tri gold jewelry wholesale How much do you make money for gifts to collect gifts?

tri gold jewelry wholesale

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  1. wholesale jewelry owls How to make money for Kuaishou Live? How much can I make a live broadcast once? Kuaishou live broadcast is a very popular live broadcast platform this year. Many netizens want to settle in the platform as anchor. So, how to make money for Kuaishou live? ?
    How to make money on the live broadcast of fast hand
    In the fast -moving live broadcast, the virtual currency is fast coins, and the exchange ratio of fast currency to the RMB is: 1 yuan can be recharged by 10 fast coins! The anchor can withdraw through gifts. As the source of anchor income, but how much money it can make depends on the gift received by the anchor live broadcast, and there is a proportion of gift exchange, so the benefits of each anchor will be different. On the social platform, you will interact with the audience, and the live broadcast content is attractive!
    The above is the relevant content about how to make money on the fast -live broadcast. The editor will say this. More fast -live broadcast information can pay attention to the southern wealth Introduction.
    The fast hands can be said to be a platform that many young people prefer to play, and some fast -handed celebrities have also emerged on the fast -handed platform. These fast -hand celebrities not only have a fixed fan base, but also can be obtained through the fast hand platform. Some income, so how much money can I make in a month? Let ’s take a look at the list of fast -moving net red salary.
    The number of fast -handed fans as measurement standards, ranking as follows: first place, MC Tianyou, 36.53 million; second place, 26.36 million; third place, two donkeys, two donkeys from the two donkeys , 22.61 million; fourth place, card Qi, 22.5 million; fifth place, a silly Gaudi, 22.2 million. The number of other fans, look at Figure 1 in detail.
    Below, I will expose it to everyone, the top three income of Kuaishou net red.
    The first place, MC Tianyou.
    Mc Tianyou's salary comes from two parts. The first is the signing of the live broadcast platform. It is rumored that it is estimated to be about millions a year. The other half is relying on fans of gifts. This part of the gift may be five or five points with the platform.
    Mc Tianyou once bluntly stated on a show that the annual income of his own tax after tax is more than 80 million, which is very scary! I simply calculate the 80 million yuan a year, and the most income a day is more than 200,000. The average hourly income is 10,000 yuan, which is very scary.
    The second place, Sanda brother.
    Is San Dan, when I was broadcasting in the live broadcast, I once talked about I could withdraw about 100,000 yuan a day, and I couldn't get a lot of money. You know that he is not a scientist or an entrepreneur, just a live celebrity relying on live broadcast, one day is 100,000!
    Sanjia brother once showed the background of the fans who watched the live broadcast. His yellow diamond had 32 Billion, simple estimation is equivalent to more than 3 million yuan, and these yellow diamonds are only earned in half a month, so what is the one -year income, everyone can calculate, it is really scary.
    third place, two donkeys.
    The people on the Internet rumored that Tianyou did not come to start broadcasting, and the second donkey was the boss of the live broadcast. When broadcasting every day, there can be about 300,000 people to watch. Some time ago, the two fans were the first place to compete for gifts, which is the so -called list, and crazy gifts.

  2. bu jewelry wholesale Do you make money more about the things in your hand? In fact, if you can do well, um, there are a lot of income for the gifts to collect gifts, but it is not easy to do, and the same is true for fast live broadcast. There are a lot of money, and there are many people who can't make money. It depends on what extent you can do.

  3. okay to sell handmade jewelry at wholesale price online Quick live broadcast gifts make a lot of money, and live broadcasts are also very tired to make money.

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