Where do women get their bodily fluids from

Every woman struggles with her bodily fluids. It is a unique product of women and changes as the body changes. So, where do these sticky things come from and what do they do? What problems do women have facing it? Let sec doll tell you.

1. Where does body fluid come from?

Some are secreted by the cervical glands, some by the vaginal wall, and a few by the endometrial glands and the large glands on either side of the vaginal opening.

2. What exactly is bodily fluid?

Epithelial cells, sebaceous glands secretions from the labia minora, a large number of vaginalis (scientific name: Gram-positive Lactobacillus acidophilus), and a small number of white blood cells are shed from the vaginal mucosa. There are about 20 species of microbes. Here we have sakura sex doll.

3. Are body fluids sweet?

Correction Oh, sugar is not sweet, the correct statement is that the epithelial cells contain glycogen, which after the vaginobacterium is converted to lactic acid, makes the vaginal fluid acidic, keeping the ph between 3.8 and 4.5.

4. Are all the women wet?

Some women (especially estrogen women) cervical mucus secretion is particularly much, as long as the secretion is thin but elastic, the color is not yellowish green or gray, there is no obvious unpleasant smell, generally belongs to physiology, may be a little weak, you can try to see Chinese medicine, the use of spleen, wet, water traditional Chinese medicine physique regulation.

5. Can body fluids be eliminated?

No, because every woman needs it. The acidic environment in the vaginal cavity prevents foreign bacteria from being able to survive and reproduce. That's the self-cleansing effect of the vagina, the cocoon you hear in your ear, and you don't really understand it.

6. What if the man doesn't like it?

Ask him to read the article carefully. Why are men so boring? This is the most natural and normal physiological reaction, just as men have all sorts of strange physiological phenomena. I don't know how much bacteria he hid in that sentence! Just don't think it's healthy to be painless and itchy without obvious symptoms.

7. Are body fluids related to estrogen?

Yes. If there is more estrogen in the body, there will be more secretions. Increased vaginal discharge is a leucorrhea that most women dislike.

8. Is menstruation metaphase secretion increase ovulate?

Yes. Ovulation cervical endometrial gland cells secrete vigorous, secretions like thin transparent egg white, even can pull a few centimeters, elasticity is very good. This happens after ovulation is over. About 2 days before menstruation, pelvic congestion, vaginal secretion increase, sometimes slightly bloody, like remind you to prepare sanitary napkins.

10. What are the factors affecting body fluids?

There are so many reasons you can't imagine, such as birth control pills, antibiotics, allergies, illnesses, pregnancy, childbirth, menstrual products, lack of sleep, nutritional imbalances, mood swings and even stress!

11, pregnancy can promote body fluid secretion?

As pregnancy progresses, estrogen increases in the body, which stimulates the production of cervical and endometrial glands, especially during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Let me introduce you to the question of female bodily fluids. I believe that by reading this article, we must learn a lot about women's bodily fluids. Of course, there are many questions we haven't answered, so you can understand for yourself.

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