What is the best sports car model for Mercedes -Benz? ~ How much is the price? ~


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  1. Global top sports car TOP10 (see what is called top)

    The top 10 global sports car TOP10 (see what is called top)
    1. Bugatti veyron n On the list of the top ten cars, Bugatti Veyron ranked first. There are no Ferrari, no Aston Martin, no Bentini, no Lamborghini or Rolls -Royce on this list. And it is the cheapest car on this list. After years of cheers and expectations, and many years of doubt and ridicule, Volkswagen finally turned his dream into reality. As soon as this creative masterpiece debuted, it set a record of two automotive industry: the maximum speed of 407 kilometers and the amazing price of $ 1.2 million per car.
    The files of Chinese files
    It the names of many supercars will be associated with Cai Ruihong. This Xiamen real estate owner can be called "the first person in the domestic collection supercar." As for his relationship with Bugatti Veyron, it is very simple, that is his next collection. According to Mr. Cai, although he paid a lot of deposits as early as half a year ago, he wanted to get the world's highest -priced and fastest sports car, and he needed to wait a short time. In order to fully press the order and the Bugatti customized for customers, this long waiting will also become a happy process.
    has seen the essential difference between the sports car of more than 10 million yuan and a four -five million yuan sports car after seeing Bugatti Veyron Simple!
    Bugatti -French brand with a history of more than 100 years
    Bugatti, this French sports car brand that has been founded for more than 100 years (but some people always mistakenly believe that it is an Italian sports car), in it Over the past century, it can be said to be ups and downs. Since the death of the founder Ettore Bugatti in 1947, its operation was terminated, although it was once in the early 1990s, the hard work of the Italian Romano Artioli, the Italian fans and an industrialist, and launched it like EB110. Such a popular super -run production car. But unfortunately, Bugatti, who was hard to resurrect, announced bankruptcy in 1995 because of the company's financial difficulties, leaving only 139 EB110 and the EB112 (1996) concept car in the fetus.
    In 1998, Piech, a car giant from Germany, bought Bugatti's trademark right, officially incorporated Bugatti into the Volkswagen Group, and was under the jurisdiction of Volkswagen Group. Since the public has taken over, Bugatti can almost be said to have never been absent from major international auto shows. He has launched several concept cars in a row, but has not moved in mass production. The birth of the EB16-4 Weilong prototype was broken. EB16-4 Weilong can be said to be a mass-produced car with the real first launch of the Bugatti oval red factories since the EB110, which is also a proof that the Bugatti brand has really resurrected.
    2. Ghost CCR
    CCR does not limit speed, but this does not mean that the ghost can really fly, and the advanced electronic fire extinguishing equipment will still control the driver. Its interior is very luxurious, and the ignition device is quite interesting. You need to press the two buttons of the ignition and electronic equipment at the same time, then step on the clutch, and then press the electronic equipment and engine button at the same time. start. CCR's titanium exhaust device makes its voice flushed and powerful. Its voice is not like the rock roar of SLR McLaren or the ultra -tone of ENZO. The tone between the two is very pleasant.
    The files of Chinese files
    It now you can also meet with this ghost in China. This CCR, which has a price of more than 10 million yuan in Beijing Hongwei Automobile Exhibition Hall, has not yet found its Chinese master, but we believe This is just a matter of time, and it will not be too long. (This car has a comprehensive exclusive report on the 7th issue of "Car" in 2007, you can refer to it.)
    Although it is also a low -key small -scale factory, CCR’s The level of craftsmanship is obviously more assured, so that you will not think of the word "modification" at first glance. The speed and "ghost" name of more than 390 kilometers always make people look forward to it. Buying it must understand it. This is why the only ghost in China is still waiting for the owner. We feel that the word "low -key king" is used to describe it.
    The launch of the CCR models in the past year, new works -CCX. Compared with the CCR, CCX has improved in the body technology, but the power is still equipped with a/Teksid/Ford SVT V8 engine that is the same as CCR. The acceleration time of 100 kilometers has decreased by 0.2 seconds to 3.0 seconds. How much is this? Make fans who hope to surpass Bugati Veyron are a little disappointed. The new CCX will be sold in the CAESARS Automobile Exhibition Hall in Las Vegas in the United States for $ 650,000 (about 49.375 million yuan).
