jewelry wholesale com What are the three shots of Olympus?

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  1. wholesale costume jewelry philadelphia pa Olympus is a 4/3 system, so the lens is based on the 35mm camera standard focal length. The new PRO zoom lens M.zuiko
    Pro, 12-40mm
    f/2.8 nPro and 40-150mm
    Pro together constitute the "big three yuan" combination of the Olympus M4/3 system.
    In the field of photography, "Big Three Yuan" is a general name for the three constant F2.8 aperture zoom lens, including an ultra -wide -angle lens, a standard zoom lens, and a telephoto lens. Only the top products in the family can be crowned by this honor. Almost every major brand of the SLR field has a large three -yuan lens as a tribute. Olympus has also launched 12-40mm
    Pro and 40-150mm
    F2.8 nPro, which has been recognized by global authoritative institutions. 7-14mm
    Pro lens came out, a constant large aperture high-quality lens solution covering 14mm to 300mm (equivalent 35mm camera standard), which means that the photographer only needs to bear considerable burden on The half of the full -frame big three -yuan kit can go outdoors. In the variable climate environment, the tripod boldly abandon the tripod and calmly complete the high -level creation by hand.
    The new PRO zoom lens m.zuiko
    Pro, which is a very small high-quality scenery lens, equivalent The focal length is 14-28mm. It uses 11 groups of 14 optical structures. The recent focusing distance is 0.2m, the maximum magnification rate is 0.11 times, and 7 blades aperture. The special lens technology lineup is luxurious, including Zero coating, 2 pieces of non -spherical ED lenses, 1 DSL lens
    , 1 non -spherical lens, 3 super ED lenses, 1 ordinary ED lens and 1 HR lens lens Essence
    f/2.8 has the iconic three defense features of the PRO series, which can still provide reliable shooting performance in bad scenes. The price can be regarded as a surprise, because it was previously reported that the price of the lens will be as high as 11,000 yuan, and the recommended retail price given by Olympus now is $ 1,299, or about 8,065 yuan.

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