How to open a mother and baby shop

I want to open a mother and baby shop, I am a little white, I do n’t understand anything. Now I support the mother and baby shop at home. I have n’t done this industry. I want to know with you. I hope I have experience or know the elder brother and sister to help! Thanks!

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  1. In the market, more and more maternal and infant industry markets are increasingly hoping to enter the mother and baby industry to open a mother and baby store to open up their own entrepreneurial path. However, many people do not have any experience in opening their stores and entrepreneurship. I do n’t know how to open the mother and baby shop. What should I do in this way?
    1. Single dry or joining? It depends on its own ability.
    Generally speaking, there are two forms of the mother and baby shop. Either open it by yourself and open the mother and baby shop by self -reliance, and think about everything and think alone; or join the opening mother and baby chain or franchise store. The business model allows you to apply it easily. For example, love mother and baby can teach you to open the store, from decoration, product display, shelf placement, product promotion, event planning, etc., all aspects for you to do the knowledge and preparation of the store opening for you to open the store to do it. It is perfect.
    . The brand of maternal and infant supplies should be visible.
    In the mother and baby shop, people without experience will easily choose some brands that are not cost -effective or are not welcomed by consumers, which will cause waste of the resources of the mother and baby store, cause the backlog of goods, and directly affect the store Operating cost. If you have no experience, you need not only know how to open the mother and baby store, but also need to know that choosing a brand is also the key. If you choose to join the love mother and baby, then you are very lucky. Regarding the stock selection, love will think more for you, let you run the store worry -free, it will not cause the product backlog, and the product is welcomed by consumers. Help stores make high profits.
    . The business of the mother and baby store needs doorway.
    It -to -mother and infant shops, the way to operate the store is the key. If you are novice, you do n’t know how to open the mother and baby shop, and you do n’t know how to run the maternal and baby shop, then you may encounter a lot of trouble. First of all, how to promote store promotions, how to manage membership, how to sell products, how to take stock management, etc. If you have not learned, you will definitely make you a headache.
    The following processes are generally opened:

    . Investment budget analysis
    The question how much is the problem of investment in the mother and baby shop. Considering the cities where the store is located, site selection, store area, and market environment, etc., through market research, the investment budget required for the opening of the mother and baby store.
    . Market research:
    The research on the mother and infant market, regional characteristics, infrastructure, terrain and geographical characteristics, etc., should also include sales revenue forecast and cost analysis.
    . Site of the mother and baby store
    1 market research and confirmation can be selected by the mother and baby store; Contracts; sometimes to save time and manager, you can take over the transfer of the transfer of the transfer.
    . The decoration of the mother and infant shop:
    1 discussed the specific design, decoration plan with the decoration company, and started the decoration construction of the mother and baby shop after confirmation; Indoor decoration permits, construction engineering internal decoration fire prevention review and fire acceptance declaration (procedures are different according to local policies).
    5. Construction:
    1 Construction team enters the construction and sets a special person in charge of engineering quality and progress;
    2 formulates opening activities.
    6. Store preparations:
    1 Register to the local industrial and commercial bureau with the lease contract (approved enterprise name; registered capital, capital verification report; health license; environmental protection certificate; fire plan; tax registration, etc.); r, etc.); r, etc.); n2 External wall signboard, advertising permit;
    3 Recruitment and training of staff (localization, preferably related work experience);
    4 Preparation and plans for containers in the store; Frequently Asked Questions of Baby Store Ferry
    5 Design and Preparation of Interior decoration supplies.
    7. Acceptance:
    The decoration is completed, acceptance (fire acceptance, health acceptance, environmental protection acceptance).
    8. Trial business:
    1 Select the equipment required for the operation and prepare the goods according to the specifications of the store;
    2 containers enter the store, place it according to the design drawings, and then organize the store hygiene to carry out the store Display;
    3 open publicity and trial business.