    3. Ferrari ENZO
    600,000 US dollars (about 4.557 million yuan, excluding tax price) high price, but in this list, it is the most valuable car Essence The world's limited edition of 400 vehicles, and recent reports on ENZO accidents have continued to occur, the number of this supercar is gradually decreasing. If you want to have a Ferrari Enzo, you can not have money. "You must have two Ferrari and one of them must be more than 10 years." Essence
    The Ferrari Enzo, which has such harsh purchase conditions in Hong Kong, has the owner. On November 22, 2005, when Guo Fucheng filmed the new song MV, in order to strengthen the visual effect of fiery red, the famous advertising director Richard Au Yeung specially posted that he let his current $ 1 million Ferrari Enzo play a "special prop" appeared in the show. Essence Guo Fucheng, who loves the car, did not agree at first. He was worried that he would have a heartache when he was worried about the shooting. Later, he couldn't afford the director's lobbying, but he ordered the assistant to take care of it during the non -shooting period.
    In addition to the brief appearance at the Ferrari celebration, ENZO in the mainland is unprecedented. For the mainland collectors who are not a problem, accumulating the qualifications for Ferrari is the highest threshold for Ferrari. This may be another extreme manifestation of ENZO's noble.
    4.pagani Zonda S
    We we believe that the holy city that can make fanatic fans all over the world worships the small city of Italy Modena, and every sports car from here, whether it is hanging With Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Maserati brand, they have become the souls of the sports car world. In a small car factory in the city, a group of craftsmen carefully created a sports car that shocked the world -Pagani Zonda S. Pagani Zonda S's carbon fiber is not used in the car body. Its entire carriage is a protective cover made of carbon fiber. The vehicle weighs only 1250 kilograms (net weight) with 18 -inch wheels, which is at least 200 kilograms lighter than Diablo. The entry -level model of the Pagani logo also has a staggering power of 500 horsepower. This data will make each of the above supercar tense. Its parts come from all over the world. In addition to the famous AMG engine, its assembly accessories such as leather, suspension, and braking are also commissioned by foreign manufacturers after designing, and finally returned to Modena to the design company to complete the assembly.
    This files
    Zonda is famous in China because a car accident in Hong Kong in the early morning of April 5, 2002. At that time, the vehicle broke out of the roadside fire hydrant, causing severe damage to the front of the vehicle. In the production budget of Pagani40, there are only 6 right rudder models, and Hong Kong has received 3 shares. One of the owners we can find is Cai Zhiming, known as the "Toys King" in Hong Kong. Asia's first Pagani owner. The experience of the only son of the wind in the mainland can be described as twists and turns. I was introduced in China in 2004 and attended countless large and small car shows, during which the price was undulating. In 2006, this wandering car finally found its mysterious master. Although we are not yet known at the end of the final transaction price, we remember that its final price was 8.88 million yuan.
    It, to be honest, it is really not just a big price to buy such a professional sports car. At least where to run is a big problem. It will give those car owners some suggestions.
    5.versace LP 640
    This is the result of the close cooperation between the project commissioner and the Versace design team. The ordinary LP 640 model is converted into a more plastic carriage, allowing customers Creation service. The bottom part of the car, the door, the roof panel, the central manipulation table and the seat are all put on the gorgeous NAPPA sheepskin, and decorated with the Greek lines that symbolize the Versace brand. This VERSACE LP 640 sports car is equipped with a variety of different types of types of accessories, which includes special black "Hermera" wheels, Carbon Finish, transparent glass ribs, and E-GEAR automatic gear boxes with continuous transformation systems Essence Among them, the black "Aldebaran" special edition is limited to 10 production. Except, hand -made Outure series accessories are also precious. The luggage set includes a men's and women's suit suitcase and a black cowhide suit bag decorated with Greek lines. The unique design size can be put in the trunk at the rear of the car, and each accessory has the same number as the body number as the body. And this number is engraved on the small brand attached to the accessories.
