How to do a good job of daily supervision

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  1. Introduction: One of the main results of supervision work is the supervision data formed during the implementation of the project. Doing a good job of supervision documents and data management is an important part of the work of supervision engineers. Supervisor engineers must timely organize relevant documents in the implementation of the project, especially the engineering supervision materials independently collected on the spot, and ensure the true, complete, and orderly classification of these materials.
    How to do a good job of daily supervision 1. Improve the quality of project supervision personnel is the basic prerequisite for the supervision
    Is the quality of supervision services, first depends on the comprehensive quality of the project supervision team (especially the director's director Quality). According to the complexity of engineering projects and the depth of supervision, the selection of directors and matching members of supervision is the primary subject of the decision -making level of the supervision unit. For the on -site project supervision agencies that have been established, the supervisory personnel (especially the director) need to be fully familiar with the relevant provisions of various contracts and familiarize it with design documents. Efforts to science, continuously improve their own supervision quality, truly achieve "fine technology, understand management, know the economy, and know the regulations", and serve as project supervision.
    2. Do a good job in the construction of the internal system of the project supervision, and provide organizational guarantee for the supervision work
    2.1 to establish and implement the responsibility system for project supervision positions The division of responsibilities between the professional groups and the division of responsibilities between members is an important guarantee for coordinating the supervision work and the realization of supervision goals. To this end, the responsibility system for project supervision personnel must be established. Through the establishment and implementation of the job responsibility system, within the supervision organization, the division of labor is clear, the duties of their duties, each responsibility, no vacancies, and strengthening the internal unity and cooperation of the project team on the basis of division of labor. At the same time, it is necessary to establish the necessary reward and punishment mechanism, link supervision personnel to perform their duties, work performance with the economic benefits of the individual, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the supervisors. In this way, the supervision tasks can be completed in cooperation, efficiently, and successfully.
    2.2 Establishing and improving the project supervision work system, and improving the supervision procedures
    The management system for regulatory supervision work specifications is an important guarantee for improving the effectiveness of work. In efficient operation, supervision must be standardized, institutionalized, and programmatic. To this end, we must establish and improve relevant systems, and to regulate the various contents, aspects, steps, practices, and requirements of the supervision of the project supervision work (the program should be charged as much as possible).
    3. Correctly handle the relationship between the parties within the project, and create a good environment for the development of supervision
    The project management project management is a complex system project. In terms of units, there are owners, survey, and design. , Construction, Supervision, Materials and Equipment Supply, Quality Supervision, Inspection Center, Environmental Protection and Fire Fighting and many other units. The three major goals of the supervision unit control are inseparable from the support of these units or departments. The key to the effectiveness of supervision depends to a large extent on whether the supervisory unit can cooperate with these units well. Supervisors must properly handle the relationship with these units, especially the relationship with the owners and construction units.
    3.1 The relationship with the owner
    Pevitors and owners are the paid technical service relationship entrusted and commissioned. Supervisors must strictly perform their duties in accordance with the supervision contract, work in accordance with the supervision procedures, and obtain the trust of the owner with a rigorous and solid work style. First of all, we must respect the owners, the representatives of the owner, and the initiative to discuss with them in the event of an incident. We must protect the legitimate rights and interests of the owner, urgently the owner's anxiety, and think that the owner thinks that the owner must try his best to meet the reasonable requirements of the owner's investment, progress, and quality, and strive to improve investment efficiency for the owner. At the same time, the incorrect approach of the owner does not accommodate, the principles do not give up, pay attention to the art of doing things, and have reason and festivals. Paying justice, improper owners slavery, do not connect the construction party to do right with the owner, and carry out work independently as a third party. In addition, the relevant matters, quality conditions, problems, problems, and relevant matters required by the special project should be reported to the owner in a timely manner in the form of supervision monthly reports, memo, and special reports in a timely manner.
