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  1. 1. Do not make your head on the partition of the shoe cabinet. Leave a little space to allow the ash of the shoes to leak to the bottom layer. When you set the position of the toilet floor drain, you must think about it first, and the size is good. The floor drain is best on the side of the brick. If it is located in the middle of the brick, no matter how tilted the bricks are tilted, the floor drain will not be the lowest point.

    2, the bathroom, the air -conditioned socket was not designed. In particular, the bathroom electric water heater should be inserted with a pair of switches. If you want to turn off the electric heating, the plug -in is dangerous

    3, the treatment method of the corner of the tile, in the final analysis, it is the level of the workers. If the level of mud water workers is good, and the tools of tiles are better, they should choose the practice of grinding 45 degrees without hesitation. From the perspective of effect, as long as it is grinded well, the corner of the 45 -degree corner is the most beautiful! If the level of the worker is really not good, then you still choose to use the corner of the yang, because the poorly grinding 45 -degree angle method is not as good as the effect of using the corner strip.

    4, the water pipe pressure test after draining the water pipe is also very important. During the test, everyone must be present, and the test time is at least 30 minutes. If the conditions are permitted, it is best one hour. 10 kg is pressed, and there is no reduction before testing.

    5. When plastic steel doors, be sure to calculate the size of the wall of the plastic steel door frame, knowing that the installation personnel will make the last door frame and the wall of the porcelain pieces flat. So hygienic.

    6, the packed sleeve of the woodworking and the tiles of the mud workers must also be cooperated. When the door is covered, consider whether the following ground (any side of the ground on both sides of the door) must be pasted or tiles or其他水泥砂浆找平的事情,因为门套如果在贴瓷片前钉好,一直包到地面,将来用水泥的时候,如果水泥和门套沾上了,就会导致门套木材吸水发霉r N
    7, under the mattress and the bedboard must be breathable. The fir board is generally the best

    8, and use paper tape as much as possible

    9, buy lamps: Generally, try to use glass, stainless steel, copper or wood (shelf) (shelf) (shelf) In general, do not buy any other coating, what paint, etc., are easy to fade.

    10, as much as possible with ceramic pots, hard to engage in glass pots

    11, hydropower transformation should be planned, and they are required to open Cao according to the straight line. Watching them draw the line by themselves, open Cao with all the drawing lines. Each item must be accepted by yourself.

    12, waterproof must be done well, you must try water!

    13. Many verbal protocols in construction have become the gap of being slaughtered at the checkout. Be sure to write a black paper.
    14, if the ground is installed on the floor, the ground should be re -cleaned again.

    15, the kitchen door, it is better to decorate the carpenters as a wooden suspension door.

    16, as much as possible in the living room as possible power plugs.

    17, the shower in the bathroom should still be partitions. It can't be used to save a shower curtain. It is actually inconvenient and the water is full.

    18, the material of the door and the door frame should be selected with fine wood grain materials.

    19. Before installing the cabinet, you must confirm whether your waterway is OK.

    20, kitchen and bathroom floor tiles must not pick white.

    21, the ceiling should pay special attention to smoothing the putty before you can apply Delology

    22, the number of lights in the living room should not be too much. Elephant lamp shop!

    23. Buy those things that need to be installed as much as possible to install the goods as much as possible. It is really not included in the installation. You must also insist on the installation before paying the complete model! Intersection

    24. During the decoration, the business card of the manufacturer merchant you have collected before will bring

    25 and aluminum gushing the protective film. It is best to remove before installation.

    26, the shoe cabinet is best used by shutters to prevent deodorization. A socket can be left by the shoe cabinet for baking shoes.

    27, the place where the vegetables are cut can be settled.

    28, convenient for the restaurant can also arrange air fans, so that when eating hot pot or making barbecue, it will not stain the ceiling of the house.

    29, it is best to arrange a tuner cabinet at the door, which can be placed on the shoe cabinet. Putting common things, such as umbrellas, bags, scissors, change, medicines often, etc. It is very convenient.

    31, the third day is mainly punching and continuing to stick porcelain pieces. The exhaust holes of the range hood and water heater should be used in advance. convenient. Therefore, you must choose a range hood, furnace and water heater before the decoration to determine the size of the punch.

    3. Considering that the custom cabinets are good -looking, they are not durable. After the opinions and experiences of some students on the Internet, the floor cabinet uses cement as a framework, two sides of the inside and outside, and marble on the countertop. The hanging cabinet and cabinet doors are made of wood. The cabinets made of this are strong and durable. And spend not much. Many neighbors said good at it, this was not me.