    This files
    Versace LP 640 is exhibited at the Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza and the Beijing Auto Show. Its appearance allows us to see the most perfect combination of car and fashion.
    is worth mentioning that when Versace LP 640 exhibited in Shanghai, Hong Kong star Zhong Liti was present to help. It seems that mature and sexy women are also the best interpretation of noble and fashionable. At the same time, the cooperation with Versace is also a typical successful case of 1 1> 2.
    6. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
    The Mercedes-Benz new SLR McLaren sports car, known as the "F1 car on the highway", fully reflects Mercedes-Benz and its F1 partners McLaren's capabilities and experience in developing high -performance sports cars. It comes from the prestigious SLR car in the 1950s. It uses a striking gull wing door. The body is made of carbon fiber composite material. The car produced is the first time in the world. Mercedes-Benz adopts the-pre-design of the engine. The high-performance V8 engine is fixed on a solid aluminum frame. The installation location is as close to the ground as possible, thereby reducing the center of gravity of the vehicle and making the manipulation more agile. The SLR McLaren standard is equipped with a high -performance 5 -speed automatic transmission, providing drivers with three very different operating modes. When selecting "manual", you can use the button on the steering wheel, or the "single touch" function of the shift rod to convert between 5 gears. SLR McLaren provides three shift programs: "sports car", "supercar" and "competition" in the manual mode, which will shorten the shift interval. In addition to carbon fiber materials, the designers of Mercedes also use the red "silver arrow" leather specially made for the new SLR McLaren, which used to be used in the legendary SLR racing in the 1950s.
    The files of China
    Mercedes -Benz SLR McLaren first appeared at the 11th Shanghai International Auto Show in 2005, and in 2006 at the Hangzhou Auto Show. In August 2005, Dalian Beixing Mercedes -Benz imported a silver SLR McLaren from the United States in Da Kaowan Port, Dalian, and sold to a celebrity with Mercedes -Benz Maybach. More than 700,000 US dollars. Now you can inquire about ordering this car at dealers from Mercedes -Benz.
    Mercedes -Benz SLR can be regarded as the mainstream of supercar. The price of nearly 10 million yuan can be regarded as worth it. It can be predicted that Mercedes -Benz SLR McLare will definitely be favored by domestic wealthy people.
    7. Shijue SPYKER C12 Zagato
    C12 Zagato is a supercar designed with Zagato, in order to commemorate the establishment of Shijue F1 team. This car is designed based on the C12 of Shijue's flagship model. It uses the aluminum alloy body and the rear wheel drive layout of the mid -engine. The engine uses its special engine provider, which can generate 500 horsepower power. The supercharged version can be increased to 650 horsepower to 650 horsepower It only takes 3.8 seconds to accelerate 100 kilometers, and the maximum speed can reach 310 kilometers/h. Shijue C12 Zagato's interior is quite luxurious. At the same time, SPYKER's aviation dynamic elements are used. F1 inspired car nose is imaginative. The price is not cheap at all, up to 495,000 euros.
    The files of China
    . Although this car has just appeared in Geneva, domestic customers have locked it as a target. You can also check and order this car at the Sales Office of Shijue China. We will provide related contact information in the subsequent column. This is indeed a thing that is worthy of our excitement. The previous Shijue C8 already had buyers in China, hoping to see its true face in China as soon as possible.
    This cars that seem to be remote can also find its owners in China. China is definitely a large cake that super luxury car manufacturers cannot ignore.
    8. Porsche Carrera GT5
