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The exhibition industry is a promising development in the hotel industry. I want to have a clearer understanding. What are the businesses? I know that it is not a single hardware. It seems that there are any software, such as the surrounding environment ...

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  1. In recent years, a new industry -the exhibition industry has quietly emerged in China, and is forming a lively and lively trend, and is widely concerned about the society. But if you trace up along history and expand your vision to the entire world, you will find it. The existence of the exhibition industry has a long history, and the exhibition and exhibition agencies have appeared as early as the Middle Ages. The so -called exhibition is an activity that is designed to promote marketing. Or the main purpose of the commercial market is to promote the relevant information of the competition and complementary sellers and display their products and services. The seller rented a area or stall allocating the boundary distribution in a building or a limited venue. Part of the customers, possible buyers, decision -making influences, and middlemen. In terms of function, the exhibition is a place for people to conduct information exchanges, negotiate business cooperation and marketing. It plays a role of a bridge and medium. Most western companies listed the annual exhibition expenses as a foreign contact fee, and the marketing methods are tied with direct sales and e -commerce. The non -pollution industry has a great role in the development of the entire city's economic development and promotion. Therefore, for countries or regions with a large advantage in those regions, but in terms of traffic, communication, and opening up, the development of the exhibition industry Often becoming one of the first choice strategies for urban economic development. Singapore and Hong Kong in China are taking various measures to strive to build themselves into a first -class conference exhibition place in Asia.

