How does spot silver buy up and buy?

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  1. Buying up, buying and falling is a kind of investment term for stocks, futures, spot, and so on. It is an operating model of the spot market. It can be operated on trading software.
    This is to do more, that is, you can see that there will be room for rise in the market. Buy more ones; buy a decline is short, that is, there will be a decline in the forecast market. Because the spot silver has a two -way trading mechanism, it can be profitable when doing more.

  2. In stock, the transaction mechanism of the rise and fall refers to its transaction mechanism. Watching a bullish is to buy open warehouses, in order to sell liquidation to understand the profit when rising in the future. When you fall, you will sell the position first, so as to buy a liquidation to understand the profit when you fall in the future.

  3. Before the operation software builds a position, there is a choice of buying up and buying and falling. Choosing to buy is to buy up and choose to borrow and sell it.

  4. It is operated on the electronic disk, and you can choose to buy up and buy on the warehouse. If you don't understand, you can ask me.

  5. The arrival of the investment boom of gold and silver precious metals, more and more people have begun to consider entering the market. So, can novice stir -fry silver make money? In fact, this question is not good. For any investment, some people make money, and some people lose money. The individuals are different.

    , but everyone likes to ask the environment, as if when the property market is red, as long as you go in to make money, the stock market is the same, and the fool can make money during the cow. But the problem is that the current property market is like a dead fish. Good days should be gone. The big environment of the silver market has a large difference between the two and these two

    The most significant difference is: you can make a profitable trend to make a profit. It is estimated that many people don't understand this. This involves a concept called "short". If you do n’t understand it, you can go online to search.

    The domestic stock market does not have a short -term mechanism, but there is a silver market, so you can make a profitable trend, which is the biggest difference from the stock market property market.

    Can novice fried silver make money? The silver market can make you very profitable, and it can also make you pay great, because this market also has another mechanism, called leverage. To put it plainly, you can use 1 yuan to speculate for 50 yuan of silver. This dollar is called a margin. The remaining 49 yuan is the money of a trading company. Regardless of the rise and fall, if you make or pay, it is yours.

    So if the price rose 1%, then your profit is 0.5 yuan (50*1%= 0.5 yuan), that is, you can change from 1 yuan to 1.5 Yuan, your profit is 50%, equivalent to 50 times the profit.

    The principle is very simple. Of course, if you fall 1%, your principal is 1 yuan, and it will immediately become 0.5 yuan. The existence of leverage is to give you the opportunity to make a big fight.

    So the silver market is risky? In fact, there are many ways to play silver. You can choose the proportion of leverage yourself. At present, the highest leverage in China should be 50 times, of course, there are 25 times, 10 times, etc. Different gameplay. Therefore, risk and profit are controlled by yourself.

    This in the silver market is more intense than the gold market. This also brings more opportunities for money to make money. Because the price of silver is low, basically everyone can stir up. It is also why many neighbors have entered the silver market.

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