What are the brands of the Top Ten Brands of China Board?

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  1. What are the top ten brand brands of Chinese board?
    For home buildings, board is a very important part. What are the more suitable for consumers to choose reliable board? Here we summarize the top ten brands of boards for friends, and let's take a look at which board brands in the market stand out.
    The end of the year and early years, the selection activities of major brands can be described as endless. As a consumer, it is a bit confused, especially in the field of plate materials that are closely related to home. Intersection
    1. On the shouca board
    Shine Mori, belongs to the board brand under Shandong Qiansenmu Group. Flat furniture board, high -end custom ecological board, aldehyde flame retardant board, solid wood mechanical board, alien extension board and overall home furnishings. Qiansen Group is a group company that integrates adhesive production, rotary cutting, board production, full -house customization, specialty stores, and the entire industry chain. The company has passed ISO9001–2015 international quality system certification, EU forest certification, China environmental logo product certification, and aldehyde -free certification. The Group has been identified as national high -tech enterprises, national forestry standardization demonstration enterprises, national forestry leading enterprises, advanced units in Shandong forestry industry, and good product CA field certification enterprises. , Get the top ten brands of Chinese board many times.
    2. Babble Bao Board
    Tihua rabbit baby decorative new materials shares were founded in 1993. It is the leading enterprise in production and sales in my country's decorative panel industry. It is a brand brand in the top ten brands in China. The company's shares were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on May 10, 2005 (stock abbreviation: Bunny, stock code: 002043), is the first listed company in the same industry in China. After more than ten years of unremitting efforts and innovative development, the company has developed into a comprehensive supplier of indoor decorative materials, forming global procurement from forestry resources, to production of plates, flooring, wooden doors, wardrobe, function wood, plate adhesives, decoration, decoration, decoration, decoration The complete industrial chain of the 8 major product series such as hardware.
    3. The king coconut board
    The king Coconut Holdings Group was founded in 2000. It focuses on providing outstanding home products and services for the Chinese home improvement market, and personalized solutions. Products and suppliers.
    The king coconut board has more than 2,000 brand stores across the country, 10 major domestic and foreign raw materials procurement bases, with a total investment base of 1.7 billion yuan, a total single -land area of ​​more than 300 acres, daily output of 22,000 pieces, large -scale Asia Asia Forefront. Provide consumers with include board ((intelligent) ecological board/paint panel, imported (Malacca, Nanxiangmu ecological board), 3D solid wood board, fine woodwork board, decorative panel, integrated material, multi -layer board, flame retardant board, OSB, OSB, OSB, OSB, OSB, OSB, OSB The five series of home decoration materials and supporting products of the five series of five series of five -series home decoration materials and supporting products of Hangzhou G20 Summit, 2017 Hangzhou G20 Summit.
    4. Millennium boat board
    Millennium boat groups are all known as Millennium Boat Investment Group, promoter of China's healthy home building materials, specializing in woodworking board, multi -layer board, decorative fabric panel, floor, wooden door, flame retardant board Wait for the research and development, manufacturing and sales of home environmental protection building materials. The "Millennium Boat" brand made by the company has been rated as "China Famous Trademarks", "Zhejiang Famous Brand Products", "Famous Trademarks in Zhejiang", "China Environmental Mark Products", "China Energy Conservation Design, Construction, Decoration and Decoration Integration The honorary designated green environmental protection building materials products "," Recommended green products for indoor decoration "," 2008 National Belly Team Stadium Designated Special Products "and other honors. Today, Millennium Boat has not only become a symbol of China's healthy and environmentally friendly home building materials, but also has entered the international market. Products spread throughout Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.
    5. Mogan mountain board
    Zhejiang sublimation Yunfeng Xinmu New Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995. It is a key backbone company under the sublimation group of the Fortune 500 companies in the country. After more than ten years of struggle and hard work, It has achieved one of the largest and most influential environmentally friendly decorative materials manufacturers in China. The company has formed a 10th from the rapid poplar planting to production, operating decorative panels, plywood, fine wooden panels, craft wooden doors, flooring wooden, integrated materials, accumulated materials, gypsum boards, white emulsion, plates, paint, wardrobe, wardrobe, etc. One -stop production and processing base of multiple types of decorative materials, products are located in more than 30 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions across the country. It is one of the most influential brands in the top ten brands in China.
    6. Fuqing board
    "Fuqing" is the main brand of "Fuqing" launched green environmentally friendly building decorative materials, mainly: ecological board, fine woodwork board, multi -layer board, integrated material , Plate, gypsum board, glue. Fuqing mainly focuses on decorative board products. The "Fuqing" brand is the first board company in China to register trademarks in Japan. Fuqing exports the total number of Japanese boards and similar products in the country.
    "refinement and standardization" is the spiritual attitude that integrates into all aspects of Fuqing operation. In many aspects such as R

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