What is Bitcoin and how does it make money?

Bitcoin is an emerging digital currency, founded by Nakamoto in 2008. It can be used to trade and store wealth, and has strong security.

1: History of Bitcoin

The history of Bitcoin can be traced back to 2009, when a hacker named Larry Bird created a digital currency. He uses encryption technology to encode it into a string of codes, and then uses the public network to sell these codes at a very low price. Through this string of codes, people can buy various currencies such as US dollar, euro and Japanese yen on the computer, and can trade with Bitcoin. At first, this virtual currency was called "Bitcash" or "BitIsland". Is there a purple bitcoin? But later, more and more people use it to pay more money than the actual value. For example, the National Security Agency of the United States once established an online wallet for its payment system, allowing citizens to use the funds to transfer to the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States. Over time, Bitcoin has developed into a reliable and effective investment tool, and investors are willing to accept Bitcoin as the safest and least risky part of their portfolio. At present, more than US $10 trillion of users worldwide hold Bitcoin, which means that the value of each coin is about US $30000 - the lowest Bitcoin wealth in the world's history!

2: Why use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be used to purchase digital assets and services. The value of Bitcoin usually comes from the transactions of peers. Compared with other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has no centralized institutions, third-party recognition or supervision, so it is more vulnerable to speculation. In addition, since Bitcoin cannot make actual payment, Bitcoin holders may appear in the illegal market. How to make money Bitcoin price trend chart is shown above. Bitcoin has become popular since 2011. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, billions of people around the world will be using bitcoin wallets. To make money through Bitcoin, you need to understand some basic concepts:

3: How to make money in real life?

How to make money in real life? This is a good question. In fact, we can earn Bitcoin in some simple ways. First, you need to have a computer. This means that you need to have your own computer and get basic permissions and support. Second, you need to have a certain amount of Bitcoin. It depends on what type of activity or investment you are engaged in. The third step is to buy Bitcoin. At present, there are many Bitcoin trading websites with different brands, types and supply in the market. Select the appropriate platform or online store for trading according to personal needs and capabilities. The last step is a successful transaction. When you receive Bitcoin, please confirm whether you know the source and purchase amount of these Bitcoins. After completing the above steps, congratulations!

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