The current situation of Chinese workers in Australia

The current situation of Chinese workers in Australia

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  1. The phenomenon of exploiters is common.
    In surveyed by 4,322 holders in Australia in 107 countries and regions, it was found that 30 % of the workers' hourly salary was less than 12 A $ 12 (about 60 yuan). Half of the hourly salary.
    If of migrant workers engaged in farms such as fruit picking, 15%of the hourly salary is only $ 5 (about 25 yuan). In addition, service industries such as catering, gas stations and convenience stores also generally have exploiters.
    The survey found that in addition to the deduction salary, some employers also named the job in the name of retaining their jobs and required migrant workers to pay the deposit in advance or return some salary. There are also about 3%of the employers' passports of the migrant workers, causing them to make a dilemma when they choose to work.
    The expansion information
    M workers from Asian countries and regions are most commonly exploited. In contrast, migrant workers from English -speaking countries such as English and the United States are the highest paid. Although most international migrant workers know they are exploited, they can only accept it.
    Austing Australia has given Chinese citizenship and vacation visas since 2015, with 5,000 places per year. To this end, the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney compiled the "Work of Work Rights and Interests of Persons with Holidays and Resort Visitors" in 2016 to help migrant workers understand Australia's relevant laws and regulations, strengthen their awareness of security, improve self -prevention and self -relief capabilities capabilities Essence
    Reference information Source: China News Network-Report: Linking visa holders are generally exploited in Australia


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