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  1. Inquiry of the industry code in the unit of the unit
    The industry code query of the unit owned by the unit. There are many invisible rules in the workplace. You must pay attention to politeness when applying for job hunting. The body is the first standard, and look at the industry code query of the unit that belongs to the unit.
    The industry code query 1 industry code is the specific code for industry classification. According to a certain scientific basis, the organizational structure system that is engaged in the production and operation of the national economy.
    Che its industry nature according to the main economic activities of the unit. When the unit is engaged in an economic activity, the unit of the unit is determined according to the economic activity; when the unit is engaged in two or more economic activities, the industry of the unit is determined according to the main activities.

    The expansion information:
    The economic industry classification and code:
    The national economic industry classification and code (GB/4754-2011), classification of the national economic industry. A farmer, forest, pastoral, fisheries; B mining; C manufacturing; D power, thermal, gas and water production and supply industries; E construction industry; F wholesale and retail industry; G transportation, warehousing and postal industry; H Accommodation and catering industry; i information transmission, software and information technology services;
    J financial industry; K real estate industry; L leasing and business service industry; M science research and technical service industry; N water conservancy, environment and public facilities Management industry; O resident service, repair and other service industries; P education; Q health and social work; R culture, sports and entertainment industry; S public management, social security and social organizations; T international organizations.
    The industry code query of the unit owned by unit 2 Enterprise annual report Instructions
    Main business activities: refers to the main business of "main business income" in the enterprise accounting statement Business Activity.

    The main business activities should be filled in the full name of "name verb" or "verb noun", as detailed as possible. Pay attention to the following points:
    1. Production enterprise: fill in "××× (crop) planting", "××× (product) production or processing, manufacturing", "house construction", "real estate development" and so on ; Do not fill in "××× (product)".
    2. Sales enterprise: fill in "××× (product) wholesale" and "××× (product) retail"; at the same time, who wholesale and retail should be distinguished or retail. "××× wholesale retail" or "××× sales or trade".
    3. Service Enterprise: Fill in "××× service". Among them, accommodation companies should fill in "travel hotel service" or "general hotel service", "other accommodation industry", etc.; Catering companies should fill in "dining service", "fast food service", "snack service", "catering distribution" and so on Essence
    . For units engaged in various business activities, you should determine 1-3 major business activities in accordance with the large share of business activities, fill in in the order from large to small, and use between two activities. The comma is separated.
    5. The scope of business licenses cannot be copied according to the actual business status of the unit.
    The industry code inquiry 3 industry code in the industry category category, the current version (GB/T 4754-2011). The version replacement is always concerned about the statistical standards of the National Bureau of Statistics of the People's Republic of China. The query method is very simple to answer:
    1. Inquiring the industry code required on the website of the National Bureau of Statistics;
    . The industry code of the current version of Baidu, download one for the search operation;
    . Three, 3. Find them one by one according to the size category.

    1. Baidu search for the National Bureau of Statistics, find its official website and click on the website.
    2. After entering the website of the National Bureau of Statistics, click the latest release and select the following statistical standards to open.
    3. Page jumps enter the statistical standard interface, and click the classification of the national economic industry on the left.
    4. Page jump into the national economic industry of the National Standard of the People's Republic of China, and click the download button in the upper right corner.
    5. Open the downloaded PDF file of the National Economic Industry of the People's Republic of China. You can see the code structure diagram.
    6. Combined with the code table given by the file and the actual business of the enterprise, you can find out the industry's industry code.

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