    33. After the door cover is done, the mud waterman starts to install plaster lines and the wall is approved by the wall. My wall was originally flat, and 2-3 can be approved. When batch of ash, it is approved once, then painted, then polished after brushing, and finally painted with ICI twice. The entire wall looks smooth and flat, which is really good. After the wall ceiling project was completed, the carpentry master began to make a wardrobe. The wardrobe is made of 18cm great brand large core board. The panel is pasted outside. Although it is not as good as the furniture shop, it is durable and the quality should be better than the buying. I'm not afraid of standing on the board of the cabinet. I am afraid it is not possible to buy it. The back panel is also thicker, and it is very thin.

    34, other students must pay attention to the following points when applying tiles:

    35, the length and height of a wall. If there are four walls in a bathroom, each wall must measure its length and height. Then deduct the area of ​​a window and door. Finally calculate the area of ​​the ground. After you measure the size, you can also get the shop selling tiles, and they will help you meet again. Just lose 5 percentage numbers.

    36, the top lights of the bedroom are best controlled, one next to the door, one beside the bed, lying on the bed in the winter, then get up to turn off the lights.

    37, the position of the socket must be counted, height, interval. Occasionally, I encountered steel bars in the position of the dark box, and then put the dark box and found that it was blocked by the TV cabinet, microwave oven, and desk. I had to move the position of the first two furniture. The appropriate stainless steel cabinet foot can only be customized.

    38, just install one at the corner of the aisle, that is, bright and effective.

    39, the table is not considered when installing the lights, and now the lights are not in the middle of the table.

    40. Do not use too much vegetarian tiles in the bathroom. One is easy to dirty, and the other is too bland to take a long time!

    61, storage room. TX has already said, but I did n’t make the cabinet door. It did n’t look beautiful, and the cabinet that put on clothes was easy to dirty.

    62, the starting rack of the bed (is it called so). I was a fabric bed bought by a professional bed company. I spent 350 yuan and added such a thing. At the end of the bed, there was a handle of the bed, and the bed board would turn up and expose the storage space below. It was great!

    63, unreasonable double -pole towel rack! At present, like a single shot, basically do not put towels on the inner rod

    64. I think the trash can in the cabinet is not practical enough, it is better to put it outside. There are no door panel -type trash bins and table trash bins. It will stink when opening the cabinet door in summer. It is better to put the trash can outside.

    65, the small cabinet next to the table is good, it can be placed some stuff, which is very convenient.

    66. In my opinion, the performance of the mop is not high in performance. It can be built out by itself, and the tiles or mosaics that are consistent with the surrounding environment are beautiful and saved.

    67, the bathroom can be nailed to hook to hang something.

    68, a small cabinet to put clothes in the bathroom, no longer have to worry about taking a clean clothes.

    69. The washing machine was seriously dry and unre practical. In addition to the only yellow mold sky in the year, it was crowded. Thick clothes and bath towels are still dried, making the sun disinfected how good. Occasionally overdrawn, you need to save money.
    70, I made a laundry pool in the laundry room for handwashing something. I originally thought it was less, so I bought a very cheap Terri faucet. Unexpectedly, this laundry pool was really convenient, and it became the most frequently used washing area in my home. What rags, socks, ground scarfs, all washed inside, and most of them were washing hands there.

    71, the lighting belt is really not practical, it has not been turned on after the decoration. Some guests come just to show the shooting lights. I have forgotten to install this stuff at all. It turned out to be romantic when I wanted to turn on the party, and now there are not many opportunities to turn on the lights.

    72, the biggest experience is that the simpler the decoration, the better, less pollution, less money, worry -free.

    73, practical Dongdong:
    ① The design of a reasonable storage room.
    ② Washing sink for dirt washed in the north balcony. Different from the washbasin and kitchen washing and dishes in the bathroom.
    ③ The faucet of the bathroom can be pulled out. (TX exceptions that have never been washed on the basin).
    ④ easy to clean floor and suitable cleaning tools.
    ⑤ The countertop worklight of the kitchen.

    74, you must measure your own hole distance if you buy a toilet. The level is good, depending on whether the minimum point is the floor drain. If you don't have to wait, you will have a lot of cells with the decoration team. Many cells die.

    76, the pearl stone of the Great Wall on the window sill is a 800x800 tile. The manufacturer cuts the edge and pastes the mud. The pattern looks good and also
    has no radiation.

    77, the shower room in the bathroom must be large enough, and transparent glass should be used, so that it will not look narrow in the inside.

