My computer always automatically pops up "0x6cdle5 memory. How can this memory be solved for" reda "??

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  1. The first trick: Turn off the excess program
    It if there are too many documents that are opened at the same time or too many running procedures, there is no enough memory operation to run other programs. At this time, for the multi -file interface program, such as Word, Excel, etc., please close all the documents outside the current document and exit the current unused program. Maybe you can continue to perform tasks that are interrupted by "insufficient memory".
    The second trick: Clear the content in the clipboard
    1. Clear the content in the clipboard of the system (stored Windows copy or clipping content of the top)
    Tools → Clipping board viewing program ", on the" Edit "menu, click the" Delete "command, the system pops up the" Clear Cleaning Paste "dialog box, and click the" Yes "button.
    2. Clear the content in multiple clipboards (the clipboard provided by the Office program)
    This on the "Office Clipping Plate" task pane (OfficeXP) or toolbar (), click "All Clear" or "Cleaning 'clipping board'". When the "Office Clipping Plate" is empty, the system clipping board will also be cleared at the same time.
    The third trick: Reasonably set up virtual memory
    It without setting Windows virtual memory, it is easy to receive the news of "insufficient memory".
    Click "Start → Settings → Control Panel" to double -click "System". In the "System Properties" dialog box, click the "Performance" tab and then click the "Virtual Memory" button. Select the "Let Windows Manage the Virtual Memory Settings- (Recommended)" option, and set the space volume of the hard disk space used in the computer as the default value.
    The fourth trick: Increased disk space
    has four methods to increase the use of disk use: 1. Clear the recycling station. 2. Delete temporary files. Open the "My Computer", right -click to release the disk of its space, and then click the "Properties". On the "Conventional" tab, click the "Disk Cleaning" button to select the unnecessary files to be deleted. The previous check box is organized. 3. Delete the expired file or the archived file from the disk. 4. Delete all files that have never been used

  2. Generally speaking, it is not easy to conflict with a brand of memory, and
    256M and DDR400
    512M may occur. .
    Seo a software that changes the frequency on Google.
    The following website is very useful for you:
    This reducing memory delay time: This is best to use in high -level memory module products, but once it can be used, the effect will be very obvious.
    It each SDRAM and DDR memory module will contain a SPD (Serial
    DECT) chip that records the setting value of memory timing. The memory manufacturer will set a guarantee safety and stability Operating parameters, but if you consider one time you can earn 10%of the benefits of increased efficiency, spend a little time to try out the tight memory timing parameters, which will definitely make you worth the fare.
    and in the BIOS setting screen, you can find the project name like "System
    ", "Memory
    timings" or "Configure
    timing", basically the factory settings The fixed value is "by
    SPD", which means that the computer is used to directly use the timing parameters recommended in the memory module, and apply the memory access. The other thing you can change is the reorganization to "EnableD", which can be changed to "Enabled". This will not have problems with your computer.
    It people who want to try to change the speed of the system, you can change the above options from the just set "Enabled" to "Disabled" or "User
    DEFINED". For details, please set the appropriate parameters by yourself, and some will be explained below.
    The delay value of RAS-TO-CAS
    We better make a two-dimensional query table of the system memory imagination program. When we want to access the data, we need to specify the storage data first Where a column (ROW) address is, that is, send a signal called RAS (ROW
    strobe), and then send a signal of CAS (Column
    strobe) to define the line ( For the data position of column), the correct data storage position can be found through which line and the location of which column. Locked, this is the delay of the so-called RAS-TO-Cas in this article. The general value is a delay time for two to three memory frequency.
    This set "SDRAM
    Dlay" value is to set the signal of the RAS. The value range is 2 to 5, 2 is the fastest. Each time it is adjusted, the stability of the entire system is tested. The better the memory module, which can make you set a faster value and the system can still operate stably.

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