  2. Now the prospect of the mother and baby store is still very good, especially after the second child is let go, if you want to open the mother and baby shop, the first is to determine the location of the store. It is the source of maternal infant goods. The products of the mother and baby shop are basically baby products, so be sure to find regular manufacturers to get goods to ensure the supply channels and product quality. The third is the image of the store. Sex can stimulate people's desire to buy products; the fourth is that the clerk must be professional. A good clerk can not only sell goods, but also a good infant teacher. Good service will make people remember you. you

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer how novices will open a mother and baby products store. The first selection of the community to choose the community depends on the mature mother and baby products store. If they can be surrounded by large hospitals, especially the obstetrics and gynecology hospitals, the business is of course good. However, the surrounding area of ​​large hospitals is usually a commercial center, with expensive rents and hundreds of thousands of investment. However, some of the site selection communities not only depends on the living population, but also "maturity". The birth rate of the old community is not enough, and the occupancy rate of new communities is not enough. It is recommended to choose a large community, which has both tens of thousands of permanent residents and new communities in construction, which can ensure the continuous birth in babies for 5 to 10 years. The specific position in the community is also particular. The second product is rich in varieties. The brand's exquisite maternal and infant shops should try to meet the needs of customers' one -stop shopping as much as possible. The varieties must be matched, and the brand must be selected. Baby supplies are detailed, and each type of selection can be selected. Even the largest milk powder and diapers, do not exceed 5 brands. There are too many brands, a large amount of funds, and a high risk of inventory. The operator can formulate the "flat -efficiency" indicator, that is, how much sales of the sales area per square meter should bring. If the sales of certain products cannot come up for a long time, they must be decisively removed.nThe third display partition is clear, and the guide flow is more than 100 square meters of your shop. The middle two rows of racks can sell health products, food and daily necessities, and toys in the middle. Selling diapers. In this way, the partitions are clear, and the related products are the basic principles; diaper is a necessity, but the profit is low. In the end, it will guide customers to go through non -necessities such as health products and toys to increase the purchase opportunities of high -profit products; It is convenient for customers to compare and buy; baby daily necessities are small and high in price, and they are placed in the place where they enter the door. When the new store is opened, we must put milk powder and diapers in the most conspicuous places to attract customers into the store. When there is a stable customer base, it can be displayed to guide customers to flow.nThe fourth promotional gift must have a "sense of value" promotional activity to mobilize customers' desire to buy. However, the promotion threshold should be appropriate. If you are too high, you will have no sincerity. If you are too low, you will invest too much. The most commonly used form of maternal and infant products is that the gift is given to a certain amount of shopping. Milk powder and health products have a shelf life. When the shelf life is more than half or the New Year's Eve is sold, it is necessary to quickly promote the clearing, such as buying three cans of milk powder with fresh dates and gifts of milk powder with old -date date. You can also choose a new product trial pretend to be a gift for customers to experience. Toys are also common gifts. They have low cost and high value.nHope the above can help you ~nIf you are satisfied with my answer, please like me ~n3 morenBleak

  4. Taking a small mother and baby store of about 60 square meters as an example, the cost of opening the store mainly includes the following:
    . Store rental
    There will also be a big gap in rent expenditure. In general, the annual rent of 60 square meters of stores is not less than 100,000.

    . The decoration of the store
    The decoration design is the most intuitive manifestation of the overall image of the mother and baby store. If you want to have greater appeal to customers, it is indispensable in this area. The cost of one square meter during decoration is about 400 yuan, so the cost of decoration of 60 square meters of maternal and infant shops is generally not less than 20,000.
    3. Equipment purchases
    Inned hardware equipment such as maternal and infant shops, cashiers, cold cabinets such as mother and infant shops, cashier, air -conditioning, cold cabinet, and a 60 -square -meter maternal and infant shop requires at least three groups of double -sided mother Baby shop shelves, so about 20,000 in equipment procurement.

    4. Store preparation costs
    In the preparation of the preparations to the stock preparation session. In the summer, the store is 10 square meters of stock for 6,000 yuan. About 80,000.
    5. Other expenses
    In addition to the basic costs in front, some turnover costs should be reserved to prepare from time to time. In addition, if you want to recruit employees, you need to prepare employees' salary, which is about 10,000 yuan.

    It the above costs add up to open a small mother and baby shop of about 60 square meters. It costs about 230,000, but this amount is for reference only. For example, maternal and infant shops in the bustling areas of first -tier cities may rent more than 200,000 yuan a year. If you really have a plan to open a mother and baby shop, it is best to do a market research first to understand the surrounding rent level. After all, only the funds with sufficient reserves can open the mother and baby shop.

  5. First of all, do you choose to join yourself or choose to join. If you are a novice, you need to consider the purchase channels and site selection. If you are joining, you can get the goods from the franchisee. When you provide data for your reference, the condition is best to go to the headquarters for field inspection

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