    78, tiles should not be hook with white cement. It became a black seam without a month, and it was ugly. As a result, I bought the hook seams myself. The tired

    79, the artificial stone of the cabinet should have a back wooden board. As a result, I found that I did not cut the meat after the installation. It's almost two months since the replenishment (only once to polish).
    80, unbelievable designer's confusion. Of course, you can visit a few more decoration companies and extract really useful things from each design. The key is what you want to dress your home yourself.

    81. If the floor drain, the developer has installed the stinky "bowl", don't take it out.

    82, the bathroom ground porcelain sheet is pasted and test the water. If the flowing water is relatively slow, it will return immediately. The flowing water of my family was relatively slow. At that time, I was softened. Now I always have a stagnant water when I take a bath. It makes our main guards ’hundreds of silver shower heads idle. Now I am always thinking about how to remedy.

    83. When installing the basin, consider the relative position of the mirror, the frame of the brushing cup, and the towel rack.

    84. Consider the position of the front light when buying the mirror. If you do not want to install the front light of the mirror for the time being, the size of the mirror should be covered with the best line reserved for the front light of the mirror.

    85. Make a small cabinet on the balcony of the washing machine to make some debris, such as debris inside the washing powder. Beautiful and practical

    86, be sure to stare at the waterproof upstairs ... Otherwise, drop the water upstairs, make the hanging cabinet, the wall on the wall ....
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n87. Don't blindly follow the online group purchase. I later discovered that some of them will bargain than group purchase.

    88, the TV background wall must have a few more sockets, TV, DVD .... As soon as you put it up, you will find that the socket is not enough.

    89. Before changing the water road, consider the big sample of the washbasin installed in the future. For example, it is the left basin or the right pot. Otherwise, after changing it, I found that the washbasin in the phase cannot be installed!

    90. Regarding curtains, it is best for everyone to leave the size of the size and explain to the boss that the size cannot be less. If it is less, what's the matter. Or look at him by himself.

    91, the construction process of decoration:
    (1) enter the field, remove the wall, and build the wall.
    (2) In the bathroom, the kitchen floor is performed 24 hours a test (developer to complete this task).
    (3) The thread groove, hydropower transformation and acceptance.
    (4) The hidden hydropower reconstruction project of the buried wire groove was sealed.
    (5) The bathroom, the kitchen sticker wall magnetic movie.
    (6) Woodworking enters the field, hangs ceilings, plaster angle lines.
    (7) Pay door cover, window cover. Make a wooden cabinet frame.
    (8) Simultaneously make various wooden doors, shape doors and flat pressure.
    (9) Wooden panel brushing dust -proof paint (clear oil).
    (10) Find flat laying on the marble table of the window sill.
    (11) Paste the wooden decorative panel, the lines are made and installed finely.
    (12) The wall of the wall is treated, polished, and found.
    (13) The family is, the non -dry glue (protection edge) is pasted at the joint of the door.
    (14) The wall oil ICI is at least three times.
    (15) Family private paint enters the field, nails, paint.
    (16) Treat the corners, laying floor tiles, solid wood or composite wood flooring, waterproof marble bar, and skirting.
    (17) lamps, sanitary ware, handle, door lock installation and debugging.
    (18) Clean hygiene, replenish the floor tiles, and withdraw the field.
    (19) Preliminary acceptance of the decoration company.
    (20) The three -party appointment time is officially accepted and delivered to the owner.

    92, before the valve of the flue is installed, it must be cleaned to ensure that the valve chip can be switched freely and can be opened to the maximum, otherwise it will affect the smoke exhaust effect of the range hood. You can leave two non -loading when the ceiling is installed. After the range hood is installed and tried, the ceiling is installed.

    93. In the living room and restaurant, you can do it without doing it.

    94. If you want to take the air conditioner when you walk, you should move the power as much as possible, so as not to see a power cord when installing the air conditioner, leaving a hint of regret.

    95, measuring and recording the size of the houses in the house, you can cover the size of the building's units and then re -marked the lead. The final size will directly affect the decoration design and the purchase of furniture.

    96, small units with bad lines If choosing black walnuts is not at the atmosphere, at this time, you need to have a choice, or you can accommodate the actual or persistent ideas. Of course, it is best to take care of both

    97. Start looking for decoration staff. As far as personal experience is concerned, if it is not a particularly large apartment and intend to decorate it simply, it seems that looking for guerrillas is more cost -effective. It is best to introduce after others installed. You have also seen and identified them yourself. The feeling of the person in charge of the decoration is even more important. How is the sense of responsibility and appreciation? Almost mixed outside will do it, but the quality of quality depends on the sense of responsibility.

