sunstone wholesale silver jewelry Is it now buying Olympic EP1 or waiting for EP2 ~

sunstone wholesale silver jewelry

4 thoughts on “sunstone wholesale silver jewelry Is it now buying Olympic EP1 or waiting for EP2 ~”

  1. oem packaging box jewelry slide wholesaler It is recommended to buy EP1 after the price is reduced. It is best to buy competition after the GF1 of Panasonic is coming out. It is so cost -effective. In fact, I personally want to buy EP1. Use the listing of GF1 to reduce prices for EP1, but I hope that GF1 can be cheaper to cause EP1 to reduce the price. In the end, EP1 is decided, because I think the fuselage stabilization is more important than that small inner flash. Anyway , I don’t think there is a flash in the market. I don't think it doesn't matter if there is a flash

  2. gold and diamond wholesale jewelry in los angeles ca The picture quality of EP1 does not need to be discussed. With a 17mm head, foreign evaluation has long been come out and has been confirmed by everyone. The two sweeping the streets, the others have to switch to the 43 system lens, and the advantages of carrying have dropped. In addition, many people think that EP1 is very beautiful, so it is just a high -end card machine. This is a veritable professional camera. It is a professional level than the D5000 and 500D stream. Many models MM holds EP1 photos of art photos, but you can never use them.

  3. avec wholesale jewelry EP2's photos are mostly spy photos, that is, the engineering machine of Olympic Ji

    It feels that it is still good to wait and see. After all, the shooting effect of Panasonic G1/GH1 is comparable to EP1 Far than GH1), GF1, now launched, does not know if it has been improved or breakthrough. Coupled with the launch of GF1, it will definitely have a impact on EP1 price reduction, and you also have one more reference object, etc. From the official pricing point of view, the price of GF1 is hundreds of dollars higher than the EP1. Generally speaking Attractive

  4. latest fashion jewelry wholesale china There are no key stabilization of GF1. The battery is also

    is the first generation of products. Wait for it. However, GF1 is true for EP1 constitutes.

    The 4/3 system is okay to be a toy, so poor CCD. What "is not comparable to the non -vice -discoloration" is a mistake. 4/3 can only be a high -end card machine, that's all.

    ep1's flash, too much

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