    , to a certain extent, Porsche Carrera GT racing is higher than Ferrari Enzo. The super powerful power comes from its V10 engine. In January 2000, Mr. Wendelin WIEDEKING, Chairman of Porsche, suddenly announced that the company would postpone the development of the car and canceled the original plan to participate in the Le Mans endurance race, which shocked the world of car and most Porsche enthusiasts; and this decision was right. It is because Carrera GT. At that time, the senior management of Porsche had realized the need to develop and sell a supercar suitable for street driving to maintain Porsche's reputation and market strength over the years. If you want to make a choice in the two things from participating and car building, the latter is obviously more important. With less than four years of policy implementation of Mr. WieDeking's policy, the first Carrera GT was offline. It has a price of 605 horsepower and a price of $ 500,000, which is a standard supercar that has evolved from the champion car. But Karela GT is the most surprising thing is its temperament. Porsche's history and ideas require that its flagship must have enough speed. Of course, it also includes high levels of craftsmanship, comfort, handling, safety, credible, credible, credible, and credible Sex and sufficient dynamicity.
    The files of China
    On July 20, 2005, Porsche China held a supercar Porsche Carrera GT test car at the Zhuhai International Circuit. More than 20 customers from the country drove this Baojie flagship car. At that time, 2,000 Carrara GTs planned to produce 1,000 units have sold 2 vehicles in China. In May 2006, a spokesman for Porsche Company announced at the company headquarters Stuttgart announced that the Carrera GT sports car was suspended. Since September 15, 2003, it has been put into production in the eastern city of Germany, and Carrera GT has produced approximately 1,272 vehicles. We also saw it in the garage of Mr. Cai, a supercar of the supercar we introduced above.
    . Although we have always felt that Carrera GT is far from 911, but the respect for it is still overflowing, because from the moment it was born, it is destined to become a classic generation of classic —— "The King of Porsche".
    9.Saleen S7 TT
    Salen can not be regarded as a real car manufacturer today, because the role they have always used to produce high -performance version models for Ford. The S7 is its brand. In 2000, the street version of the S7 was released. In 2001, the Racing version of the S7R was released. In 2005, the 750 -horsepower S7TT was launched. The world's attention was notized, and even Saleen broke away from the image of the modified merchant in the traditional sense. The new S7 TT has a twin -turbo system, the V8 engine. With the help of the turbocharged system of the two roller bearing, it reaches the amazing output value of 750 horsepower. What is even more staggering is its maximum speed of 399 kilometers, and only 2.8 It can accelerate to 100 km/h.
    The first appeared on October 18, 2005 on October 18, 2005 at the top private item exhibition in Shanghai, China. Saleen's founder and CEO Steven Aleen is very optimistic about the huge potential of the Chinese market. The Chinese market is the next development goal of Saleen.
    The high -profile appearance of the Shanghai Luxury Fair did not let this famous American guy find the owner. Reasons, but it has at least one side with us.
    10.hulme F1
    In order to commemorate Denny Hulme, New Zealanders have created a local street version of F1 sports car and named Hulme F1. Hulme F1 is completed from design to production in New Zealand. At the beginning, Hulmef1 was designed to be a sports car with a mid -engine. The company hopes to provide drivers with a feeling of first -class equations by using high -tech engines and high -quality chassis. The V8 engine from the previous generation BMW M5 has been well received. With the specially designed front and rear bridges, the V10 engine is perfectly wrapped with a pair of carbon fiber car shells. From the perspective of appearance, Hulme F1 did learn the design inspiration of the F1 car. Hulme F1 will start production in 2008, and only 20 to 30 units each year. The main target market is Britain and Germany. At present, there is no other information about Hulme F1 except that this car is worth about $ 460,000, the maximum power is 450 horsepower, and weighs 1200 kg.
    This files
    At Top Marques, the 2006 Shanghai International Top Private Enterprise Exhibition (Top Marques), this sports car that has not yet been officially mass -produced earned enough at a pre -sale price of 4 million. What attracts everyone's attention is the line of text "unique investment opportunities" on the notice sign behind the body, saying that this civilian car named after the F1 champion Hulme sincerely seek to join the investor. In order to meet the needs of different customers, Hulme F1 specially formulated various investment plans. In the investment plan, Hulme F1 raised $ 1.9 million to interested investors for the engine and constructed manufacturing for sports cars.
    If you are really interested in supercar, don't use collection as the ultimate goal, or seize this opportunity to become a supercar maker!