    3.2 Relationship with the construction party
    The supervision unit and the construction party are supervision and supervision relationships. First of all, supervisors should pay attention to equality, respect each other, consume people with reason, negotiate to solve problems, and do not live in high -rise and prosperity. We must adhere to the principles, do things in strict accordance with standards, procedures, and pay attention to the scientific attitude. Do not blame everything from reality; we must supervise the combination of help, help the gang, enthusiastically serve, and help the difficulties in construction and the handling of quality defects. Measures and ideas make the construction party realize that the supervisors are indeed helping them. At the same time, we must respect the independence of the construction party, do not arbitrarily issue orders, and impose people; we must lead by example, pay attention to practical results, and promote the improvement of management levels with their own standardized management; The independence of Fang is not arbitrarily issued or imposed on others; it is necessary to lead by example, pay attention to practical results, and promote the improvement of management with its own standardized management; to safeguard the legitimate interests of the owners and the construction party.
    How to do a good job of daily supervision 1. Familiar with the laws, regulations, contracts and responsibilities of relevant engineering construction and supervision
    Supervisor engineers should be based on relevant engineering construction and supervision laws and regulations. Based on contract. Therefore, before the supervisory personnel attended the job, the supervisory enterprises should organize supervision employees to earnestly study the laws, regulations, policies and technical management systems of relevant engineering construction and supervision issued by the state, industry, and enterprises. The quality system documents of relevant contract regulations and supervision enterprises should be familiar with the "Construction Law", "Contract Law", "Regulations on Quality Management of Construction Engineering", "Specifications for Construction Engineering Supervision", "Side Station Supervision", and supervision enterprises Regarding the management system, this is the primary condition for supervision.
    2. There must be good professional ethics
    has good professional ethics, serving the owner cautiously and diligently. Serving engineering is an important aspect of the quality of the supervision engineer. The inevitable requirements of engineer supervision work.
    3. For supervision work, it must be forward -looking
    Supervisory work is the implementation of the supervision engineer relying on its own professional supervision engineering construction to use reasonable skills to provide services to the owners. This service work should be forward -looking, focusing on prevention, focusing on before and in trouble. It mainly includes the following aspects:
    . 3.1 should be clear and familiar with the basis of supervision: national laws, regulations, contract documents, design documents, technical regulations related to quality inspection and control.
    3.2 The management system documents of the contractor should be reviewed before the construction of the project, so that it can meet the actual needs of the project, and it has specific measures that can operate and ensure a good operation of the system.
    3.3 Read the map carefully, participate in the design of the specialty, organize the construction map to review, understand the characteristics and design intentions of the professional project, the construction methods and quality requirements of the key parts of the project, to urge the contractor to construct according to the figure; at the same time, right? It is found that the design errors or omissions in the drawing should be made by the owner to make written opinions and suggestions to the design unit to eliminate the problems in the drawing in the bud.
    3.4 The resource allocation and construction site conditions of the contractor should be checked and confirmed before the start of construction. The construction of the construction project is strictly controlled; the five important factors that affect the quality of the construction project, that is, the factors of the construction personnel, the materials (including semi -finished products (including semi -finished products (including semi -finished products (including semi -finished products , Construction Accessories) factors, factors (production equipment and construction equipment) factors, construction methods (construction schemes, methods and processes) factors, and environmental factors for comprehensive control.
    3.5 According to the approved supervision planning, the relevant drawings of the major or the book project, and the design of the construction organization, compile the specific detailed supervision implementation rules of this major or book project, clarify the process, control points, target values, and target values ​​of the supervision work work. Specific methods and measures are used to guide the specific supervision business of this major or book project to ensure that various tasks are carried out in accordance with the specification procedures, so that all tasks are in control.
    3.6 The overall design of the construction organization should be urged in advance according to the approval construction organization, and the contractor's professional engineer should write the design, progress plan, and operational guidance and debugging procedure documents related to the construction of this specialty, and to the correctness, the correctness, and the correctness, and Moving, advanced, and targeted review.
    3.7 According to the relevant evaluation standards, review the four -level acceptance table of engineering projects compiled by the contractor, and put forward the supervision opinions; focus on emphasizing the necessity and importance of the contractor's third -level acceptance; Point s; for important projects or concealed projects, the side station supervision should be carried out and compiled the implementation rules for the supervision of the side station, which is strictly implemented during the construction process.
    3.8 Before the construction of the project, the contractor shall list the quality control detailed table according to the requirements of the quality control of the construction process, and list the names or control content, inspection standards and methods of various quality control points in the table, and submit supervision to supervision. After the engineer review, quality pre -control is implemented on the basis of this.
