Is my bank card a crime by others with money laundering?

Do my bank card give others money laundering?

5 thoughts on “Is my bank card a crime by others with money laundering?”

  1. If we lend the bank card to others to laundering, it is a crime when we know it. If we do not know, it will not belong to a crime.
    . If you do n’t know, you do n’t belong to crime
    . If your bank card is lent to others and finds that others use their bank cards to launder money, then if the judicial organs are investigated and determined, you do not know that borrowing bank card cards The purpose is to scam, you will not belong to its same conspiracy, and will not be held accountable for corresponding illegal or criminal responsibilities. If the judicial organs are investigated and determined, you are subjectively informed of illegal or criminal acts or helping them, and you will be pursued by the corresponding illegal or criminal responsibility. If you find that others take your bank card money laundering in advance, if you find the other party's fraud, you should call the police immediately. Avoid trouble to yourself.
    . If you find it, what to do if you find money
    The ID card is the only personal identity of his personal identity. You cannot rent it according to law. If you intentionally lend the other party, of course, you must assume legal liability (suspected money laundering). The main body of money laundering is financial institutions or individuals, with five behaviors: providing capital accounts. Assist in converting property into cash or financial bills and securities. Assist funds transfer by transferring or other settlement methods. Assist in remitting funds abroad. Cover the illegal income of crimes and the source and nature of its income in other methods.
    The expansion information: The constituent elements of illegal crime of money laundering (legal infringement) of the crime of the crime are general subjects, including natural persons who are 16 years old and have the ability to criminal responsibility. Units can also constitute costs.
    1. Behavior subject
    The behavior of behavior is manifested as: providing funds account: refers to opening a bank fund account for the offender or providing the existing bank funds account to the offender; Converted to cash or financial bills: includes both the transition of the real thing into cash or financial bills, as well as converting cash into financial bills or converting financial bills into cash, and also converting such cash (such as RMB) into another cash ( Such as the US dollar), converting such financial bills (such as bills issued by foreign financial institutions) into another financial bill (such as bills issued by Chinese financial institutions); assisted capital transfer through transfer or other settlement methods; assist in remitting funds abroad abroad ; In other ways to cover up, conceal the illegal income of crimes and its source of income: refer to all other methods of illegal income from covering, concealing crimes and the nature of its income, such as investing in a certain industry, such as investing in a certain industry, Buy real estate with criminal income and so on.
    2, behavioral objects
    The behavior of this crime is drug crimes, organized crimes of underworld, terrorist crimes, smuggling crimes, corruption bribery crimes, damaging financial management order crimes, and illegal income of financial fraud crimes. Its income. As a result, this crime violates the complex object, that is, not only violates the financial order, but also violates the order of social and economic management, but also violates the relevant regulations of the country's normal financial management activities and foreign exchange management. The constituent elements of responsibility (subjective)
    3: The subjective manifestation of this crime is intentional
    , that is, the actor knows that his actions are covering up, concealing the source and nature of crime illegal For this, I hope this result will happen. The judgment of "knowing" in intentional crimes should be combined with the defendant's cognitive ability, contacting the income of other people's criminal income and its income, the types and amounts of criminal income and its income, the conversion of crimes and their income, the method of transfer, and the defendant's defendant People and objective factors such as human confession are determined.

  2. It must be criminal. Now the bank's monitoring is very strong. It is strictly forbidden to buy and sell bank cards to protect the people's property. Once you find the suspicion of money laundering, you must accept the punishment of the law.

  3. If you sell your bank card to others yourself, and others use bank cards to launder money, you have to take responsibility. If others stole your bank card, as long as you can prove yourself without liability.

  4. Hello, using other people's bank cards to launder money is illegal. Because of money laundering, it means that the money is unknown, not a formal income, so please do not lend your bank card to others for illegal crimes.

  5. Needless to say, it must be crime. Because money laundering is an illegal activity, no matter which ways through, and borrowing the hands of others, it is essentially a crime. Therefore, your bank card must be protected and don't lend to others at will.

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