From Xiao Bai to PGMP, technical engineer's test is advanced

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  1. As an entry -level certificate for project management, PMP has been widely recognized in the IT and financial fields. As a manufacturing technical development engineer, I have benefited well in the process of learning PM. From the perspective of ordinary trainees/research, I will review the exams and experiences, and I hope to help their peers in the manufacturing industry. In order to avoid advertising, I will hiding the name of the training class here.

    before PMP, often see ads posted PMP test training posted by the institution in Songshan Lake, because it is not engaged in IT and the financial industry. Just Baidu just put it behind. In 2019, I was fortunate to participate in the professional youth training program organized by the group. During the training, a colleague of Suzhou shared his experience of learning PMP as a technical developer and the growth of PMP, which prompted me to make up to participate in learning.

    This Books and non -borrowing can not be read. In order to be able to learn better, my wife and I participated in the on -site class in Guangzhou. During the training period, I drove straight to Zengcheng at 5 o'clock in the morning every weekend, and then took an hour to the Pearl River New Town to participate in the site to study. To be honest, the training class occupied the majority of IT industry, and only one of me engaged in manufacturing.

    The period of conventional training, gradually learned the basic knowledge of the five major process groups and the top ten knowledge areas of project management, and learned about plans, progress, risk, related party management, tools, methods, and so on. During this period, I happened to participate in the preparation of the company's production projects, and I began to consciously use the knowledge I learned to apply the corresponding work. During the project period, I often think about whether the work done at this stage Knowledge. As a standard, some methodology and major systems provided by PMBOK are complementary. For example Essence

    . Although I hidden the name of the institution, I still strongly recommend the students who prepare for PMP to participate in the on -site training of the structure. On the one hand, the on -site learning atmosphere is very good. The institutional teachers can lead students to learn WBS, Charter and other contents. The application is better than the exam. The actual training and learning are promoted. This is the part that cannot be replaced by online education. People also have a very good opportunity to communicate with each other and learn from each other. In addition, I think it is very important that the rhythm of on -site learning is far better than the rhythm of online courses. Personally, I think the style of the mentor will also affect learning.

    The words are returned to home. In the subsequent work, I gradually took over some of the lean management and ISO system work in the department. I can quickly start with this work.

    The knowledge of the knowledge system of the PM knowledge system is quite a lot on the network platform, here is not much to introduce the content of PMBOK.

    In after PMP was certified, I was convinced by the charm of the training teacher. After the epidemic in 2020, I returned to Guangdong from my hometown and immediately contacted Teacher Lu to ask for the training of PGMP. During the PGMP registration period, Teacher BOB personally modified Personal and Personal. During this period, he often received the email and WeChat answer from Teacher Bob in the early morning. The teacher would carefully modify the grammar tense. I just translate it with software.

    For the PGMP test, if there is project management experience, it has two sides for the test. There are more than a dozen people in my training courses, and most of them are from HSBC, KMPG, Essezzhe, Procter

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