Buy electric hand warmer should pay attention to these

The cold wave is coming, and winter is beginning in Shanghai. With the increasingly cold weather, electric hand warmer, warm baby and other heating artifacts are also entering the peak season. But if you buy a bad hand warmer, it can burst in an instant! A staggering 65.1 percent of electric hand warmers were unqualified, according to the State Administration for Market Regulation's quality inspection in 2022. "Hand warmer treasure" as an electrical appliance, but the quality is so worrying, what is the main problem?

Electric hand warmer "element" unqualified may burst

The 14 items tested by the electric hand warmer are closely related to the personal safety of consumers. Six items were found to have safety risks, such as unqualified "components" of electric hand warmers, which could easily cause explosion hazards.

Electrode hand warmer has potential electric shock

In the further investigation, unqualified electric hand warmer will not only bring the burst caused by the scald, but also may have the hidden danger of electric shock. The electric hand warmer itself is a product held in the hand, directly in contact with the human body. In order to ensure the safety of use, the national standard clearly stipulates that electric hand warmer should not be in direct contact with live parts if it is easily accessible or may become easily accessible conductive liquid in normal use. That is to say, the liquid inside the electric hand warmer cannot be charged. However, many electric hand warmers tested by inspection engineers found that the liquid inside was all charged when charging.

The test engineer introduced that such a result was caused by the "electrode heating" method used in the structural design of the electric hand warmer.

At present, there are three heating methods of electric hand warmer on the market: electric heat pipe type, electric heating wire type and electrode type. Among them, the electric heat pipe and electric heating wire hand warmer, when charging work, the liquid does not contact with live parts, the use of higher safety. The electrode type is heated when the live parts directly contact the liquid, the liquid heating process is always charged.

Detection found that 80% of unqualified electric hand warmer products have such hidden dangers. If consumers charge while using, once the liquid inside leaks out, it is easy to produce electric shock risk.

At the same time, the electric hand warmer also belongs to the non-compulsory product certification catalog, non-industrial product production license management catalog products, such product attributes, attract a large number of enterprises with insufficient capacity to flood the market, shoddy products flow to the market.

For this detection structure,

Professional organizations offer the following shopping guide.

Go to regular shopping malls to buy

Pay attention to check whether the execution standard number of the product packaging is GB4706.99-2009, and whether there is information such as specification, certificate of quality, factory name and address, put an end to "three no" products, and ask for shopping vouchers at the same time. Try not to choose electric hand warmer with cartoon shape, such products are easy to be used as toys by children, causing burns and other dangerous situations.

Don't buy electric hand warmers with electrodes

When consumers choose to buy, they can press the electric hot water bag properly by hand. If there is no obvious heating element in the whole middle part, there are two hard cylinders inside, which are electrode type, it is recommended not to buy; If it is obvious to touch a mesh object, the diameter of about seven or eight centimeters of plastic coil device, that is the heating wire type; If you can feel a large volume of U-shaped, circular arc pipe of the hard thing is the electric heat pipe type, heating wire type and electric heat pipe type of electric hand warming treasure can be assured to buy.

Look at the water injection method, refuse to inject water by itself

There is a kind of electric hand warming treasure on the market, in order to save transportation costs, let buyers own water. And consumers add water by themselves, may because of the water injection and exhaust control is not good, the temperature control device can not feel the water temperature well and lose the protective effect, the harm coefficient is higher, this is a water injection way of electric hot water bag, is not recommended to buy.

Choose an electric hand warmer with overvoltage protection

Overvoltage protection prevents the hand warmer from expanding too much and thus from exploding. Overvoltage protection devices are usually divided into internal and external types. The internal one is usually described in the manual, and the external one is equipped with a duck-bill explosion-proof connector.

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