  2. McLaren F1

    The new SLR 722 booking price is 8.88 million

    News new Mercedes -Benz, will meet with the world in the fall of 2003, revival SLR's prominent bloodline, this logo The Mercedes -Benz brand's movement was awakened again. The designs of the origin of the original SLR and the design details of the first -level Formula Silver Racing in 2003. The SLR of the 21st century is a bridge connecting the past and the future, bringing the cutting -edge car sports technology to the highway. Just like a predecessor with a legendary color in 1955, SLR technology is enough to lead the trend in the world today. The Mercedes -AMGV8 engine under the engine is enough to explain this problem. 5.5 liter discharge plus enhanced superchargers, the maximum horsepower is 460 kW 626 horsepower, and the maximum torque is 780 cattle. To illustrate the problem with simpler numbers, Mercedes -Benz only takes 3.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers, and only 10.6 seconds to reach 200 kilometers per hour. After 28.8 seconds, it has reached 300 kilometers per hour. The highest speed can reach 334 kilometers per hour.

    The new super sports car allows Mercedes -Benz and its F1 partner Mai Aprry to show its amazing strength in development, construction, and production of high -performance sports cars. Such a perfect combination is not only manifested in more cutting -edge development capabilities, outstanding performance indicators, and top driving characteristics, but also shows convincing special technologies in high levels of safety and practicality. All these characteristics combine together to form a foundation of an extraordinary charm car, which is also the perfect manifestation of the Mercedes -Benz tradition and innovative philosophy.

    The best example of bringing F1 technology to the development of mass production cars is the chassis and the body using the same carbon fiber composite material as the F1 car. This enables Mercedes -Benz to show the highest level, and has not had stiffness and intensity in any vehicle before. The same excellent level of protection for drivers and passengers: Special development of high -efficiency carbon impact structures can make SLR proud of their energy in absorbing energy.

    The brakes of high -performance are also made of innovative composite materials. The dry oil bottom shell lubrication and the four -metal catalytic converter meet the strict European 4 emission standards. Reinforcement fiber ceramics can highlight its heroic character in terms of heat resistance, structural intensity, and service life.

    Mercedes -Benz SLR is equipped with a 5.4 -liter V8 engine provided by AMG,
    has a supercharger, which emits maximum power of 626 horsepower at 6500 rotation. Provide a super strong torch of 780 Nm. The similarities between this engine and SL55AMG are limited to the structure, and the rest have changed. The oil lubrication is changed to a dry oil bottom shell, and the oil tank is replaced by an independent fuel tank, and the supercharger has also increased. But if you look at it with a discerning perspective, the V8 model does not seem to be as more than the name of the V12 or V10 more suitable for the supercar.
    Although SLR is among supercar, in order to emphasize the comfort of Mercedes -Benz, it is matched with an automatic transmission. And it is 5 gears. At the same time, there are seats that can be adjusted: GPS global satellite positioning; BOSE audio; electric steering wheel adjustment; airbags in front, side, head, and paint; automatic air conditioning on the left and right partitions. The luxury equipment owned by these SLR proves a decisive law; Mercedes -Benz will do the same.

  3. If you want to buy some domestic in China, it seems that S65 AMG is more than 3.3 million in all 3 million

    The new Mercedes -Benz F700 in the Beijing Auto Show is quite good. The price is good, but the car is good. I have seen
    In on TV, you can go to Baidu to check the picture

    238 horsepower four -cylinder engine, 5.3 liters of fuel consumption, presumably you will not take you These data are linked to the Mercedes -Benz S -Class luxury sedan, but the fact is that this is the case. The old German manufacturer Messendes Mercedes -Benz gave the world a surprise at the Frankfurt Show at this Frankfurt Exhibition: Energy -saving luxury car F700. Autobild was fortunate to get the world's first test drive opportunity to take you to experience this future star.

