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  1. Corporate WeChat has created a very convenient management and communication platform for the office of the enterprise. Many companies are using this software. So how to build a company's WeChat group for the management of each department. Come and see the corporate WeChat tutorial.
    Recently, the number of people in the company's WeChat group is adjusted. Each group can accommodate 2,000 corporate WeChat signals, so many companies want to know the details of the group, so how should corporate WeChat build a group?
    The first Step. Computer login corporate WeChat management background
    Step 2. Find the settings in the company's WeChat [My Enterprise] Step 3. Open the entire company's group, new employees will automatically join this group, Resignation employees automatically withdrawn from the group. You can also automatically create departmental groups to facilitate communication between departments.
    Step 4. Open the corporate WeChat on the mobile phone, click the [ ] number in the upper right corner
    Step 5. Select [Create Group Chat]
    Step 6 . Entering the company's WeChat communication list, choose to enter the group chat personnel.
    Step 7. After selecting, click OK to complete the creation of group chat.

    The company WeChat Jianqun is a very favorable tool for the company's product marketing. The above is the relevant content of the company's WeChat to build the group. However, after the corporate WeChat group has been built, can the managers always understand the situation in the group? At present, the company's WeChat has no function to understand the chat information records in the company's WeChat group. It is necessary to use the point mirror SCRM platform to achieve it.
    It, point mirror SCRM can realize the company's WeChat chat record information cloud storage
    one of the important features of the company's WeChat is communication. After the enterprise introduces the company's WeChat, the company's WeChat internal, corporate WeChat and personal WeChat All chat records and customer information can be storage and backup in the backstage of the spot SCRM. If the accountability is encountered, you can check and export and check anytime, anywhere.
    . The company can monitor the company's WeChat chat records
    Is we know that many company employees now use corporate WeChat to communicate in work. During the use process, there is no way for leaders or bosses to see employees who usually see employees usually usually Chat records, if the employees are negatively office and the behavior of malicious abuse of customers, it is impossible to understand the specific situation through corporate WeChat. The emergence of the point of view SCRM is to help the company solve these management problems. The viewing SCRM can monitor the company's WeChat employees and customers, between employees and employees, single chat, and group chat; Voice, pictures, videos, red envelopes and other information.
    It, the point mirror SCRM can preset sensitive words, sensitive behaviors
    company employee flying orders. The phenomenon of the company is a common management difficulty. There is no real mature software that can be solved. The only platform with chat record monitoring and storage functions in the market is the point of view SCRM. Use the point mirror SCRM platform to set sensitive keywords. Once employees violate the preset sensitive words and sensitive behaviors, the system will immediately notify the administrator to effectively prevent the administrator, which effectively eliminates to prevent the administrator. Flying single private order and other risks.

  2. Uh, corporate WeChat build groups, I think first of the establishment of groups can be built according to their different needs, such as some often issuing work notifications, which can be named work group. In addition For example, like entertainment groups or sector groups with small modules.
    In after the establishment, the group owner can set up corresponding group regulations. For example, some information does not require everyone to reply to it. For those who need to determine the number of people, they can take the dragon in the WeChat group to achieve it to realize the realization Essence

  3. OK. After launching the live broadcast, we choose to share the live broadcast, and we will see the three options in the figure below. Among them, sharing to WeChat, or generating live QR code options, we can share live broadcasts with non -corporate WeChat friends.

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    The characteristics of these two methods, after everyone understands, can choose and use it by themselves:

    If we want to share the live broadcast in the WeChat group we add Share to WeChat, share the live broadcast in a small program, and share it with non -friend group members. They only need to click on the small program to enter the live broadcast, fast and convenient;

    . If we want more channels to see our live broadcast, we can choose to live a live QR code and share the live broadcast on social platforms such as Weibo and QQ, so as to obtain a large number of audiences , Improve the popularity of the live broadcast room.

  4. Everyone knows that corporate WeChat is to make everyone more efficient work and communication, so corporate WeChat contains a lot of functions and can meet the basic needs of the enterprise. And how to build a group WeChat? Interested friends don't miss it.
    Software name:
    The company WeChat for Android v3.0.31 Android mobile version
    Software size:
    R n
    How to build group WeChat
    . First download the software company WeChat on the hand 100, click on the opening degree.

    . Then know the small plus number in the upper right corner to open more functions.

    . Select the creation of group chat in the list, click to open.

    . Then select the enterprise address book and click to enter.

    5. Then choose members who want to add to group chat.

    6. In the end, you can see that the group chat has been created into internal skills. After the successful creation, you can send information to communicate in the group chat.

    How how many people can be pulled by the WeChat group of companies
    The internal group chat number supports up to 2,000, and the number of groups has no upper limit.
    The number of members supports up to 10,000.
    In external groups (excluding WeChat contacts) The number of people supports up to 500
    In external groups (including WeChat contacts). If it is created by WeChat users, the upper limit of the number is 20.
    In external groups (including WeChat contacts), created by corporate WeChat users, the maximum number of people is 100.
    Note: After the enterprise certification, the super administrator can apply for the number of external groups containing WeChat to 100 in the "workbench J" customer group! Preschool education, junior high school education, higher education, education other, government temporary temporary government temporarily The number of external groups that do not support applications and default WeChat is 100.

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