    98, main furniture such as sofas, wardrobes, dining tables and chairs, cabinets, etc. It is best to see more in advance. If you run around, you can find a few large home furnishing squares with good shopping environment. String around, the basic trend is seen, so what you have to do next is to slowly screen the right things according to the style you expected. Some people have a good grasp of the styles, and some people are grasped accurate for the color. It doesn't matter. Anyway, there is still time to consider. If you wait until the decoration is cleared, the steps that are waiting for the furniture will inevitably be reluctant to accept it instead of very much.

    99. It is best to write down the size for furniture that is already optimistic, and then go to the virtual future decoration in the room.

    100, the necessary documents when buying things must be preserved. Especially for some important items, shopping tickets, instructions, etc., because many things have a warranty period, and it will be more troublesome to lose the vouchers.

  2. For ordinary working families, buying a house is really a matter of labor and labor, and it was difficult to buy a favorite house. The decoration was another psychological beginning. Basic process of decoration.
    I. Preliminary design: According to the area of ​​the house you purchased, as well as apartment diagrams, the relevant data is measured, and then based on your preferences and styles, combined with actual data, design a set of decoration styles you like.

    . The main body construction: At this time, our home has officially entered the construction stage, which mainly include the wall of the wall, the wall of the wall, the shovel, the heating, the plastic -changing steel window, etc. Design unreasonable walls are transformed.

    . Hydropower construction: At this stage, it is very important during the entire decoration process. Because hydropower transformation is a hidden transformation, if the relevant work and quality are not done, then the later installation is installed in the later period. The trouble in the future will make you a headache to cry. Mainly the wiring of waterway and circuit, the position of the switch socket is determined. If there are arrangements involved in smart home, then you need to consider the ride at this time. The last is the necessary waterproof test.

    . Woodworking and tile workers: The carpenters are mainly responsible for procedures such as wooden doors, ceilings, gypsum lines, and can not affect the construction of hydropower. The tile workers are mainly paved with tiles, including the construction of door stones and window sills.
    . Paint: Painting is a job carried out after woodworking and tile workers. The wall paint, paint paint, etc. The basic order of the "Three Brothers" in the construction session is the basic order of the "three brothers" of the construction session -who is dirty first.
    : Kitchen and bathroom ceiling: After the main arrangement of the kitchen and bathroom is decorated, it is necessary to install the exhaust fan and ceiling light.
    Seven: Cabinet installation: After finishing the ceiling, you can install the cabinet. At the same time, you must install gas stoves and sinks.
    Eight, wooden doors and floors: After installing the cabinet, you can install the wooden door and floor. At the same time of installing the door, the unity, door locks, ground suction, etc.; Installation of flooring needs to pay attention to testing ground equality.
    The decoration according to your own strength.

