What is the method of recruitment in nearby construction sites?

In March, Kangle Bridge ushered in the most crowded time of the year. No one comes for a daily salary of 700 yuan.

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  1. Portal 1: An acquaintance introduction

    This way to find a living is the most common way for migrant workers to find a living. Generally, who has a living in your hand, you need to use someone, and you will notify the acquaintances around you to go out. Try to work, and the work of finding this way is generally favored by workers. Knowing where the specific recruitment and the work price is higher. You can help me and I help you. Reliable. However, there are also disadvantages and there are certain restrictions. If acquaintances do not work with each other, then you can only wait for this way to find a living worker.

    The approach 2: Traditional labor market

    The talent labor market in each city is also a way to find a living channel, but for most migrant workers, it may not be able to pass this Finding the channels, the work of the general talent market is required by academic qualifications. There are fewer positions suitable for migrant workers. Over time, there are less migrant workers' friends, but some companies will release some in the talent labor market. The skill requirements, the editor of the work reminds the workers who have the skills to try to come here to find it, maybe there is a high salary job that is suitable for you.

    Travity 3: Recruitment platform

    In young people use recruitment platforms to find jobs, because most of them are highly educated talents, online job hunting It is common. Now for the construction site, the network recruitment platform of migrant workers is also very rich. For the characteristics of construction workers and migrant workers, it is like working sites. The design is simple and the operation is simple. It is effectively solved the problem of finding difficulties. The owners of the construction site will also publish recruitment information on the platform every day to perfectly connect workers and construction sites.

    Travity 4: Labor gathering place

    This labor gathering place is not as standardized as the talent market, management, but workers spontaneously issued spontaneously Gathering under some intersections or viaducts, and there are many jobs waiting for living workers, generally most of the scattered workers. This type of work looks very "easy" and very simple, but not earn money. I can only wait for the boss passive every day to wait for the boss to passively wait for the boss. Come to find a worker, go to do it if you have, and continue to be free if you do n’t have the right one. The construction site does not recommend that workers use this method.

    The approach

    The editor thinks that this is the most stupid way in the 5 ways, not as good as acquaintances to introduce you to you Instead, the workers need to go out to inquire where to recruit workers. Pitiful.

  2. 1. Internal recommendation

    In internal recommendation is a very effective way to recruit workers in the construction site, because the workers' cluster awareness is strong, and they are more secure when there are acquaintances. When joining the job, you can adapt to the environment and positions faster, and because of the relationship between acquaintances, your work will be more stable and the liquidity is relatively small.

    2, direct recruitment at the construction site
    When workers are urgently needed, direct recruitment is a good way. Generally, post -recruitment advertisements will be posted at the gate of the construction site or other people. Put a recruitment point and publish recruitment leaflets, so that job seekers can directly obtain recruitment information and avoid intermediate information errors.

    3, recruitment fairs

    each region of each city will basically hold a job fair from time to time, and the scale of different job fairs is also different. Due to the low level of cultural and technical level of workers The ability to collect information is relatively weak. If the recruitment fair has insufficient influence, workers will basically not collect relevant information by themselves.

    4, network recruitment
    The online recruitment is a more popular way. It is the most important job search channel for college graduates with a relatively high degree of academic qualifications, but for general workers, The network information is too huge, they may not be able to quickly and effectively obtain the recruitment information they want, and the information can be directly transmitted to the workers' hands after screening.
    5. Labor agency recruitment
    If labor agencies are one of the most effective means of recruitment at the current construction site, because the agency has a large amount of recruitment information and human resources, and can obtain the information of job seekers through different channels. The two are fused, the positions are allocated, and the process of workers find a job.

    The above five types are more common channels for the current construction site.

  3. 1. Workers' circle

    The worker circle is an Internet mobile application born for construction workers, and is committed to creating a "Kaitai" construction labor ecosystem. Software provides high -quality services to workers from many aspects such as the social socialization of the workers, the recruitment of workers, the attendance of the attendance, the attendance of the attendance, the attendance, and the public welfare assistance.

    2, Ji Gongjia

    Ji Gongjia is a one -stop mobile service platform for construction sites to recruit work, free records, go to construction, and help the construction help. Tens of millions of construction workers and workers provide a comprehensive mobile Internet service for living, construction sites, free work sites, free work sites, and nationwide workers.

    The main functions include nearby recruitment, overtime, finding workers, construction site attendance, time to record workers, records, and accounting, to meet the real work site of workers to find work management needs, and help construction workers to go Construction and construction help make the construction workers more efficient, smarter, and more convenient.

    3, fish bubble network platform

    fish bubble net is a one -stop service platform for the construction and decoration industry. By integrating the online and offline construction industry resources, personnel recruitment provides personnel recruitment , Bidding Purchase, Machinery Leasing, Building Materials Tools, Second -hand Transactions and other comprehensive solutions.

    4, remittance of artisans

    M remittance into a convenient service software, which contains a variety of types of work for users to pick up orders online, users You can pick up the orders you can complete online according to your needs and provide services in a timely manner.

    ARTE effectively established an employment system for horizontal development and vertical development, combining labor employment and remittances, and all users on the platform have been realized by real -name certification to ensure that every user’s user’s Reasonable work.

    5, Gaiya Workshop

    Suzhou Gaiya Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Gaiya Workshop) is a Chinese company that provides labor management cloud services. "For the vision, help the company's labor management digital transformation. rnrn从劳动力计划即业务预测与智能排班、劳动力供给包括灵活用工和业务外包,和劳动力使用即实时考勤与精益工时,到劳动力激励包括销售佣金与灵活发薪,并Based on machine learning and algorithm optimization, big data analysis, etc. through the entire closed loop.

  4. The nearby construction site recruitment workers, now they adopt some circle of friends, or post some recruitment information. Such recruitment methods are not only convenient, but also fast and high efficiency.
    Some institutions are entrusted intermediaries to recruit workers

  5. Generally speaking, the nearby construction site recruitment is generally a one -hundred and a hundred and hundreds of them. Generally, one person is called an acquaintance. Or the acquaintance introduced to work, this. There will be no recruitment.

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