If you want to recruit people in Foshan, what channels can be recruited by talents as soon as possible?

1 thought on “If you want to recruit people in Foshan, what channels can be recruited by talents as soon as possible?”

  1. ◇ On -site job fair:
    The Zhitong Talent Chain (Foshan Market) held large -scale on -site job fairs and various specialty job fairs every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Enterprises and 10,000 job seekers to recruit jobs are the largest human resources markets in Foshan. Opposite the market address opposite Foshan Automobile Terminus (Hongyun Computer City), the majority of enterprises and talents are welcome to visit.
    place: No. 1, Fenjiang Middle Road, Foshan (opposite Foshan Bus Station)
    The Foshan Talent Market held a job fair location from Monday to Friday: (Light Industry Three Road)
    Foshan Labor Market Five Holding Fair location: (Huijing City Lvjing Road)

    ◇ Foshan Recruitment Report:
    Foshan "Zhitong Recruitment Special Edition" is the only professional flat recruitment media in Foshan, every week Fifth publishing, the distribution area covers the entire Greater Foshan area, and 2,800 terminal retail outlets such as postal newspapers, newspapers, stations, bookstores, supermarkets, large communities, etc. "Foshan's local authoritative recruitment media" and "trustworthy local recruitment media".

    ◇ Foshan Zhitong Talent Network:
    Foshan Zhitong Talent Network is one of the Foshan's local authoritative recruitment websites and a member of the "Zhitong Talent Chain Website Group".
    Foshan Zhitong Talent Network, with the purpose of "focusing on Foshan, serving Foshan", it is committed to recruitment services in corporate human resources in the Foshan area, continuously tap Foshan's characteristic industry talents, and achieves the optimized allocation of Foshan's human resources. Relying on the tangible market resources of the Zhitong Talent Chain (Foshan Market) and the flat media resources of Foshan's "Zhitong Recruitment Special Edition", actively promote the composite recruitment service model of "meeting newspaper network" to provide enterprises with localization, professionalization, and accurate accuracy Human resources solutions to improve the effect of recruitment and job search for corporate talents.

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