  3. 1. After handing over the house, don't rush to decorate, find more decoration companies or friends who are designing, give some design suggestions, produce some design renderings, and comprehensively improve and determine your most ideal decoration style. At the same time, for the design of decoration styles, housing patterns, furniture layout, etc., refer to the owners of the same units in the same community, do not rush to start, wait for others to do it, see which design is desirable, and then learn from.
    Plash on the decoration style and layout, starting to visit the home market (yes, home rather than building materials). For example, if you want to decorate the European style, go to the store in European -style home to talk, and listen to the suggestions and opinions of the shopping guides. For example, we first looked at the white simple European style. Later, we went shopping more, looked more, and listened to more people. Then I knew that the white European -style furniture was frivolous, not long, too stingy, and less European -style. The stable temperament, so the authentic European style does not make white or light tone, but does a dark tone, especially high -end villas and hotel decoration.
    Is to the decoration style. For example, the Chinese classical hollow carving craftsmanship, the stable and mature Chinese style, the European -style large carved shape, the modern simplicity, clean and tidy, post -modern business models, etc. Later , New Classics, Europe and America's pastoral, western United States, Nordic Simplicity, Korean Jane Europe and other styles. We like it is the style of neo -classical. The style segmentation is different and the difference is very different. Each person has different aesthetics.
    and other styles, color tones, and patterns are basically shaped, and it can be officially started at this time. The water and electricity and design parts can be included to the decoration company. Although the price is high, the work standards are good, the quality is better, and the water and electricity considerations are relatively complete. You can also include all the basic parts to the decoration company, but the main materials must be bought by themselves, which is also known as to save money and ensure quality.
    The basic process of the foundation is about this: change the water and electricity-change the pattern to smash walls, expand balcony, etc.-carpentry ceilings-tile work bathroom waterproof, floor drain-paste brick Later, it is conducive to protecting the ground)-Gypsum line-the wall of the oil worker is flat, scraped the putty, the wall engineering (latex paint/silicon bath mud/wallpaper)
    moded the hydropower, the woodworking ceiling can be wrapped to the decoration company, even the design Bring workers. The place where the tiles are selling floor tiles will be introduced or equipped with special projects to find suitable workers themselves. Buying bricks is better and more optional. The best Beijing line is selected. Oil workers can find brand outsourcing. For example, there are manufacturers' construction teams in Libang paint. There are after -sales and warranty, full -process services, and quite standardized construction. In addition, the popular and environmental protection and construction specifications of silicon baths are now high. If you like it, it is a good choice.
    In how to decorate the newly purchased rough house
    Plords to start the main material after the foundation is completed. Paper, tiles-window sill-wall flat, scrape the putty-plaster line-latex paint/silicon bath mud/wallpaper-switch panel-water heater-bathroom, kitchen ceiling-cabinet, oil smoke, smoke smoke, smoke smoke, smoke smoke, smoke smoke, smoke smoke Synchronous-cabinet counter-wooden floor-door, skirting lines-diatom mud, wallpaper-TV background wall-full-house lamps-entering furniture, wardrobe, bookcase, entrance cabinet-curtain-curtains- Home Decoration
    The choice of wall materials: At present, the selected wall materials in the home improvement are mainly latex paint, wallpaper and silicon bath mud. The three can be said to have their own advantages and disadvantages. The latex paint is easy to take care of. The wall of the latex paint is like paint. Where can I get dirty, just wipe it with a semi -dry cloth, but it has poor environmental protection. Even the best tasteless paint is used. Something taste. At the same time, if the latex paint is repaired afterwards, especially the paint with color, the color is very obvious, that is, the same batch of tune paint, and the color is different a few days later. Therefore, the wall made of latex paint cannot be repaired, and it will be spent as soon as it is repaired. Silicon bathing mud, environmentally friendly tasteless, claims to be adsorbed and decomposed, but it is not easy to take care of it. At the same time, there is also a problem of color difference in silicon bath mud. A batch of colors are different from a batch, and the cloth repair will also spend. Wallpapers are better to take care of, and there is no problem of cultivation of flowers, but the environmental protection is also poor. At the same time, the standard of paper avoidance is 1.2 wide, and there will be obvious gaps in poor stickers. Therefore, there is no perfect material at present, but compared with, silicon bath mud and wallpaper are better, and latex paint is not ideal.
    If the floor is used with a wooden floor and a silicon bath on the wall, you should make a silicon bath mud before the wooden floor, otherwise the silicon bath mud will be corroded to the wooden floor. But first and then, the ground can be protected first.

  4. Your house is 150 square meters, usually a three -bedroom, two halls, and two guards.
    First of all, you have to install it according to your economic situation. If you have about 100,000, you will set the decoration budget at about 80,000, because you will definitely have a certain amount when you buy something, so you need to Leave more rooms.
    .你得确定你要装成什么风格的,比如说欧式,中式,现代简约等等(网上有好多图片,你可以看一下)相对来说,欧式的花费要高于其它的,中式次之,现代Style is the most provincial line.
    . After determining the style, don't rush to decorate. You must first look at the furniture. There must be at least two double beds in the three -bedroom house (you can have another single bed) a set of sofas, a TV cabinet, a dining table, a coffee table, a wardrobe, these these, these these A total of about 12,000 (this is the most conservative estimate).
    three. After selecting the furniture, you can find a decoration company, let him design a decoration plan according to your own furniture and your own requirements, and then give the decoration budget. The budget is best controlled at about 3.5, because you also have wall tiles (or floor) sanitary ware, lamps, kitchen cabinets, and stoves. These are not contained in the decoration company. (Some companies will contain, depending on how you ask)
    four. The area of ​​wall tiles (or floor) is generally about 10,000, the sanitary ware lamps are about 8,000, and these in the kitchen are also controlled at about 10,000.
    five. There is also the water heater (gas, solar energy, electricity) home appliances.
    It cannot save the basic decoration. The materials should be better environmentally friendly. For example, floor tiles, it cannot be like the sofa.还有厨柜也最好买好一点的,因为这个东西是每天都要用的,尤其是厨柜的门,它的开关次数很多,还有家里用到的五金类的配件(比如说合页, Doors locks, drawer slide) Try to buy these things as much as possible.

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