  2. The convention and exhibition industry is an emerging service industry, which has a wide range of affected and high degree of correlation. The exhibition economy has gradually developed into a new growth point, and the exhibition industry is one of the industries with great development potential. In the new period, we must vigorously develop the exhibition industry to comprehensively enhance the exhibition economy.
    The position and role of the exhibition industry are increasingly highlighting the exhibition industry involving industry, agriculture, commerce and other industries, and the development of structural adjustments, development, promoting consumption, strengthening cooperation and exchanges, expanding product exports, promoting rapid and sustainable and healthy development
    Wielding an important role, showing its special status and role in urban construction, spiritual civilization construction, and harmonious society construction, and it is increasingly emerging. Specifically reflected in:
    First, it can produce a strong and win -win effect. The convention and exhibition industry can not only bring direct income such as rental fees and construction fees, but also to drive or indirectly drive the development of dozens of industries, and directly create commercial shopping, catering, accommodation, entertainment, communications, advertising, tourism, printing, printing, printing , Real Estate and other related income; not only can gather popularity, but also promote the development of major industries, and have a significant impact and catalytic role on the economic development and social progress in a city or regional. According to relevant statistics, a good exhibition can reach 1: 9 or even higher on the economic driving effect.
    The second, you can get high -quality resources. The exhibition industry gathers huge information flow, technology flow, commodity flow, and talent flow, which means that in the tide of openness, various industries have obtained comparative advantages in all aspects such as products, technology, production, and marketing, optimize allocation resources, and enhance comprehensive competitiveness. The development of the exhibition industry can continue to create "myths". The Boao effect is one of the most typical examples. After the Boao built international conference center in the poor countryside, with its good ecology, humanities, and public security environment, it has attracted many organizers at home and abroad conference organizations, and Participants, tourists, etc.
    Third, it can improve support. The development of various industries, especially the manufacturing industry to survive and enhance competitiveness, requires the cooperation of related service industries to accelerate the construction of new industrialization and new rural areas, and it is inseparable from the support and assistance of the exhibition industry. The exhibition is an extremely important service content. As a special service industry, the exhibition economy can serve and enhance the radiation and influence of cities to surrounding areas. Therefore, the exhibition economy has huge efficiency.
    Fourth, can increase employment opportunities. With the increase in exhibition activities in recent years, the exhibition industry can not only provide employment opportunities, but also drive and promote employment.
    Fifth, it can become the "vane" of economic development. The exhibition is closely linked to the economy and shows the achievements of economic development. The development of the exhibition economy will directly stimulate the market prosperity of trade, tourism, hotels, transportation, transportation, finance, real estate, retail and other industries. The barometer and the prospect of profitability to promote the development and progress of commodity trade, investment cooperation, service trade, high -level forums, and cultural exchanges.
    The exhibition industry has shown a vigorous and vivid. The main manifestation is:
    The construction scale continues to expand. According to the statistics of relevant departments, there are more than 150 large and medium -sized exhibition venues in the country, and the exhibition area is more than 3 million square meters. It has exceeded the area of ​​the German exhibition hall known as the "World Convention and Exhibition Country". It has a number of modern exhibition venues with international levels Essence At present, the construction of Daxing in all places is in the ascendant. According to incomplete statistics, the exhibition area of ​​various conventions and exhibition centers that will be built in the country will be built or planned in the next three years may exceed 1 million square meters.
    The second is the exhibition activities unprecedentedly active. According to relevant investigations, the number of holdings and exhibitions has continued to increase. In 2004, the number of exhibition projects in my country exceeded 3,000, and nearly 800 exhibitions were exhibited abroad; more than 5 million exhibitors were exhibited. Many, participating in the audience hundreds of millions of people. The exhibition income has increased significantly. At present, the direct revenue of various exhibitions exceeds 10 billion yuan, and the income of indirectly driven tourism, catering, transportation, advertising, entertainment, real estate revenue is as high as hundreds of billions of yuan.
    three is the rich and colorful form of exhibitions. After years of development, some government -led comprehensive exhibitions have changed to professional exhibitions, and some have become famous exhibitions with the improvement of marketization, professionalization, and internationalization. The well -known brand of exhibitions, such as the Canton Fair, High Communications, and Shanghai Communications, and other comprehensive exhibitions. The proportion of professional exhibitions has increased, and almost involved various departments and major industries of the economy, such as Beijing's machine tool exhibitions, textile machine shows, metallurgical casting exhibitions, and printing exhibitions. The "Canton Fair", known as the "China's First Exhibition" and the Global Trade Exhibition, is the longest, the largest, the highest -level, the most influential, the most comprehensive type of product, the most popular types, the most transaction effects in the commodity types, the most popular types of goods The best comprehensive international trade exhibition.
    Fourth, the main body of the group exhibition is diversified. At present, there are five major subjects: one is government agencies, including government departments and institutions to undertake various major economic and trade negotiation exhibitions and comprehensive exhibitions dominated by the government. The government -led exhibition is still a highlight. The large -scale exhibition activities organized by the government, many of which are high -level leaders attending, speaking, ribbon cutting, and inscriptions; second are industry associations, and most of the influential professional exhibitions are led or sponsored by industry associations; third are state -owned enterprises , A few state -owned enterprises organize operations and exhibitions and other businesses; fourth is private enterprises, individual private enterprises intervene in the exhibition industry, or main business or part -time business. In the business scope, private enterprises covering Beijing, Shanghai, and Sui with convention and exhibition business exceed that Thousands of family; Five are foreign -funded enterprises. Overseas exhibition companies have formed partners with relevant domestic units to carry out overseas and domestic exhibitions. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 40 % of international professional exhibitions held in China have participated in overseas companies.
    Five is the prominent and exhibition cluster effect. It is mainly distributed in economic developed areas such as Beijing and Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian, Shenzhen, Xiamen. Relevant survey data shows that the province and cities with the most exhibitions in the country are the first to be promoted in Beijing. From the perspective of exhibition revenue, Guangdong, Beijing and Shanghai account for a monopoly position, accounting for nearly 90 % of the national convention exhibition revenue. At the same time, the emerging exhibition market and some convention and exhibition group companies gradually formed the exhibition market.
    In summary, the convention and exhibition industry starts high, rapid development, large number, high degree of professionalism, high degree of door category, strong trade colors, concentrated well -known brands, great influence due to location advantages, industrial structure, wide radiation Become the highlight of local economic activities, showing vigorous vitality.

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