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  1. Time is passing, never stop, grades have belonged to the past, and a new round of work is coming. At this moment, we need to start a work plan. Speaking of writing a work plan, I believe that many people are closer and inner collapse! The following is the personal growth work plan I carefully organized. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

    This start is half of success. In the new year, it is planned to plan the growth of the year of XX in combination with its own ability. It is also a planned growth.

    In the software industry, business is a lighthouse for creating products or projects. In order to ensure the development of products or project business modules, I always study the basic business of demand products. It is planned to study, nuclear, and collection of the marketing of the power industry in the XX year to study the marketing, nuclear, and collection of the power industry. Among them, the paid business has been basically grasped, and the goals that the project or product must be proficient in business must be proficient in business.

    During the learning process, learn more to the consulting service center (CF) or customer (Electricity Bureau). Actively participate in business training in the company, seize and seize the opportunity of customers to live face to face the customer's face -to -face business communication. After communicating, we actively discussed with colleagues to study and progress together.

    The plan to master the smart meter business under the XX year. Realize the marketing business of the power industry and understand production and other businesses. Learn for typical products of the industry (SG186) to refine dependent projects or tools.

    If the basic business of software products and projects is "meat", then the technical platform is to support the bones of the entire project or product. Only when the bones are strong and strong can they support the fat "meat". ("Meat" objective description is also our economic benefits).

    The new year combined with reality breakthroughs in professional skills to enhance your professional ability. To better create the following plans for creating the interests of the company:

    1. Planning to realize design and development work on the power marketing business system, ensure the interests of various operating units (CF), and evaluate market benefits.

    2. Refine the company's technical accumulation in the work and contribute to the technical platform of the precipitation company. The XX annual plan abstracts the GPRS communication protocol of POS products. In order to precipitate the technical resource library.

    3. Realize the use of FXWK technology platforms in the work. Familiar with technology platforms involves technology and mastered use.

    4. According to the discussion of norms in accordance with the department's decision -making, and actively use the promotion and implementation, followed by in -depth learning and use of technical points or face in the power industry.

    5. Planning to ensure product maintenance and research and development: "Comparison integrated platform", "MPOS system", "copying and collection system", etc.

    The growth. Progress requires steps. XX year is the step of growth and progress. Combining the status quo must improve personal ability, the most lack of it is management capabilities. In the new year, I will exercise and strengthen myself more, and plan to reach the integration management of the version, technology, business, and resources involving marketing projects or products. The specific implementation is as follows:

    1. Improve the management capabilities of the project organization, and master the skills of writing general technical data documents.

    3. Master the technology or business document of the foreign technology or business of customers or third parties (partners). Such as ("solution", "technical model", "UML timing map")

    4. Realizing team collaboration management and coordination of partners.

    5. Optimize work management model, implement the company's standardized construction, accumulate social and work experience, and achieve a sense of achievement in accumulating management experience in work. In XX, I should seize the opportunity and achieve my own value on the premise of the interests of the company.

    Finally, summarize the preliminary experience and lessons, look forward to XX, and strive to develop innovation. In the future work, I will be full of passion and treat each work pragmatic. Through more questions, see more, learn more, and practice more, I will constantly improve my professional technology and business capabilities. In the new year, strengthen the company's business knowledge and skills 20. In XX, I will start to improve the business of the system with a good year, and better achieve the company's dual -profit target for the company's service for "county -level power supply enterprises".

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