Is there very few people in this aspect?

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  1. I have cut the thread for 4 years. The line cut is actually the same as Tai Chi, and it is easy to learn. Generally (excluding intellectual problems) can operate the machine independently for 3 months (relatively simple workpieces). 2 machines can be opened in half a year to one year.
    1 years of the base can be able to go to the teacher, the rest is the accumulation of experience; from the frame to the various abnormalities, processing methods, remedial measures, and the actual default processing requirements of different workpieces, etc. You can't rush to achieve success, otherwise you are not playing. It doesn't matter if you plan to eat meals for 2 years. If you really plan to enter this line, you must be patient.
    has no shortcut to learn this, to do it down to the earth, ask, think about it to do well. If you are an apprentice, you must be persistent. After graduating from college or something, I only let me sweep the floor, mop the floor, wash work, and do everything that I can't learn. Everyone who is diligent and obedient is willing to teach and learn naturally. Those apprentices who are dedicated to 250 are taught by no one. You must remember that you learn technology and learn to leave. Don't think about it for a month as fast as 1,000 ~ 2000. Not as good as a cleaner. Make a positive mentality. You are here to learn. Those masters are not obliged to teach you. Only you can help the master door for those dirty and vibrant things, and let the master see you all the way. realistic.
    This summary, our line is bitter and sweet first, and apprentices are generally 1000 ~ 2500 (according to the strength of the company). It is very important, and there is to be careful to do things.
    The above is my experience. If you look at it yourself, you can try it for 1 to 2 months first. If you feel that you can continue, you don’t need to force it if you don’t like it. What I was looking for was 12 hours in the night shift, and the post -90s guy was almost running the same as the post -90s guy now.
    I just started to be an apprentice for 300 for almost a month, took half a year (I really don't know how to come), and then added to 960. Then he promoted to 2800. Shengzheng's team leader has been the team leader for 2 years, and has attended a total of 3 years. Now the deputy director is 5500 a month.
    Anyway, as long as you are willing to do it, you can do it well anyway, if you don’t understand, do n’t feel embarrassed. helpful! Intersection Intersection

  2. Cutting. There are very few people. It is a kind of fitter. Now there are more machine operations. There are relatively few manual work. I am the teacher of a technical school. Welded more money. CNC memory is relatively strong. CNC is the least tired

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