    Diesotto engine, the model of luxury energy -saving

    F700 gives people the first impression of the first impression, which mainly comes from the gentle and texture of its internal combustion engine. It sounds like a sewing machine. The vibration of the parts under the hood can be passed on the steering wheel truthfully. The special sound insulation glass makes the F700 not as powerful as the S -Class, but this calm can bring a kind of exaggerated ears to bring a kind of ears. New cognition.

    "Diesotto", Mercedes -Benz uses such a rather humorous word to name his latest hybrid engine. The F700 is equipped with 1.8 -liter Diesotto inline four -cylinder engine, 238 horsepower and 40.8 kg of torque. Not only is it comparable to the performance level of the current S-Class 3.5-liter V6 natural intake engine or a 3.0-liter diesel turbine engine. The average fuel consumption of 5.3 liters of Diesotto engine carbon dioxide emissions has been reduced to 127 grams. He represented the highest level in the field of energy conservation technology today. This is increasingly rising at oil prices, and the voices of environmental protection are becoming more and more turbulent. It undoubtedly brings gospels to consumers and manufacturers.

    The hybrid power, recycling of power system, automatic ignition and flameout device, Diesotto system, behind these technology research and development is huge investment in funds, Mercedes -Benz will bring us this high -end concept RV to us The purpose is to formulate the future development direction of the industry. The F700 is undoubtedly a heavy future star. The length is 5.17 meters, which is slightly shorter than the current S -class.

    Servo-HMI virtual interactive control

    Merone in the design style reflects the trend of conceptualization. The side window lines are like a dolphin jump into the water. At the same time, the F700 uses an advanced man -machine dialogue system, so it eliminates a lot of keys and control buttons. Mercedes also anthropomorphic this system. Once opened, a blonde beauty named Gloria will be displayed on the display screen, and the driving system is controlled according to the requirements of the driver, and all instructions are completed by voice control.

    The laser detection in front, the world's first PER-SCAN active suspension

    In addition to the dialogue of human machine, the Messenders F700 (F represents the concept model) and another killer, He broke the current active suspension system and still relying on the four -wheeled pavement changes and driving control instructions to adjust the framework of the suspension settings in real time. Through the world's first active PER-SCAN suspension system, the F700 pushes the perceived itinerary, and through the dual laser scanning at the headlight group, scan the road in front of the vehicle in real time, so that the system can predict Road conditions.

    Then, the collected pavement information is transmitted to the suspension control system. At this time, the hydraulic active suspension system controlled by the valve can be adjusted in advance according to the results of the scan detection. Linking settings to ensure the stability and ride comfort of the vehicle. All of this reminds people of the flying carpet in Aladdin in a thousand and one night.

    The new door opening method, the real land luxury cockpit

    In internal space settings, in order to meet the increasingly discerning requirements of luxury RV customers, the F700 introduced a new luxury The concept of the cockpit, the design of the spacious cockpit space in the past has been outdated. The designer put more attention on the space interval and variability. The side is a normal opening method. This non -pairing mode is still the first case in the automotive industry. In addition, the innovative Reverse seat design can provide the seats of the seats up and rear. After turning it, the multi -chip up and down head pillow of the seat can be discounted and expanded. Different modes, convenient for cockpit players to choose the best ride configuration.

    The core listening to the coreto of Diesotto, which made us have such questions: when to turn off the gasoline engine single electric engine, or using a gasoline engine alone, which method is more saved? We asked Dr. Herbert Kohler, and he scratched his head and said to us, "Commercial secrets." The Mercedes-Benz R

  4. Haha, yes! Mercedes -Benz's best sports car is Michaellalan F1!
    Maclarraon F1 actually uses the V12 engine provided by BMW, with a maximum power of 636kW/7800rpm, a maximum torque of 780Nm/4500rpm-5600rpm, an acceleration of 100 kilometers per 100 kilometers, and a maximum speed of 389km/h!
    and SLR722 is currently the most powerful sports car under Mercedes -Benz. It is equipped with a 5.5 -liter V8 -engine supercharged engine with a maximum power of 650 horsepower, an acceleration of 3.6 seconds per 100 kilometers, and a maximum speed of 337km/h!

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