    3.9 According to the actual situation of the project, the construction, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and procurement of project construction analyzes and predict the problems of quality, progress, investment, and safety in terms of Pre -control; promptly remind the contractors to pay attention to ensure the smooth progress of the project.
    . The construction quality of the 3.10 subcontractor is an important part of ensuring construction quality. Prior to the start of the subcontracting project, the supervisory engineer should carefully review the subcontractor qualification report and relevant qualifications reported by the contractor, and carry out strict control, and do a good job of the director of the director.
    . 3.11 The professional sessions participated in each contractor will be held regularly to fully communicate with the problems that occur during the implementation process of this major or book project, and timely coordinate and solve the problems existing in the implementation of the project.
    . 3.12 Reserture reports to the Supervision Department regularly and timely and timely and monthly, and should make rational suggestions on how to ensure the smooth implementation of the professional or book project work.
    . 3.13 Supervisor engineers shall prepare a list of information submitted by the contractor in advance to check at any time. Its content includes data names, contract basis, time requirements, formats, and time required for supervision engineers.
    4. The specific methods, methods, means and measures of the supervision engineer work
    Supervisor engineers through a full understanding of the contractor and this project, in the supervision rules, the supervision work of this major or book project should be clear. Specific methods, methods, means and measures. The so -called method and method is to witness, supervision, inspection, parallel inspection, etc.; means instruction documents, review documents report reports, on -site supervision and inspection, specified monitoring procedures, payment methods, consulting, suggestions, etc. Features, formulate relevant organizational measures, technical measures, economic measures, contract measures, etc.
    5. It is necessary to have exquisite professional level and rich engineering construction practical experience
    Supervisory services are a high -intelligent service. It is a high -intelligent service. And testing means to provide management services for owners. Therefore, the owner's requirements for supervision professionals are often higher than the contractor, which determines that the supervisory practitioners must have certain professional knowledge, strong professional ability, and engineering practice experience in order to provide supervision based on their own professional skills. Management, technology, consulting, and coordination services. When selecting and hiring supervisors, supervision enterprises should conduct a comprehensive assessment of their business level. They must choose personnel who have preached the work of the specialty and have certain practical experience. They can be able to take one side and have a certain authority. This is the main foundation and necessary condition for supervision engineers. Supervisor engineers cannot be satisfied with the status quo. They must continue to learn, summarize experience, update technical, management, and knowledge, and strive to improve their professional skills. Only in this way can we supervise and manage engineering construction, put forward guiding opinions, and achieve project goals.
    6. Skills of communication and communication
    If supervision engineers must communicate with the owners, contractors, government supervision departments, and the internal of the supervisory department during the project supervision process. In the same problem, the methods and methods of communication are different, and the results must be different. In the communication and communication of supervision engineers, the principles of seeking truth from facts and respect for facts should be taken into reason; we must take care of people; pay attention to strategies, consider words, and grasp them; Communication; never communicate with a high toe and no one in the eyes. This will not only solve the problem, but it will intensify contradictions and injuries. Because all parties participating in the project have a common goal, the project is about to do well, so as long as the appropriate way in communication and communication is to achieve the purpose of mutual understanding, mutual cooperation and solving the problem. Supervisor engineers should continue to strengthen their cultivation in this area, strive to improve communication skills, and do better supervision work.
    7. The ability of organizational coordination
    Organized coordination is connection, union, reconciliation of all activities and strengths, so that all parties are appropriate. Target. Organization and coordination will run through the entire process of implementation and management of the entire construction project. Organizing and coordinating participation in all aspects of engineering construction, enabling the capabilities of participating parties to maximize its ability to maximize the ability to monitor the ability of supervision engineers. As a link and bridge between the two parties in the contract, the supervision engineer should do a good job of coordination and buffer to create a good cooperation atmosphere for all parties. Organization coordination is not only a method and technical issue, but also a question of language art and emotional. Senior organizational coordination ability can often achieve more effort. In the process of organizing and coordination, supervision engineers must stand on a fair and fair stand to deal with problems; not only adhere to principles, but also be good at listening and understanding the opinions of all parties and flexible work methods.

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