9.31%.
    -The overall export is fluctuating the growth trend
    2010-2020. The export of the objective industry in my country in my country is moving. Among them, from 2010 to 2015, it was in a period of rapid development of industry export growth; after 2015, the growth rate of exports slowed down, but still maintained a growth momentum. In 2019, the export volume of my country's plant extract industry reached 2.372 billion US dollars, a year -on -year increase of 0.2%. In 2020, the total export of plant extracts in my country was 2.45 billion US dollars, an increase of 3.29%year -on -year.
    3. The enthusiasm for investment and financing in the industry is high
    it Orange data show that as of September 2021, the number of Chinese plant extraction industry investment and financing pens rose first, and the investment scale showed a fluctuation rise. The scale reached 1.507 billion yuan, reaching its peak in the past ten years.
    The industry competition pattern
    1. Regional competition landscape
    The as of 2021 my country's plant extraction registered enterprises are mainly distributed in Guangdong, Shaanxi and Hunan. 1412 and 1338. Followed by Shandong Province, the distribution is 522.
    Analysis of the distribution of representative enterprises in the industry. There are many listed companies in Shaanxi Province and Hunan Province. Relevant listed companies in Shaanxi Province include: Lan Xiao Technology, San Da Meilian and other plant extract technologies, natural valleys and Yueda creatures Plant extraction enterprises; Hunan Province has comprehensive pharmaceutical companies such as Kanglong Biological, Huayang Biological and other planting processing enterprises, Jiudian Pharmaceutical, Jiuzhitang, etc. based on its own drug business layout.
    2. Enterprise competition pattern
    This can be divided into four echelons in my country. ; The second echelon includes some new three board listed companies, such as Yueda Bio, etc., with a certain reputation and continuous expansion of scale; the third echelon includes green gold cocoa, Jiaowang shares, etc. Echelon enterprise.
    Due to the variety of products of plant extracts and wide application areas, leading companies in some segments, such as the world's largest pepper red essential producer Chenguang creature, most of the companies in the industry are based on their own vertical industrial chain layout, so even if it is even The strong market share of the company's competitiveness is also low. In addition, most of the industry is small and medium -sized enterprises, and the overall market concentration is extremely scattered. According to the calculation of revenue statistics, it is obtained by the company with the number one company in the market market share of China's planting business market in 2020, followed by Rhein Bio and Okang Pharmaceutical.
    In the analysis of market share analysis of the above industry, the market concentration of the Chinese plant extract industry from 2019-2020 has increased, and CR3 has increased from 6.58%to 8.16%. The competitive advantage of head companies has increased.
    The industry development prospects and trends forecast
    It because the industry is still in the stage of rapid development, leading enterprises with obvious advantages have not yet been completed. The future development trends are analyzed as follows:
    It data refer to the "Analysis Report on the Planning and Investment Strategic Planning Planning of the Chinese Plant Extraction Industry Extraction Industry Extraction Industry Extraction Industry".

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