3 thoughts on “How do you find a headhunting service company?”

  1. The headhunting service company has its own good and focused fields. According to the direction of your company's main business, recruitment positions will be more efficient for targeted findings. Generally, you can find it in the following ways:
    1, via Baidu or Baidu or Baidu or Baidu or Baidu or Search engines to search, you can use regional industry headhunting company;
    2, the introduction of HR in the same industry;
    3, can also be introduced by executives who are engaged in the same position.
    Wang the above answers can help you.

  2. Those who are famous can see what kind of solutions are provided to see what your own company needs. Kerry International is good, do this time for a long time, experience and service, and have special solutions for various types of talents.

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