Does anyone know how to book Mogan Mountain B

I heard that Mogan Mountain B

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  1. Mogan Mountain is a gathering place for Chinese homestays. If you want to experience the homestay, it is a very good choice to go to Mogan Mountain. The homestay is very dense, and the update is particularly fast. The environment is very superior. It is famous for the forest and bamboo sea, but the price of the homestay is generally about a thousand, and it feels a bit expensive ~ It is also convenient to book it. Breakfast booking "can be booked ~

  2. I know something. The accommodation environment in the other side belongs to the mountain residents. It is located in the mountains. The environment can be said to be pretty good. It is suitable for living and leisure. The air is not comparable to the city. Come to Mogan Mountain, but you must pay attention to safety in the rainy season. There are still mudslides. You can reserve wooden birds with wooden birds over there. You can book it at any time, but you must book in advance before travel.

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